DIY: How to make a homemade cake topper


Ever wonder how to make a homemade cake topper? I’ll show you how with the topper I used on the cake from my niece’s 2nd birthday. 

Step 1: Pick the topper you would like to make. Print your image and cut it out. Recycle your excess paper. Tape your image onto a piece of cardboard. Then, tape wax paper over it.

Step 2: Make a Color Flow icing using 1/4 cup + 1 tsp water, 4 cups powdered sugar, and 2 tbls of Wilton’s Color Flow mix. Separate and dye the icing as needed using small cups. Trace the icing on the wax paper using the outline of your image. Use a number 5 tip or smaller. Always keep the icing you are not using covered because it dries quickly. 

Step 3: Add one tbls of water at a time into each of your colored icing mixtures. As you are mixing water into the icing, use a spoon to take up some of the icing and then drop it back into the cup. When the icing you dropped back into the mixture dissolves in ten seconds exactly, you are ready to move on. 

Pour ready mixtures into your disposable bag (no tip needed). Let mixture flow into the correct areas of your topper. Your topper will need a few days to dry and harden before carefully peeling it off of the wax paper and placing it on your cake. Be careful! They crack easily!

- Aurelia

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Oooh, Pretty: Illustrations by Clare Owen


Lovely illustrations from Clare Owen, an illustrator based in the UK (via Blackbird and Shell).

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Frilling Friday 4/8/11


Happy Friday!  Time for some fun links:

I want to go see this exhibit (they’re made of paper!):

My friend here in SF, poet Sunnylyn Thibodeaux, has a new book of poems out entitled Palm to Pine; go buy!

Wanna know how to make ice cream with only one ingredient and no ice cream maker?

More tips on managing your wardrobe.

Mine too
.  But, I will scoff at you if I find out you haven’t read the book.  A lady sitting next to me in the movie said, “Oh no is he going to be dead?”.  ohmylord.  scoffityscoffscoff. You honestly didn’t read the book before you came here today? come on.

I’m loving these colorful dining chairs with the white table – inspired! (via here).

What do you think?  Can you rock these hot pants?

How intimate, How resourceful, How Tiny!

So I was getting sortof sick of seeing this poster in interior photos all over the place (for instance). Until I read the history of it, which does make it more interesting.  But I still think it’s getting a bit overdone, no?  Maybe it’s sortof like my Christo and Jean-Claude poster that I had before it was cool to have a Christo and Jean-Claude poster. But now it is, so it isn’t anymore. Or maybe it still is.

I really love Liz’s roundup of crafty/DIY projects for spring; I want to make them all.

I always like to have a fun desktop wallpaper that I change frequently.  Check these out.  I currently have Gnome.

I wish I wish I wish I would have known about these baby journals when I was shopping for a baby book.  Until now, I thought all baby books were lame, including the one I have (ugh so cheesy).  In the end I most just write things down in a little moleskine notebook anyway (such as: guess who rolled over yesterday while I was making tea in the kitchen.  I missed it. Boo.).

West Elm’s new kitchen line has been getting rave reviews in the blogosphere; I’m doing some raving myself.  Just look at these porcelain salt and pepper shakers:

Have a happy weekend! Got any FRILLING Friday plans?


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Fun tutorial on ways to style scarves for spring and summer.

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Needlepoint Revolution!


Needlepoint isn’t just for grandma’s anymore.  Check out some cool needlepoint styles I’ve been seeing lately. (click on the photos to follow the links).

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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Wishlist


Bold colors, ruffles, floral prints, and BIG wedges. Spring is here, and I’m dreaming of pretty things. 

A lovely dress for graduation, perhaps?

Dresses from Kensie and Modcloth

Bags in bold colors for every occasion? Yes, please!

Bags from Banana Republic

Big wedges and frilling bows: I WANT.

Wedges and Heels from LuLu.

What’s on your Spring Wishlist? 

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Stuff We Love: Style Basics: Fran’s Picks


Happy Monday! 
After reading Friday’s links about wardrobe editing, it’s got me thinking about the basics, and what makes the bones of a functional wardrobe.  Aurelia already shared some of her picks for basic pieces, and we’ll both be sharing some of our favorite wardrobe frills soon.  Here are some of my favorite basics: 

Land’s End Canvas Heritage Cardigan.  This cardigan is a great basic.  It goes tons of places and comes in tons of colors.  It’s cotton with just the right amount of stretch, and it always holds its shape.  I have a pet peeve about cardigans that get all stretched out in the elbows, and this one never does that. I have two, one in a bright limey yellow, and another in an oatmeal cream; and I wear them all kinds of ways, with all kinds of things — all buttoned up, open front, belted, over tanks and tees, under jackets, with jeans, with skirts, I could go on and on.  Classic styling, great quality.  Hurry, you can get them on sale now for $22.99.  Cardigans are an essential wardrobe staple.  For a longer version, I also like Land’s End Canvas Boyfriend V-neck Cardigan.  And speaking of, my super-stylish hubby has the men’s Heritage Cardigan. I think cardigans for men are sexy and smart-looking; he wears his over a button-up shirt, with maybe a tie.  Love.

I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE my Bettona Jeggings from Athleta.  Seriously, I wear these nearly every day.  I have both colors, the gray and the black.  Comfy leggings with jeans styling.  You can even do yoga in these babies (Translation, you can play in the floor all day with your baby in these babies)!  I can dress them up or down, and, did I mention these are comfy?  They are perfect. 

So I guess it’s no secret that I like jeggings; I know I should get on this season’s flare bandwagon, but I haven’t found a pair of flares that work with my proportions, or that aren’t just bootcut jeans labeled as flares. When I’m not wearing my Bettona Jeggings, I’m wearing these Gap Legging Jeans.  One thing I love about these is that the waist is higher, but not too high, which is nice for camouflaging the postpartum pooch.  These are an all-round great jean – they have stretch for comfort and shape, a great fit for multiple body types (even the kind with, ahem, a flat butt), and the fabric is still thick enough to actually be a pair of jeans. I have them in petite size, which for me means “perfectly cropped at the ankle”.  Gals, its time to wear those jeans a little shorter — show off some ankle!  I think everyone should have a pair of great skinny jeans in her wardrobe, and I can’t rave enough about these.  But don’t take my word for it; read the reviews.

Maybe it’s cheating to claim this pick as my own, cuz I took a page right out of Shana’s book on this one.  She convinced me in this post to give this jacket a try, and I love, love, love it.  It is perfect for San Francisco weather.  It gives an outfit a fun pop of (papaya!) color, and it’s so on-trend with tiered ruffles.  Awesome pick, Shana, but I already told you that. 

And of course, I can’t help but mention Glamourmom Nursing tanks.  I like the long ones better than the original.  These are a must-have if you’re nursing.  I have mentioned before that they can make any top into a nursing top, providing tummy coverage and easy boob access.  I wear them under tees, button-ups, and cardigans.  Actually, I wear them most days of the week, since I find them to be more comfortable than a nursing bra and just as supportive. 

It occurs to me that I don’t have any shoe picks here.  It’s because I’m so “meh” about all my shoes right now.  For me, living in San Francisco and walking so much (while carrying an 18-pound child), shoes have to be comfy. But it seems like all the comfy shoes are meh-to-ugly.  Got any favorite cute-yet-comfy shoes?

Also, what makes your wardrobe functional?  Is it the perfect pair of black slacks, or a great pencil skirt?  Do you have a LBD (little black dress)? 

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Sweet Saturday


This Saturday is filled with sweetness! My sweet friend had a baby shower for her twin baby girls, and I got to bake the cake. And I’m currently on my way home to Louisiana, where I’ll be presenting my absolutely DARLING niece with a cake for her second birthday. Thanks so much to my dear friend Ashley for helping me with these two cakes! Frilling! 

But first, check out the cupcake recipe I tried this week: 

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes. The recipe called for hardly any flour, so the consistency was very interesting. Kind of gooey/brownie like. I’m not sure if this is an everyone-will-LOVE-it kind of a recipe, but I thought they were delightful! 

This is a white cake with strawberry filling and vanilla butter cream icing. The bow was made using fondant. I was going to go with a jungle theme originally (that’s the nursery theme for the twins), but then I decided that a really PRETTY cake would be best. LOVE it!

This is a traditional yellow cake with chocolate butter cream icing. I made the Elmo cake topper using a color flow icing. Then, I cracked it when I pressed it down too hard on the cake. Boo! Oh well, still frilling to me!

What’s making your Saturday sweet?

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday 4/1/11


Happy Friday!

We are having GORGEOUS weather here in SF this week.  No more rain for now! We are enjoying being outdoors, going to the park, taking walks with friends.  I’m also hoping to work on my newest hobby: embroidery.  Take a look at all the cool things happening in the embroidery world.  This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery:

patterned tights + embroidery = awesome (from Rhi Stitched via Sublime Stitching)

And (joy!) embroidered book covers!

Here are some other FRILLING things I found this week.  Check em out:

The Key to Cool Layering: Excellent style tips from Shana.  Go read this now to bump up your style factor.
More papaya red.
Well-edited wardrobe = your best style friend.  I need to work on this…
More tips on closet editing.
A Philosophy for the home.
Melissa customized her Boppy!
What did I tell you about colored tights?!
For your health: check out my Vitamin D Alert on Vegeater.
On another nutritional note, check out my Nutritionist colleague Jessica’s excellent blog post on Iodine.
And, this week Aurelia and I started our new series called Stuff We Love. We’ve got cosmetic picks and style basics, and more to come.

Hope you have a happy weekend.  Today marks the start of my birthday month (yes, I like to celebrate all month), so it’s sure to be FRILLING.


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