Little Crochet Birdies


I have recently begun a new crafting addiction: crochet!  So far, I know how to crochet granny squares, potholders, dishrags, scarves, and this cute little birdie, of which I have made one, whose wings are slightly crooked, but is nevertheless lovable:

(photo from Bittersweetblog)

But, I think I’m going to have to get a little more ambitious, now that I have seen these:

via flickr

Ok, I know that birds are getting a little overdone in the design world, but I am envisioning an adorable mobile for Baby’s room…or a Christmas tree decorated with crochet birds, or crochet bird bunting, or using them as fan pulls… oh my goodness I’m getting carried away…

I wonder how long they take to make… longer than naptime?


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Ooooh, Pretty: Kid’s Clothes


This morning I woke up to an email from my MIL asking if I wanted a couple of dresses from the spring 2011 clothing collection from Tea for Baby. Um, yes please and thank you!

I am loving everything Tea.  Check out this Etched Print Ruffle Dress.

Baby looks so sweet in gray.  Or this Rosa Tile Banded Dress

Oh, the Frills!  (They have adorable boy’s clothes too.)

And THEN, I opened up today’s GOOP newsletter, which is featuring, you guessed it, kid’s clothes.  Which set me to drooling over this smocked dress from Chakra Design Studio.

Ordinarily I am no lover of smocking — it usually strikes me as old-fashioned and too-preppy for my taste — but this dress has more of a playful fairytale feel that I think is super adorable.  Wouldn’t it be cute on a toddler?


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