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This weekend I was able to experience my first Texas wedding, and I have to say, it was the perfect orientation! It was an outdoor, ranch wedding with a cool, vintage feel. We sat on bales of hay with various quilts thrown on top, there was a chandelier hanging from the trees above the bride and groom, and the bride, bridesmaid, and various ladies in attendance had their cowgirl boots on with their dresses. 

I was honored to make the desserts of choice for the groom (miniature cheesecakes) and the father of the bride (German chocolate cake). This was the first wedding order for Cake Jubilee, and about $90 was donated to the International Justice Mission as a result! How FRILLING is that?

Another highlight of the event: I finally had labels made for the boxes. Fran’s husband, Jordan, made the design for me TWO years ago, and I guess it took a wedding for me to finally have it put on labels and printed!

- Aurelia

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