Frilling Friday: 4/29/11


Happy Friday! 

I’m bummed that I missed last Friday’s Frilling post, but really, it was due to circumstances beyond my control.  The silver lining is that I have a LOT of fun things to share with you today.  The most FRILLING being the Royal Wedding!  The DRESS!  It’s divine!

(photos via)

This morning I’ve been watching coverage of the Royal Wedding over on the BBC.  Did you wake up early to watch?  It would have been 3 a.m. here on the West Coast, so I’m just watching highlights. Ok, on to other fun things, like…

Animal Hands!

I have never seen anything done in cross stitch that I actually thought was cool. Until now.

I find it off-putting when my favorite bloggers sell out team up with big companies for advertising.  I usually love her content and hers, but lately it’s been riddled with big-name sponsorships.  Of course, maybe I’d be singing a different tune if I were being offered thousands of dollars to advertise products on youFRILLme. What do ya’ll think of this? 

My MIL gave me a gift card to Anthro with which I purchased this FRILLING skirt, which I’m thinking will delight me for years to come.  I am now taking suggestions on how to style it, although I have a few ideas of my own.

This quilt looks super cute.  Somebody get busy and make one (and send photos!).

Get a load of these 11 Mom-drobe essentials over at Aint No Mom Jeans.

An inspiring bike trip.

I see herringbone tights in my future.

Our dear friends gave us a copy of this Charley Harper Alphabet book, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

I invented this lovely spring soup.

The perfect watch.

Victoria’s Fab Friday for this week is just what my eyes were hungry for: red!

I could squander a lot of time looking at this site.

A Flower crown!

The most adorable studio.

is. the. cutest:

Did you find anything FRILLING this week?  Share in the comments!  Have a happy weekend!


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Egg-dyeing Fun


Here are a few photos from our egg-dyeing fun on Saturday.  We used the glittery-frilling kind :)

f & a

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Frillingly Frank: Movie Review: Water for Elephants (SPOILERS)


Here’s the breakdown:

Present Day: Cute old man, found in the rain, outside a circus. Sad.

Flashback to cute old man as a young chap fresh out of Cornell.

Parents die. He’s left with nothing. Wanders the tracks. Very sad.

Chap hops on a circus train. Gets hired by the ring-leader-crazy-guy to be the vet.

Falls in love with Rosie the elephant, and, oh yeah, the crazy guys wife.

The crazy guy, is, like, mentally ill.The animals are mistreated. There’s domestic violence. Young chap and crazy-guy’s-wife kind of have an affair, but not really.

Crazy-guy beats them up, they run away, then they really do have an affair. <insert typical Hollywood sex scene>

Crazy guy finds them, steals back wifey, Chap goes after them, random guys let all the animals out of their cages.

Circus goes crazy. Crazy guy tries to kill wifey, Rosie the elephant saves wifey. Random guy tries to kill Chap, other random guy saves Chap.

Wifey and Chap and Rosie the elephant live happily ever after.

And in case the death, animal cruelty, domestic violence, or star-crossed lovers didn’t make you cry, they go in for the kill at the very end by showing black and white clips, babies, and old people. Like, all at once.

Indications that you have no soul might be measured by a person’s NOT tearing up in this movie.

The Frills: Overall I thought it was well done. Seriously, though, it was a pretty movie. The costumes and animals and settings were PRETTY. And I like pretty. 

The Not-So-Frilling: Rob and Reese have, like, zero chemistry. Oh, and I wanted to rip my hair out a few times cause of the suspense. I went as far as frantically searching google for the plot because I just couldn’t BEAR it!

Still, I think I give it a B+. What did you guys think? Anyone see the movie?

- Aurelia

*All photos can be found here.



With graduation approaching, even Tuesdays are lookin’ sweet to me! But let’s talk Easter. Check out this delicious coconut cake I made: 

Mmm, Mmm good! Delish! Want the recipe? Email us at, and I’ll send it to you! 

Anything making your Tuesday especially sweet?

Oooh, Pretty: Wooden Bead Necklaces


Sooo sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had a Frilling Friday post written up for last week, but tumblr was having some serious server issues and lost my post, then I didn’t have any time to write a new one.   Anyhow, onward.

The other day in Austin I saw a girl wearing a set of long wooden bead necklaces and I thought they looked frilllingly stylish.  Ever since, I have had wooden beads on the brain.  These DIY ones from Martha Stewart are magnificent:

This one from Peacocks is nice.  I like the natural wood tones, although I prefer to mix a few together…

Here’s a pretty handmade one with flower-shaped beads. 

And this simple, minimal, dark wood one:

I think wood bead are a simple way to add a touch of nature to an outfit.  They seem so easy to wear.  They’re like the jeans of jewelry — throw them on with anything. 

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Look what I got for my birthday! (Taken with instagram)

From my hubby-love via Circle and Square

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Sweet Saturday: Birthday Cake Extravaganza


Sunny Saturdays are always sweet, especially when they involve frilling birthday cakes. A friend of mine needed a bold and bright cake for the monster-themed 2nd birthday of one adorably cute tot. Bold you want? Bold I can deliver! It was tons of fun being playful and creative with this colorful cake. 

Check it out:

This is a French Vanilla cake with Almond Butter Cream Icing. Sorry for the poor lighting. Unfortunately, the sun and I were unable to coordinate our schedules properly.

What’s making your Saturday sweet?

- Aurelia

Frilling Friday 4/15/11


Happy Friday!  Sorry for the late posting— this lovely spring day has gotten away from me.  Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

If I had a garden, I’d make these adorable garden flags:

Are you ready for TAX DAY Monday?

Is it just me or does Chico’s kindof have an awesome scarf collection? Not to mention this Stunning Striped Poncho — how cool is that?

Hehe. (via Urban Outfitters blog)

Plate walls are dear to my heart.  I used to have an awesome wall of cool thrifted plates in my last house.

My new favorite tea (tisane, actually).  Hot or iced.

I need me some pretty tape.

Loving these wooden toys by Just Hatched (via SouleMama)

Sporty or Vintage?  But definitely polka-dot.

These are awesome.  My hubby gets the credit for spotting them on one of the many design blogs he reads.  Good eye, babe.

Sadly, none of the adorable Easter dresses that Aurelia scouted out for me ended up working (I’m a strange size right now), but I think I finally found one that might work.  What do you think?

I’m headed to Texas next week, AND next week is my birthday week!  Gonna have some fun and enjoy the hot Texas weather.  Aurelia and I are hoping to do some FRILLING projects together while I’m there.  Wish me luck – it’s Baby’s first plane trip. 

Happy Weekend!  Got any fun links to share?


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Stuff We Love: Cosmetics: Aurelia’s Picks


Every girl has those few items that she simply CAN’T live without. Okay, maybe she can, but she sure doesn’t want to. So, with the “she” being me, here are my must-have cosmetic picks:

Now Nature’s Deodorant Stick. After years of being allergic to pretty much all types of deodorants (I would get rashes and CONSTANTLY itch under my arms), Fran introduced me to this natural salt-rock deodorant stick. This might not cut it for everyone, but it totally works for me. And even though I have to wet it, apply it, and then let it dry, I never have deodorant stains on my clothing. LOVE. Don’t wanna live without it. 

Framesi By Glacier Wax. I friggin’ love this stuff. Apply just a tiny bit of it to your hair after blow drying/straightening and then say: goodbye frizz, goodbye static. This product makes my hair EVEN more sleek and shiny than it already is, and it defines my layers. I’m in love; love I tell you.

Yes to Carrots Body Butter. They sell a 1 oz version of this baby in Target’s dollar section. YES! Yes to Carrots! It smells SO good, and the 1 oz version is the perfect travel companion. Not only is it the perfect size, but it’s so versatile. When I’m traveling and don’t have a lot of room for packing, I use this product for moisturizer on my face as well as for hand and body lotion. Run to target now! Or just be jealous, whatevs.

MAC Paint Pot. This is, like, my most treasured make-up item of them all. It’s like foundation for your eyelids. Apply the paint pot before you put on your eye make-up and it will stay. All day. It will stay, people! It’s seriously amazing. Also, it adds a lil’ something to your complexion even if you don’t feel like wearing eye make-up. I have lots of no-make-up-days, but the paint pot always makes the cut. The paint pot is sold in many different shades depending on the look you want. Fave!

What are your cosmetic picks? Tell me, tell me!

- Aurelia

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Stuff We Love: Fran’s Spring Outfit Inspiration


I have been eyeing this Peacock Paradise skirt from Ruche for some time now, and today I was dreaming about what outfit I’d put together to go with it.  Doesn’t this look cool and breezy and perfect for a spring outing?

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist by Fran@youfrillme featuring thong sandals

Red Herring short sleeve tee
8.50 GBP -

Denim jacket
$80 -

A line skirt
$33 -

Enzo Angiolini thong sandal
$100 -

All Saints canvas shoulder bag
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins cord necklace
10 GBP -

Printed scarve
2,95 EUR -

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