Mad Men Fashion


Huzz and I are huge Mad Men fans, and eagerly awaiting season 5, set to air in early 2012.  Meanwhile, I’m drooling over Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection, full of feminine, 60’s-inspired silhouettes. I’m such a sucker for these lines…

And a sucker for a dolman sleeve… 

And a sucker for a good fall floral….

…not to mention, I’m not putting my red lipstick away any time soon. 

Are you a Mad Men fan?


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Frilling Friday: Summer’s Bounty


This weekend I’m FRILLED by the abundance of locally-grown, organic produce that I’m getting here in California.  I like to arrange it on the kitchen counter so that I can see it every time I walk by.  I love the fruits of summer!  And for tonight: Organic, Locally-grown Roasted Vegetable Medley :)  

Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your summer,


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On this very day four years ago, this happened:

(Photos by Donald Page)

I’m having a happy anniversary with the love of my life. AND he just happened to purchase a new point and shoot to replace my broken one so I was able to take these on our anniversary date in Austin: 

Here’s to many more happy, healthy years! <3

- Aurelia

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Yeah, you know I love colored or patterned tights for Fall!  Fortunately for me, it’s always Fall in San Francisco; tights are a year-round affair.  Liz shares my love.  Check out her picks for 10 fun pairs, including my personal favorite:

But I’m also coming around to the idea of thigh-highs, particularly when they’re styled so appealingly as this, which makes me want to muck about in a puddle somewhere:

not to mention this jaunty vintage-inspired outfit


And don’t these scuffed oxfords seem friendly paired with peacock tights?

You want some fun tights now, don’tcha?


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A final nod to nautical


Today just so happens to be the LAST first day of school I will ever have (hopefully!). After 21 first days of school, I find myself with all the same feelings I had as a child years ago. I’m nervous about whether or not I’ll excel in my classes, I’m excited about fresh, new school supplies, and I’m hopeful about new friendships and experiences the year may bring. Some things never change!

Even though the FALL semester has begun, the weathers suggests it is still fully summer here in Texas. So today I decided to give a final nod to the nautical trend that helped make this summer so much fun! I wore a short-sleeved, blue and white striped dress from J Crew, and while I didn’t get the chance to take a photo, here are some similar J Crew dresses available online now: 

Get it here.

Get it here.

Get it here.

Happy Tuesday!

- Aurelia

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Knitted Raspberry Hat


A sweet friend of Huzz’s knitted us this Raspberry Hat.  We have been waiting to grow into it.  Finally, it mostly fits.  Baby B is very difficult to photograph these days, since she mostly just tries to grab the camera.  But I managed to catch her unawares.

She wasn’t really in the mood for hats after that.

…But Mama, I don’t…

…really want to…

wear this anymore.  So, there.


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Sweet Saturday: Gluten-free lemon lime cookies


Lately I’ve been trying to limit my intake of gluten, so I was really excited to read about these gluten-free lemon lime cookies at shopcookmake (jump on over for the recipe). I’m a sucker for any zesty sweet, so I knew right away I was going to try these. 

I loved them. They aren’t too sweet, so unlike Yadsia, I decided to add the glaze to the cookies and was very glad I did! 

What’s making your Saturday sweet?

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday: Gr-Attitude


Whew, it’s been a trying week.  Huzz sprained his ankle in a bad way this week.  Like, crutches, splint, trip to the ER, hellacious amount of Advil, near-constant icing and arnica-ing, swell-up-like-a-weird-squash kind of sprain.  Papa is out of commission.  As a result, we are all just a little bit grumps; he because his foot hurts and he can’t walk, me because it makes a lot of extra work to take care of both him and Baby B,  especially during a week when it seems like everything is going awry (for instance,the ticket I got on the way to the ER; the cup of coffee the baby spilled onto the bed).

I’m not a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of person.  Nor am I one to fake a happy face.  But the fact remains: I need an attitude adjustment, a shift in perspective.  So, toward that end, here are a few things I’m grateful for, that genuinely make me happy.

1) Huzz’s ankle isn’t broken.  It will heal.  This is only temporary.

2) I have a loving co-parent to share in the work of parenting.  I don’t know how single moms do it.  Hats off to them.

3) I’m listening to Beirut’s new album ‘The Rip Tide’ today, streaming from NPR. love.(via)

4) It’s Science Friday.

5) This song by The Peekers:

6) New friends are bringing dinner over tonight.  And I’m baking an apple pie for dessert.

7) This Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which I will have to try, on principle (the principle that an awesome cookie cures a multitude of icky things).

8) A fun, new-to-me street style blog to look at.

9) My inadvertent, subconscious tendency to color-coordinate Baby’s and my outfits. (Notice B striking a pose.)

Have a happy, grateful weekend.

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DIY: Add even more frills to your dishtowel


The dishtowel just might have to be youfrillme’s mascot with all the fun DIYs we are coming up with this summer! In May, Fran wrote a post about embellishing your dishtowel with applique, and in June I posted a video tutorial on the blanket stitch.

Today I’m bringing you a DIY to add to these last two projects.

I made these for a friend’s wedding gift in June. You might remember them from the blanket stitch post. Notice the fun fabric border I added to the bottom of the dishtowel. This is what I’m going to show you how to do today, and I promise, it’s really simple!

So get out the dishtowel that you used to learn about applique and the blanket stitch, and follow along as my friend, Tia, learns how to add this final frill to her own project!

Choose your fabric, and cut it about 2” lengthwise and about 4” wider than the width of the bottom portion of your dishtowel.  

Make sure everything is ironed and ready for pinning.

Press (iron) each long side of your fabric over about 1/4”. THEN, fold over again to make a 1/2” hem and press. Notice that we only made one fold here. This was a mistake. If you don’t fold it twice, your towel will fray! 

Pin each side. 

Sew each pinned side on the right side of the fabric, removing the pins as you go.

Pin your fabric onto the bottom of one side of your dishtowel.  Leave 2” hanging off each side. 

Sew the pinned side onto the right side of the dishtowel, removing each pin as you go.

On the wrong side of the fabric and dishtowel, make a 1/4” fold and press. Then fold the rest of the fabric over making it even with the seam on the dishtowel. Press and pin.

Step 9: Oops, no picture! Sew each side down, removing the pins as you go!

Step 10: Enjoy your newly frilled up dishtowel. And don’t forget to add the applique and blanket stitch! Check out Tia’s almost finished product. She decided to go with a monogrammed applique she cut out herself, and is learning how to do the very easy blanket stitch. Great job, Tia!

For a ruffled finish to your fabric, simply cut the fabric about 2 1/2 times longer than the width of the bottom of your dishtowel. Then, follow all of the directions on this DIY, but when it comes time to pin your fabric to your dishtowel, instead of pinning evenly, pin the fabric making little folds. When you sew your seam, your fabric will begin to ruffle!

- Aurelia

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Frilling before and after: My first reupholstered chair!


Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take a reupholstering workshop at Spruce in Austin. The owner of Spruce, Amanda Brown, writes for the popular blog, Design Sponge about once a month. So cool! Check out her latest post on upholstery basics here.

Anyway, the opportunity to take this workshop arose last minute, but luckily I had the perfect chair to bring for my first experience with reupholstering. Back in March, we were cleaning out an old shed on my in-laws’ then newly purchased property, and we found this gem: 

We knew this piece had a ton of potential, so we saved it. It worked out perfectly because it’s a really simple chair to reupholster. I painted it first, chose a fabric I loved, and brought it with me to the workshop. 

Here’s the finished product. I LOVE it, and it goes perfectly in my guestroom where the accent color is turquoise!

What do you think? I am so frilled that this cute lil’ chair gets to have a fresh start instead of rotting away in an old shed!

- Aurelia

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