Frilling Friday: Five Frilling Things


Happy Friday, Y’all! 
Five things that make me happy…

a. sharpened pencils (via)
b. brussels sprouts on the stalk
c. organized drawers (via pinterest)
d. TJ’s pumpkin spice coffee
e. all-time favorite chocolate bar.

Have a FRILLING weekend.


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Halloween Party Frills


Saturday I was able to host a super frilling Halloween party for my friends from school. Thanks to Pinterest, I had so much fun planning and preparing for what ended up being an all-out dance party!

I knew there would be about 50 people coming, so I wanted to make sure I had enough food! I had a replacement platter for each dish waiting in the laundry room to be refilled when the one on the table ran out. In the end, I sent so much food home with people that I think I could have fed 100! 

Check out the centerpieces! They were the first idea inspired by Pinterest!

These are supposed to look like acorns! Get it? They are donut holes dipped in chocolate icing, then in chocolate sprinkles, and finally, with a pretzel stick stuck in the opposite end. Another gem from Pinterest. Idea here.

These cute lil’ witch hats were so easy and fun to make! Simply flip over a fudge-striped cookie, draw a ring of orange icing around the hole, and stick a Hershey kiss on top! Voila! Idea here.

These happened because I got really nervous that I might run out of food. It’s a tower of hostess zingers. I’ve never actually tried these, but apparently they aren’t that good because only one was eaten and I had to spend the evening trying to sucker someone into bringing them home! 

LOVE. These are pumpkin rice krispies. The original project called for a specific pan, but we just rolled them into balls ourselves. The stem of the pumpkin is a tootsie roll. Idea here.

Pumpkin peeps! I’m actually not a fan of peeps, but they were just so cute and easy that I couldn’t pass it up. Idea here.

And of course, I had to make cupcakes. Plus, I bought these cupcake sleeves/decor awhile back thinking “maybe I’ll do something fun where I have to make cupcakes during Halloween”. Little did I know…

Here’s the prize/voting table. We had a contest where the people entered who had to walk out to “I’m too sexy”. Then, everyone vote on their favorite and were presented with the prizes below!

This banner was another fun idea from the web. I bought three packages of Halloween napkins. Cost: $6. I made two banners, the table runner (check it out in the first picture), and I still had plenty of napkins left over to use at the party! In fact, there are still enough left over to use for next year! I love this idea because it is SO easy, SO cheap, AND you can do it for any holiday! Check it out here

I put fake cobwebs on this antique buffet because it was very important to me that people did not set purses, keys, drinks, etc on it. It’s very old and scratches very easily! Clever, clever me. :)

Fran’s man, Jordan, gave me the idea to project an old film off of our wall. I couldn’t get access to Young Frankenstein, so I went with Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. I’ve never actually seen it, but I thought it would be funny since we have the bird montage on our wall!

We also moved all of the furniture in our living room to make way for the dance floor. I rented a strobe light and made a 4 hour playlist of dance music on Spotify. It was seriously so much fun. I LOVE to dance!

Finally, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t show mine and Lyle’s costumes? Can you guess who we are?

“Daniel-San, Best Karate still inside. Now time let out!”

Did you do anything fun for Halloween?

- Aurelia

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