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Frilling, in a hurry, no-meat-eats


Sometimes I’m just BUSY. I’m working on two master’s degrees, you see, on top of completing 32-36 (unpaid) hours a week at my current internship. So, I’m not too frilled about it, but sometimes I have to resort to FROZEN FOOD. 

That said, here are my favorite no-meat, frozen-food, dinner-time treats:

From left to right: Amy’s Indian Dinners, Field Roast Sausages that I like to crumble and cook with Back to Nature’s Stroganoff Pasta Mix, California Pizza Kitchen’s Roasted Peppers with Fontina Cheese Pizza, and Alexia’s Spicy Sweet Potato Fries with Morning Star’s Spicy Black Bean Burger.

While these are all great for FROZEN food, I’ve had a better week than that. So far I’ve made Spinach Enchiladas and Southwestern Falafels, and a delicious cabbage salad is awaiting me in the near future. 

What are you eating this week?

- Aurelia


This makes me happy. I love Zooey D.


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Oooh, Pretty: Huck & Jo


Go check out my friend Dani’s lovely Etsy shop, Huck & Jo.  She makes adorable baby items like crib sheets, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, etc. as well as home-greening items like cloth napkins and, my personal favorite, reusable sandwich bags.  And her fabric choices are always so right on. Next time you need a lovely handmade baby gift, look no further than Huck & Jo.

Some of my favorites:

Cowboy Bib

This guitar-themed blanket with coordinating crib sheets

Huck&Jo’s signature reusable baggie. Not just for sandwiches!  And you get to choose your fabric!

And adorable burp cloths; trust me, when you have a baby, you can never have too many burp cloths.  We keep one in every room of our house.

I LOVE buying handmade.  It’s good for the earth, good for the crafters, and good to own lovingly-crafted items.  Yay for everyone!  If you’re not convinced, check out Simple Mom’s post on why handmade makes sense.


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A Frilling Philosophy: Love is the Anchor


My neighbor knocked on my door this morning to tell me that his car and mine were broken into last night, with the windows smashed.  Somehow thieves got into the garage and broke into our cars.  They stole our GPS, and some quarters I had in the console for parking meters, and made a big mess of broken glass. Nice.  Happy Monday to me, right?

The police officer I spoke with explained that usually in these situations it’s a person who is drug addicted and looking for quick cash and items they can quickly sell for cash; just smash and run, don’t bother with anything big.  It seems like a lot of trouble to go to, to break into a locked garage, smash windows and all, just for a few bucks.  And of course it leaves me with all the trouble of cleaning up, getting a new window, calling insurance, and whatnot.  Sad and annoying.

My lovely friend and Midwife for Baby’s birth, Angelika, used to tell me when I was pregnant and feeling all the things you feel when you’re pregnant: “Throw some love at it.”  Whatever is going on, whether you’re feeling angry or afraid or peeved or sad or whatever, it never hurts to throw a little love at the situation.  So today I can get upset, or I can rear back and hurl some love from afar at the sad guys who smashed my car to feed a sad addiction.

So, the project I was planning to show you today appears to be appropriate for today:

Remember when I mentioned that I was dreaming of embroidering things with maritime images? Well, this is my first effort — pillowcases.  (I ONLY like crisp, clean, white linens.  For me, no other color will do; my sheets have gotta be white — there’s nothing more inviting than a bed freshly made up with clean white linens.  Which means I have a closet full of white pillowcases just waiting to be embellished.)

Next time my mom comes to visit I will have to get her to teach me some more advanced embroidery stitches, as these are quite remedial.  Nevertheless, I’m happy with these little guys; I’m glad I made them.  Because today they are a nice reminder to me that, sometimes if you toss a little love at a sorry situation, it can help anchor you in a more mindful, patient, loving frame of mind.


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Fashion Face-off: Who Wore it Better?


I’ve been TRYING to tell you! Bold, bright prints are dominating this spring, and Amanda Seyfried’s April cover of Elle magazine is only confirming the trend. STILL, I couldn’t help but think her dress looked a little too familiar. Hailee Steinfeld and her little fashionista self (seriously, I could write an entire post on her impressive red carpet picks during award season) wore a very similar dress to the SAG awards back in January. 

Seyfried, in her 20s, wears the dress with A LOT more sex appeal, whereas 14-year-old Steinfeld keeps it looking too-darn-cute and very age appropriate. 

Who do you think wore it better?

Image via People

Image via Just Jared

-  Aurelia

Frilling Friday: 3/11/11


Happy Friday!
Guess who slept 8 hrs last night?!  MY BABY.  my very own baby.  Of course, I myself wasn’t actually allowed to sleep 8 hrs due to a barrage of early morning texts from family members who shall remain nameless, who got overexcited about the tsunami that hit the West Coast this morning, posing absolutely no danger to San Francisco (unless you happened to be surfing).  Grrrrrr from a Mama who hasn’t slept a full night in four months.  However, after looking at the news and seeing the terrible destruction that happened to the folks in Japan, I won’t be too upset over a little lost sleep in comparison.

I’ve been thinking about Lent, looking inward, reflecting, and doing some spring cleaning, mentally, emotionally, and in my home. That said, here are some FRILLING things I found this week:

Carrie’s ideas for celebrating Lent with kids, including this Lenten calendar project.
Project Simplify, from Simple Mom.
Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist; I mean, I prolly won’t do all that stuff, but…
These little boats by Ann Wood Handmade are so lovely and creative, I can’t stop staring at them.

Aurelia introduced me to Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos and they are yum, light, springy (hint: I would tweak this recipe by adding pickled jalepenos to the slaw).
I’m drooling over Anthropologie’s dinnerware collection—love the colorful pallete and vintage-inspired designs.
Affordable and stylish: poster art
Oh how I love pom-poms ! (via poppytalk)  These make me so happy:

Have a happy weekend!


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Pious Purple


The beautiful season of Lent is upon us, and the rich, solemn, royal hues of purple have my full attention. I’m really loving the idea of incorporating purple into your home or office. Oh Pious Purple, thank you for your bold reminders. 

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

- Aurelia

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San Francisco Quilter’s Guild Show 2011


Well, I’m a bit late in posting about my visit to the SF Quilter’s Guild show.  That’s because it was a bit, ahem, underwhelming.  There were some lovely and intricate quilts, but I was hoping it would be a bit more cutting-edge.  This is San Francisco, after all – a mecca of creativity and edgy artwork.  I guess I was expecting to see a bunch of up-and-coming quilters pushing the boundaries of the artform, inventing, reinventing.  Don’t misunderstand, the quilters there, mostly ladies (although I did spy a few men wielding a needle and thread, Bravo!), were skilled in their craft; but the show looked like any other quilt show I’ve ever been to. Meh.

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from the show.

Sue Mary Fox’s rendition of a Van Gogh painting

I was intrigued by these felt flower garlands in one of the booths:

I liked this piece by Marcia Stein, which made me think of me and my girlfriends someday when we’re old and gray (hopefully we will wear cuter shoes).

I was also disappointed with items for sale; most of it was quilting fabric, and of the finished items, most were old-fashioned, not memorable, nothing I wanted to bring into my home as a cherished souvenir.  I was hoping for some cool quilted placemats, or a table runner, or some such.  But what I came away with was this:

…a lovely basket handmade in Ghana by a Ghanaian family.  The lady at the booth informed me that her aunt crafted this particular one.  Her baskets are beautiful, durable, washable, and collapsible; I had a very hard time choosing which one to come home with me.  We used this one as our picnic basket this weekend at Point Reyes, but I think it will eventually hold my knitting. I also purchased a small one for Baby, which I’m using as my embroidery basket until she grows up enough to use it — a girl’s gotta have a Tisket-Tasket-basket.

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I have a FRILLING it’s gonna be good…


Girls, I have an absolutely FRILLING announcement. The major motion picture, Jane Eyre, hits theaters THIS Friday. Jane Eyre. JANE EYRE! 

I’ve already re-read the book for the momentous occasion, and if it’s anything as satisfying as the 2005 version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I’ll be simply FRILLED. 

If you’ve never read the book, need to be refreshed on the plot, or are simply waiting in suspense like me, GO! Watch the trailer now, and then entertain yourself with the story in pictures: 

Jane argues with Mrs. Reid.

Jane saves Mr. Rochester. 

Bertha Mason rips Jane’s veil. 

Jane leaves Thornfield. 

Thornfield burns to the ground.

Jane and Mr. Rochester reunite!

(All photos via wikipedia)

- Aurelia

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