A Frilling Gift Idea: 3 Seams


My friend Ellie sent me a link to this shop, 3 Seams. They sell little girls’ dresses that are handmade by seamstresses in Haiti.  Each time a dress is purchased, an identical one goes to a little girl in Haiti in need of clothing. Check out their mission.

3 Seams was begun by Inga as a way to put her faith into action and teach her own children to have a global perspective and awareness.  I think her mission is pretty cool, not to mention the dresses are adorable, made of bright, fun fabrics. As the child grows, the dress can be worn as a top over jeans or leggings.

If you’re searching for a gift for a little lady in your life, head on over to 3 Seams.  You’ll be supporting an awesome organization and helping provide for another little girl who might not otherwise have a chance to wear a FRILLING little dress.


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Finals Casual


Finals are here people! Looking and feeling great during test time is a must despite those nasty exams, papers, and projects. Yes – a cute outfit is exactly what I need to add some FRILLS to my day. Still, I like to feel cozy and comfortable because I’m normally exhausted and almost always end up on my couch with my nose in my books/notes. 

Necklace and trousers: Banana Republic, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden.

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Baby B’s Birthday Party


We baked.  We hung streamers.  We bought balloons.  We practiced blowing out candles.  We had friends, and cupcakes, and treats.  Everything a girl’s first birthday should have.

Our friend Hamid took some lovely photos for us.  Here are a few:

(Incidentally, I had a little book made of the photos.  I used Snapfish.  Big mistake; the book is of terrible quality.  I’ll have another made with iPhoto.)

A party is a good way to say goodbye to a city, to the apartment where our little gal was born, to friends we’ve made in San Francisco.  Plus…

leftover birthday balloons make for big fun…

Happy Birthday Baby B.  We can’t get enough of ya.

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Christmas Cheer


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our house has been decorated for about a week. Lyle even put up our lights outside already. I love this time of year so much. My favorite moments are the earliest and latest points of the day, when all is quiet and no lights are shining except those on the Christmas tree. When I’m free to peacefully anticipate the moment that Advent leads up to – the joyous, celebratory occasion. Love, love, love. I love it.

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday: busy, crazy…


All our stuff is on a moving truck en route to Texas!  Where I get to live by Aurelia!  Watch out: Frills are sure to happen when the two of us are together. 

A special babe turns one a couple weeks ago, and I hope to post pics of her party soon. As I mentioned, we have been in the midst of our move to Texas. Soon things will settle down and I will have more time for FRILLING things.

(The birthday banner I got from House8810)

Meanwhile, here are a few things tickling my fancy this first day of December, amidst my running craziness:

Hello Anthropologie blouse.

My friend Jen is contemplating the purchase of a Little Black Dress.

An interesting discussion on beauty over at Design Mom.

Christmas makes me a little anxious.  All the Stuff involved gets overwhelming. I’m especially anxious now that I have a child to whom people want to give (lots and lots of) Stuff.  How do we keep it manageable? Got any advice?

I’m always searching for the perfect purse/diaper bag for like a year and a half now.  Is this it?

Green tights aren’t just for Santa’s elves.

anything Frilling you this weekend?


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