Frilling Friday: Gr-Attitude


Whew, it’s been a trying week.  Huzz sprained his ankle in a bad way this week.  Like, crutches, splint, trip to the ER, hellacious amount of Advil, near-constant icing and arnica-ing, swell-up-like-a-weird-squash kind of sprain.  Papa is out of commission.  As a result, we are all just a little bit grumps; he because his foot hurts and he can’t walk, me because it makes a lot of extra work to take care of both him and Baby B,  especially during a week when it seems like everything is going awry (for instance,the ticket I got on the way to the ER; the cup of coffee the baby spilled onto the bed).

I’m not a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of person.  Nor am I one to fake a happy face.  But the fact remains: I need an attitude adjustment, a shift in perspective.  So, toward that end, here are a few things I’m grateful for, that genuinely make me happy.

1) Huzz’s ankle isn’t broken.  It will heal.  This is only temporary.

2) I have a loving co-parent to share in the work of parenting.  I don’t know how single moms do it.  Hats off to them.

3) I’m listening to Beirut’s new album ‘The Rip Tide’ today, streaming from NPR. love.(via)

4) It’s Science Friday.

5) This song by The Peekers:

6) New friends are bringing dinner over tonight.  And I’m baking an apple pie for dessert.

7) This Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which I will have to try, on principle (the principle that an awesome cookie cures a multitude of icky things).

8) A fun, new-to-me street style blog to look at.

9) My inadvertent, subconscious tendency to color-coordinate Baby’s and my outfits. (Notice B striking a pose.)

Have a happy, grateful weekend.

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