Sweet Saturday: Surviving on the Candida Diet


Hi all. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I haven’t posted in weeks. Sorry for that, and thanks to Fran for holding down the fort at youfrillme! In the last few weeks, two things hit me at the same time, making it hard to feel inspired, much less to find the time to make a new post: 1) My last year of seminary has officially begun, and I have seriously underestimated the workload and the power it would have over me! AND 2) After having digestion problems for months, the doc found a Candida fungus and put me on a very restrictive diet (no carbs/no sugar) in order to starve it out. 

I’ve been trying to adjust, and it’s been really hard! I’m such a foodie; I love trying new recipes, eating at different restaurants, and especially baking and eating SWEETS! Even more, I LOVE being social, and it seems like socializing often revolves around food. Needless to say, this new diet has really put a damper on things. However, I’m starting to get my groove back, and I’m even learning a lot in the process. One major thing I’m learning is how to make not just Saturdays, but every day sweeter without the comfort of my favorite foods. So, for now, unless I have an order for Cake Jubilee, Sweet Saturdays will be exploring all kinds of ways to taste life’s sweetness outside of simply baking. 

Until then, here are a few ways I’ve been surviving on the Candida diet:

For breakfast every day, I’ve been having either scrambled eggs or plain greek yogurt (plain yogurt and non-aged cheeses are the only dairy I can have) and fresh berries (fresh berries and green apples are the only fruits I can have). We made turkey bacon for breakfast this morning as well. 

A good lunch or dinner option has been stir-fried veggies with fresh garlic and ginger. I changed up a great peanut sauce of Fran’s since I can’t have peanuts and used organic almond butter, xylitol, apple cider vinegar, and a little soy sauce (the soy sauce was a cheat, but I couldn’t help myself) instead. 

Dinner: crock pot roast, rice with egg (I’m not supposed to have more than 1/4 cup of brown rice, if I have it at all), and mixed greens with a homemade lemon,garlic, and olive oil dressing (I can’t have store bought salad dressings or most any other type of condiment).

One of the main reasons this diet has been hard is because Lyle and I have maintained a vegetarian household for the last three years. However, on this diet, I can only have beans in very small portions, and I can’t have anything with soy or gluten, making it VERY hard to rely on anything but meat and veggies to keep me satisfied. 

Kale Chips (Thanks to Fran and Ashley for the inspiration). Yesterday Lyle and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love, and since we couldn’t partake in any refreshments at the theater, we baked and packed some kale chips to snack on instead. They are actually quite delicious and provided the similar salty and crunchy taste as popcorn!

Finally, I’m really thankful to my sweet husband for going on this diet with me, and for being so supportive and patient when I cry over trivial things like missing cookies or wanting pasta. I’m also thankful to all of my friends who have given me words of encouragement and recipe ideas. Thinking about you guys is enough to make my Saturday sweet and complete. And if any of you know about the Candida diet and have recipe ideas, I would really appreciate it!

- Aurelia

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