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When I gave birth to our daughter, which was such a life-changing, empowering experience for both Jordan and I; Jordan wanted to get me a piece of jewelry – a “push present.”  Well, I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew I didn’t want just anything. So I sat on the idea.  It took me a while (most of a year) before I realized that I wanted a Mother’s necklace – you know, the kind of thing that mothers get with maybe a pendant with their child’s initials, or a charm for each child, something like that.  But as I searched online, I kept seeing the same things over and over, nothing unique, nothing unusual, and nothing that I felt I could like and wear for many years.  What to do?

The only thing was to have one custom made.  So after a bit of searching, I found a lovely, San Francisco-based jewelry artisan named Suga, who was willing to work with me to create a one-of-a-kind piece to suit me.  Suga creates jewelry inspired by nature, which I was looking for in my necklace.  Most of her pieces are on a smaller, more delicate scale than I was looking for, and I’m FRILLED that she was willing to create a chunkier statement item for me.  I think she really showed her versatility as an artist.  Here’s what she came up with, after we had several meetings and discussions (which was such a fun process!).

The pendant is an illustration of the little flower for which Baby B was named. Suga carved and cast the pendant herself.

The stones are B’s November birthstone, which happens to be my favorite semi-precious stone: citrine.

We added a small blue topaz for a spot of blue.

This piece will evolve over time. As babies are added, pendants will be added, elements moved around and reconfigured.  I feel good about this flexibility, but I really love that this necklace is unique and handcrafted.  Thanks Suga for working with me on it!

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