I’m a little bit addicted to Wendy’s fun fashion vids.  This one, which I came across on Pinterest the other day, is my favorite.

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Saturday in Napa


On Saturday, we took a little drive to Napa Valley.  We visited Mondavi Vineyards and the famous Oakville Grocery.


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Frilling Friday: Recycled Leather


Happy Friday!

Recently I discovered (via LovingEco) recycled leather goods, and I’m loving the look of some of the recycled leather handbags I’ve found. These artists use castoff leather jackets, pants, and upholstery to create one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly accessories.

The Safari bag:

Navajo Shoulder bag:

Teal Ruffled Clutch:

The Tote, by Erin Templeton:

Are you picky about handbags and purses?  I am just about the pickiest person alive, and I’m especially picky about handbags.  I think the older I get, the more discerning I get about what I buy; I have bought too many items over the years that I didn’t really like after all, didn’t last, or were too trendy to last through years. These days, I want a smaller, more functional, better-quality wardrobe and accessory collection.  I don’t want clutter. I want to buy less, and be choosy so that when I do purchase an item, I know it’s one I’ll use and love for a long time.  And I’m willing to hunt a long time for the “right” item for me.

What kind of shopper are you?  Are you like me, unwilling to settle for “ok”?  Are you an impulse buyer? Would you rather have a lot of variety or the one perfect piece?


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Fall Happies in Pictures


Homemade apple chips, pretty nothings, finished projects, pinterest inspiration.

- Aurelia

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Oh Yes I Did.


Cardigan, Top, Belt: Zara, Leggings and Boots: Dillards (Last winter), Knee Highs: DSW

I know what you might be thinking. Oh no she didn’t. Oh yes I did. I realize this picture is totes poor quality, not too mention the fact that Libby’s ears, plus one eyeball is showing, AND I had to crop the garbage can out of the image. Also there is a dish towel randomly in the background, and alas – it was a no make up day.

But I didn’t have another post ready, and I was just so, so, SO excited about the knee highs that became mine over the weekend. I just had to post, you see. I HAD to. I’m not being dramatic at all. AT ALL.

Back to the knee highs. Fran’s post a few weeks ago really inspired me. Then I started seeing them every where in the stores, and I thought “I can do that!”. So, I did.  I shall wear striped ones on Friday with a cute skirt. Maybe I’ll have better pics to post then.

Happy Tuesday!

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Frilling Friday: Autumn Almond-Pear Cake


Happy Friday!

I am FRILLED to report that this week I made my first-ever grain-free cake (besides cheesecake and vegan “cheese”cake).  I used Coco’s recipe for Almond Cherry Upside Down Cake, but I used pears instead of cherries because pears are in season.  And I can’t stop raving about how delicious this cake is.  I LOVE almond, and it’s made from almond flour only; no wheat flour or any other grain, no gluten, and because I used coconut oil in place of ghee -  no dairy ingredients.  Can you believe how gorgeous?

High-protein, low-sugar, and full of healthy fats….healthy and delicious! And perfect with a cup of warm chai with coconut milk…


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EBEW Review


Since summer is FINALLY wrapping up here in Texas, I thought I would do a review of the fun summer trends from Everybody Everywear

What was your favorite summer trend, and what are you looking forward to wearing this fall? I’m excited about animal print, fall shoes (chunky fall wedges, loafers, and boots), trench coats, and poncho-sweaters. 

May: Floral

June: Lace

July: Yellow

August: Mixing Patterns

- Aurelia

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Weekend Brunch


This past Saturday, Jordan and I did something we love to do: invite friends for Saturday Brunch.  We had fancy French toast with all the fixings – homemade berry compote, ricotta, creme fraiche, veggie sausages, maple syrup, coffee with cream! yum.

We’ve decided to do it more often. Here are a few snippets from our morning…

French toast keeping warm in the oven

My favorite thrift-store sugar bowl


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Roost Recipe


Yesterday I tried my second recipe from the Roost Blog Fran found recently. The Roost Blog features beautiful foods that are generally grain/sugar/dairy free. AKA: foods I can eat on the Candida Diet!

The first recipe I tried was a carrot cake, and it was A-MA-ZING. I didn’t get pretty picture though so you will never see it in all its glory. 

The recipe I tried last night was a herbed flatbread with prosciutto, arugula pesto, and sheep’s milk cheese, except I used mozzarella cause it’s what I had in stock. The crust was made using almond flour, herbs, coconut oil (she called for ghee, but I didn’t have any), and eggs. I found the whole process simple, and I think it turned out lovely! 

What do you think?

- A

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Frilling Friday


Happy Friday!
Here are a few things that interested me this week…

Oh Joy blogged these patterned pieces from Wren, and think they are lovely.  Not that I would spend that kind of dough on day-to-day wear.  This abstract animal print especially FRILLs me:

Take probiotics for healthy response to stress (vegeater).

The ANMJ gals have some great advice for the bustier, broad-shouldered babes on how to wear stripes.

Karen is making homemade butter and ricotta.  I’m always jealous of anything she’s doing.

On my agenda for today is to bake some gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free mini muffins a la Roost

oh my, beer and pretzels? yum…    (via)

This weekend we’re having friends for brunch, and going on a date without baby (yep, first date in 6 months.  Gonna get some (reputedly) awesome eats at Gracias Madre in the Mission.)  Are you doing anything fun?


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