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Happy Friday!

I’m really enjoying the Native American motif trend that’s happening these days.  I used to dismiss anything with Southwest styling without a second glance, but I’m really coming around to the natural materials and bold graphic motifs.

I especially love this rugged entryway (via)

On other notes:

The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival starts today in Golden Gate Park.  I’m hoping to catch a concert (maybe)

I stumbled across this Dutch line of maternity wear on Zulily this morning.  I’m particularly in love with this dress:

The most lovely tape.  I think I really must get some. (via)

Dottie Angel’s new book is out! If you want some vintage-crafty inspiration, she’s where to get it.

Food Day is October 24. Join the push for “healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way”. I’m thinking of planning a party.

Did you find anything fun this week? Leave in the comments…


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Handmade Floral Baby Dress


I have been meaning to photograph this little dress all summer.  My mom made it for B, and it has been a favorite summer outfit of ours.  We are just now getting our summer weather here in SF. Of course, in normal San Francisco weather, I always add leggings and a cardigan or long-sleeve solid-colored onesie underneath (note: best place to get solid colored baby basics = H&M) for warmth. The leggings she’s wearing here are some I made.

This is the best photo of the full dress I could get, what with all B’s wiggling around.  I love all these chins!

A current favorite toy:

Mischief, anyone?

Happy Wednesday, y’all.


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Lyle came home from his trip to San Francisco on Sunday bearing a gift. A. I love surprises. B. I love presents. C. I love funky, BIG rings. 

Amber hued agate and sterling silver ring from Circle and Square

- Aurelia

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Kind of sort of Fall.


Yesterday I woke up to 60 degree weather! I was so excited because in Texas 60 degree weather is potential boots/long sleeves/scarf weather. I knew it would be warmer later in the day, but I was determined to wear SOME kind of fall apparel. I decided to balance out my boots and blazer cardigan with a short skirt. Worked like a charm!

Cardigan and top: F21, Skirt and Bracelet: Urban Outfitters, Mia Boots

Happy Saturday!

- Aurelia

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Fran shared this video over at vegeater a while back, and I find it so inspiring. I’m such a people person – it’s how I receive my energy! Sometimes its hard for me to be alone for too long, but I’ve always felt that it is something I should appreciate and not be afraid of. 

This video is a sweet reminder of how beautiful alone time can be. 

- Aurelia

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A Pink Streak


I’ve added a few pink streaks! Subtle, but fun.


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Emmy Recap


My thoughts on Sunday night’s Emmy Awards: 

Best Dressed: Not only were the gowns lovely, but these ladies wore them well!


Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Jane Lynch in David Meister

Worst Dressed: These dresses might not be a complete disaster, but they did nothing for these gals. 

Olivia Munn in Carolina Herrera

Christina Hendricks in Johanna Johnson 

Biggest Trend: RED!

All images via Just Jared.

Best Acceptance Speech: Melissa McCarthy, Outstanding lead actress in a comedy series

Most Awkward Moment: Charlie Sheen Presenting Outstanding lead actor in a comedy series 

Biggest Snub: Steve Carell’s loss for lead actor in a comedy series, his last chance to win an Emmy for his role as Michael Scott in The Office

Did you watch the awards? What were your thoughts?

- Aurelia

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Let’s Make a Deal


I’ll trade you all of these…

for a pair of these

… the ultimate, classic, last-forever riding boot.  ok? ok.


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Frilling Friday: Autumn


This weekend I’m having fun looking at….

Images of lovely woolens in Vogue for British Wool Week, and my fingers are itching to knit some up. I especially love this slouchy knitted hat.

This event is happening here in SF tonight.

I’m jealous of her safari vest.

Aunt Peaches made (er, well, embellished) this DIY Rainbow Sherbet Denim Skirt, which I think is kindof rad in a Saved-By-The-Bell kind of way (tutorial here):

And, despite the fact that, in terms of weather, September is summer in San Francisco, it still makes me want to turn off all the lights and burn beeswax candles. 

And, for the cherry on top, my buddy Lane has a nice post over on ANMJ about why your Mom-style (if you’re a mom) matters just enough, but not too much.  Frilling.

Have a Happy Weekend! Got any plans? 


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Frilling Trends: Animal Print


To follow up on Tuesday’s post, I thought I would show you guys just how “in” animal print seems to be these days! I used to HATE animal print. It didn’t matter what it was on; I would have NEVER picked it out. Oh, how the times have changed. 

The trend started to win me over this summer. I would see something in a store or online and make a mental note on how cute I thought it was. I realized that if you style animal print a certain way, it can be totally fab and chic. It doesn’t have to be gaudy or too loud. Before I knew it, I was sold. Check out all of these animal print looks from some of my favorite fashion bloggers! 

What do you think about animal prints? Do you think you could get on board, or have you always been a fan? Comment below on your thoughts! 

I love both the cardigan and the shoes in this look from Atlantic-Pacific.

Check out the shoes from Helena at Brookyln Blonde!

I LOVE this entire outfit, especially the skirt! This look is also from Brooklyn Blonde.

Cute maxi dress from Christine at My Style Pill.

Another gem from My Style Pill. I love this sleeveless top!

Super fun animal print pumps from the Modcloth blog

Sold yet?

- Aurelia

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