Stuff We Love: Zoku Quick Pop Maker


Unbeknownst to me, my mom ordered a Zoku Quick Pop Maker, after she encountered one in a store one day.   This baby makes ice pops in 7 minutes flat!  It’s amazing.  I have no idea how the thing works, but it does!  We don’t have to wait 24 hours for our homemade popsicles to freeze anymore.  (You do have to pre-freeze the Pop Maker before use.) You keep the Quick Pop Maker in the freezer, and pull it out whenever you want to make a batch of ice pops.  You can even put fruit and nuts in your pops, or make exotic layered pops.

We made “Pink Pops,” my original recipe:

Fran’s Creamy Pink Pops

1 can coconut milk
about 2 cups chopped watermelon
about 2 cups strawberries
stevia, honey, or xylitol to taste

Blend everything together in the blender…

…Pour the mixture into your Zoku Quick Pop Maker (or your traditional popsicle molds if you’re using those), and 7 minutes later you have perfect, delicious, healthy ice pops!

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Frilling Friday: Reading List


Happy Friday!

Do you have some books you’re dying to read this summer?  I have several.  It’s been a little while since I last posted a reading list, and since I’m always reading something, I thought I’d share some of what is currently on my Kindle.

Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet

Oh man, how did I miss this when I was a kid?  It’s fun to read as an adult, because I think I pick up on more of the complexities than I would have at 12, but I would have loved these as a kid.  I’m currently in the midst of the second book, A Wind in the Door.  If you haven’t read them, they are classic YA lit.

Paris in Love, by Eloise James

This one was a birthday gift from Ali.  It’s a light, fun read; a memoir of the author’s year in Paris with her husband and two kids, in the form of brief essays, facebook posts, and tweets.  Interesting and lovely.  Now I’m intrigued by Eloise James, with whom I was unfamiliar, and may have to try out a novel of hers.  I think she writes primarily chick-lit romance novels (you do not hear a disparaging tone out of me; I like a good romance as much as the next gal), but she’s a Shakespeare professor, so I bet that adds a dimension to her work.

Christian Theology:
The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity

Another birthday gift, this one from Aurelia.  Dr Olson is a professor at Truett.  He has a great blog on theology, which I read from time to time.  I just started this book, and I’m looking forward to referring back to it.

Bringing up Bebe

I’m hearing such interesting things from friends and acquaintances about this book, that I’m not going to be able to resist it any longer.  Download.


I’m looking for a good, big, juicy novel to take on vacation next week.  Any suggestions?

Are you reading anything you can’t put down these days, in any genre?


ps: If you didn’t see yesterday’s Frilling Fashionista, Chansin, in adorable spring dresses, check her out!

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Frilling Fashionista: Chansin rocks spring dresses


Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! Meet our newest FRILLING fashionista, Chansin. She is one of my closest friends here in Waco, and the photographer behind ALL of my outfit pics. Chansin is a student at Truett seminary with me, and she is also the youth minister at a local church.

Chansin has an AMAZING body (being a dancer for most of your life will do that to you), and I have come to notice that she wears everything well. Seriously, EVERYTHING.  More specifically, I don’t know another soul who can rock a little spring dress like Chansin does.

Chansin let me help style her for some of these looks. The fun thing about our friendship is that she will patiently humor me as I raid her closet and find gems she didn’t realize she had. Check out the looks we came up with from the clothing and accessories Chansin already owns, and notice her staple accessories that can be worn over and over again!

I’m in LOVE with everything about this dress – the pattern, the color, the fit. Chansin wears it so well, and I love, love, love the scarf that incorporates the green, but adds a different pattern to the mix. Don’t even get me started on the wedges. The girl’s got great legs y’all.

Here Chansin is wearing the same scarf and shoes, but it’s definitely a different look. For one, it’s much brighter. Also, she has tied her scarf and is wearing it as if it were oblong. I also love the belting over the cardigan. It’s amazing how great accessorizing can FRILL things up!

I just love this dress! Isn’t the bird print mixed with a bit of floral just lovely? I also love the sleeves. They really add structure to the already more fitted dress. I love the belt here, too because it cinches the waist nicely and adds a little something extra to the bold pattern of the dress.

I can’t decide, but this might be my favorite of the four looks. Nautical continues to trend this spring, and I love the navy (yes, it’s navy) stripes, with the bright pink pop from the scarf. Stunning! Frilling! Love! I also love the fit with the drawstring and the fact that the dress is sleeveless. This is very practical for the hot Texas weather, and I know Chansin will get a lot of wear out of it.

Did you notice all of the different ways Chansin accessorized? She showed three different looks for wearing a scarf, two different ways to belt an outfit, how to rock flats, sandals, and wedges with spring dresses, and she layered her jewelry. Great job, Chansin. YOU are one FRILLING fashionista!

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DIY: Melinda’s Custom Counter Stools


My mom, who is full of creative ideas, took some run of the mill counter stools from target and customized them.  She started with this:

Then, she sanded, primed, and painted the metal parts…

While she waited for those to dry, she painted a square of canvas with acrylic paint (she did a couple different ones)…

Then, using a staple gun, she attached the canvas smoothly over the existing seat cover…

Then she reassembled the stools, and voila!  Custom counter stools, any way you like ‘em.  You don’t have to paint your own fabric; you could purchase printed upholstery fabric and use that instead.

Are you inspired?  Doesn’t it make you want to transform something boring into something FRILLING?

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High/Low Maxi Skirt


Happy Tuesday friends! I can’t believe I’m saying it, but after four years, this week is my final week of classes in grad school!

Today, in particular is special because I am handing in my final research paper! I had two due in the last couple of weeks, one on the origins of German Pietism and another on Greek Orthodox Iconography. Interesting, huh? In any case, it was a good excuse to photograph on campus with some of my books that I needed to return to the library. You can check out my final library drop-off pic here. Yes, it’s silly, but I document EVERYTHING.

Check out my newest skirt. I have wanted a high/low maxi skirt for months now, ever since I saw Christine at My Style Pill re-mixing one. I’ve had my eye on this one that I saw online at Zara (sorry, it’s not there anymore), so when I saw it in the store for a reasonable $35, I knew I HAD to have it. I’m seriously in LOVE. I can’t wait to try a million different ways to wear it! FRILLING.

I was originally going to go for it in pastel green, but I find this print to be much more versatile. And I think it’s just lovely in general. FRILLING, even. The floral is almost as stunning as Baylor’s beautiful campus!

Top: Old Navy / Skirt: Zara (similar look here) / shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: gifted / Brown chain necklaces and tangerine bracelet: J Crew / Gold chain necklace: Dillards

What do you guys think about the asymmetrical skirt? I personally love it, because of the FRILLS it adds to a basic maxi or midi look. Plus, a YM quiz I took about 15 years ago told that my legs were my best asset, and I’m determined to believe it! Stay tuned for a new FRILLING Fashionista post later this week!

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The Cutest Kids Shoe Store Ever


KidoShoe is the cutest kids shoe store I have ever been to.  I was so impressed with their styles and selection.  Next fall I will skip Stride Rite and go straight to KidoShoe.   Crazy Cute, super stylish, lots of European brands and brands I’d never hear of, lots of shoes I wish came in my size.  We had to come home with these irresistible little sandals by Livie and Luca.

(Chase me, Papa!)

(skirt: BabyGap outlet / tank: Old Navy / cardigan: Old Navy / sandals: Livie and Luca)

Yep, I pretty much die of cuteness every day.


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DIY Confetti Tablecloth


Happy Saturday friends! Today I have a lot of final assignments to work on. This week is my last week of classes…ever! Crazy! I wanted to take a break, though, and show you the tablecloth my friend and I made for Melaina’s baby shower last week. It turned out so adorable. I’m excited to use it again – it really added extra FRILLS to the shower!

I just can’t get enough of it! For those of you wondering, the tutorial is available here. Just don’t be like me and forget to use fabric paint. I used craft paint and am thinking I will be using a lot of tide-to-go pens in the future because I can’t put it in the washing machine!

Hope you have a very sweet Saturday!

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Frilling Friday: Random Links from Birthday Week.


Well, it was a big, fun week for me, being my 30th birthday week and all.  I celebrated all week.  And I’m not done, either.  There’s still tomorrow.  I also spent quite a bit of time trying to get B to say, “Happy Birthday, Mama.” With little success.  “Shummashummuna, Mama” is about as close as we got.

Yeah, we go all out around here.  You get to wear the special birthday glasses and a sash.  30 is a pretty special number, I think.  Goodbye, angsty twenties.  Hello, poised, confident, wise thirties.  (am I right?)


Here are a few links from the week:

Gorgeous fabrics from Holli Zollinger.

I love Aunt Peaches’ ideas for plastic baggie alternatives… stylish too…

The only thing I regret about having the hair I have (well, one of the things.  But don’t get me wrong – I like my hair.) is that I can’t have luscious bangs.  Covet.

Can’t find the perfect iphone case to reflect your personality?  You could always try making your own.

Do you clean your jewelry often?  Here are some recipes for at-home jewelry cleaning solutions.

Jordan, B, and I are going to check out Beets Cafe in Austin tomorrow.


Happy Weekend!  Did you find anything Frilling this week?

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Frilling spring trend: pastel + lace


Last spring, I talked a lot about how trendy lace was becoming (like here and here). This spring, I’ve noticed that lace is still going strong, but this time around, it is incorporating another big trend of the season: pastels. Check out all of these pretty pastel, lace dresses currently available online:

From Asos:

Get it here.

From Zara: 

Get it here.

Get it here.

From F21: 

Get it here.

Get it here.

From Modcloth: 

Get it here.

Get it here.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you have a favorite among these? I like them all, but I find myself favoring the Asos one. In reality though, I’d probably end up buying the coral dress from F21 because it’s not too pricey and, let’s face it, those sleeves (on the Asos dress) simply aren’t realistic for the Texas summer heat!

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Five-Minute Project: Lavender Eye Pillow


Every time I go to yoga and I use an eye pillow during relaxation, I think: “I need one of these!”  So I decided to take about five minutes and make one.  Except mine is especially awesome because it contains relaxing lavender, my favorite fragrance, which also happens to be a drug-free aromatherapy headache remedy and stress reliever.  The project is so easy.

The Stuff:

  • a small amount of cotton or linen fabric, cut into a roughly 9 x 9 square
  • sewing machine, or needle and thread
  • rice
  • dried lavender flowers

The Do:

1)Fold your fabric square in half, right sides together

2) Sew two of the open sides shut, to make a ‘bag’ or ‘pillowcase’

3) Turn the bag right side out

4) Fill with rice and lavender mixture, not too full; you want the pillow to be soft and pliable, not overstuffed. (I used a small funnel.)

5) Sew remaining side closed

6) Relax! Next time you have a headache, feel stressed out, or just need a nap, you have the perfect eye pillow.

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