WAHOOO! Frilling New Blog Update!


Look around you.  What do you see?

Our beautiful, elegant, understated-yet-FRILLING new WordPress blog (no more Tumblr!) designed and built by Aurelia’s and my very own web team, my husband Jordan and her husband Lyle (my brother), affectionately known as The Hubz, who are a professional software engineer and graphic designer. Frilling, yes?  And just in time to celebrate our one year YouFrillMe anniversary!

It’s not quite finished, and there was a wee little miscommunication regarding a certain spinning image, which will revolve evolve over time.  So, there will be more tweaking.  But meanwhile Aurelia and I are FRILLED to have a new look!

If you dig around a bit, you’ll notice that we now have a better tag/category system, which we’ll also be continuing to tweak and make better, and more accessible archives.  This was something we didn’t like about Tumblr – that you couldn’t access archived posts easily.

We also have quick buttons for our twitter and RSS feeds, so if you’re not a subscriber, we’d be FRILLED if you’d put us into your feed. To sweeten the deal, here is a photo of a cutie pie:

Please, let us know what you think.  Give us some love!


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