Kitchen Renovation: Decisions, Decisions…


*Posts this week are going to be sparse.  Aurelia and I are taking a little bloggie vacation this week.  We’ve gone to South Louisiana for a family reunion of sorts, and won’t have much internet access, but we’ll try to pop in here and there. 


Maybe you’re going to be sick of me posting about my house remodel.  Sorry.  It’s where my creative energy is going these days.

Here are some of the finishes we’re thinking of for the kitchen.

Behr paint, and Compac stone in two colors…

Stainless Penny Tile

colorful pendant track lighting (not exactly this, but something like it, a little sleeker)…

Honey-colored hickory flooring…

Ikea cabinet hardware…

I can’t wait!



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Dear Annie Chun: You Should Pay Us…


…because we really love your Roasted Sesame Seaweed Snacks, and we’re really cute, and we buy enough of them to keep you folks in business.  A discount at least would be nice, or a lifetime supply…

(I do clothe my child on a regular basis.  Moments earlier she had decided to lie down in a puddle, which I’m pretty mellow about most days, so I stripped her down to allow for further puddle romping.)

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There’s a prep in my step


Happy Thursday everyone! I am feeling happy and refreshed today. I hope y’all are, too!

I present to you my “even-though-it’s-been-over-a-year-i-still-feel-slightly-uncomfortable-and-silly-taking-outfit-photos” face. Yesterday I had to go back to Waco for a few short hours (we still own our house there, and it calls for visits from time-to-time; i’m not complaining!), so Chansin and I got to have some fun taking outfit photos just like the old days. You can check out all of youfrillme’s outfit posts here.

I’ve been feeling a bit preppy lately. From classic cardigans to brown leather detailing to loafers to a hint of nautical, I think it’s safe to say Kate Middleton and her American counterpart (Reese Witherspoon, duh) are having an influence on me. Today was one of those days.

Cardigan, skirt, purse, bracelet: J Crew Outlet / Necklaces: J Crew / Top: Madewell / Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Thanks for reading!

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Frilling House Renovations: Kitchen Before/During


As I mentioned on Friday, we closed on a home.  Finally!  It took us a long time to find the right house for us.  We knew we wanted a house we can live in for a good long while.  After two cross-country moves, we hope to remain in one spot for a few years. (We recently counted up: we’ve moved 9 times in the 9 years we’ve been married.) But choosing a long term house takes time, at least for two very choosy people, one of us a professional designer whose eye for detail is very well-developed, to say the least.  Finally, we settled on a late-70′s ranch-style home typical of this part of Texas, and hired a contractor to oversee some updates to the house.

I’m most excited about the kitchen, and it’s where the majority of the transformation is going to happen.  I have always been drawn to bright, white, open, light-filled kitchens, and am FRILLED to have the opportunity to transform this kitchen from a dark, closed-in room into something bright and open. Here’s a peak at the kitchen’s current state, in semi-demolition.  The floors were tile, but that’s gone now.

Ppopcorn ceilings, ugly white track lighting?  Outta there. And I know, a lot of people love black granite; to which I say: great, you can buy mine off Craig’s List. No offense.

And see that hole in the cabinet to the right of the ladder?  There was a double oven there. The top part of that wall is coming down, and we’ll keep a peninsula counter.   I found a single oven on Craig’s List to replace the double, and am hoping to break even when I sell the double.

You can see one of the walls is already mostly gone, awaiting a new beam to support the ceiling.  You can imagine how much more closed-in the kitchen felt when that wall and dark counter-top was still there.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it over there with a camera soon enough after closing to photograph the kitchen in its original state – our contractor was eager to get started and didn’t waste any time, which we’re glad of.

Our plans for the kitchen involve painting the cabinets white, changing out the cabinet doors and hardware, white stone counters, new backsplash (I’m in love with penny tile), some FRILLING light fixtures, and of course new flooring.   The small pantry is being expanded and reconfigured to accommodate the fridge (old fridge location was on the now-demo’d wall).  As I said, for now, most of the facelift is happening in the kitchen and main living area.  We’ll get around to bathrooms another year.

If you’re interested in inspiration images of all-white or mostly-white kitchens, check out my pinboard.


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The Steeping Room (and a confession)


I’ve got a confession to make. I have NOT been feeling very frilling as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives (graduating, moving to Austin, etc.), but no matter how positive change is, I think it can always hurt some, too. I’ve definitely been missing our friends, our house, and the amazing community we had cultivated over the last four years in Waco.

Fran and I always want to be real and true to who we are (check out our frillosophy if you don’t believe me), and I’m definitely not about making posts that I don’t believe in. So today I wasn’t going to post at all, but then I decided, why not be honest? I mean, NONE of us feel good and inspired ALL the time, right?

Then, this morning Chansin emailed me some pictures from a girl’s day we had last week (lovely gal came to visit me). Not only did it remind me that sweet times are still abundant, but it reminded of how much I LOVE the place where we had lunch. Do y’all have any places where you live that never fail to cheer you up, even if for just a little while? That’s how the Steeping Room is for me. I love, love, love it. It’s located in the Domain Shopping center in Austin which is perfect because it’s just about as refreshing as retail therapy!

Fran and I often lunch there. It’s the place I will choose every time. If I need cheering up or feel especially excited or festive about something, it’s my go-to spot. I love it because all of the food feels light, fresh and healthy. AND to top it all off, almost every item on the menu is available gluten free as well. They also have tons of gluten free, freshly made pastries. Not to mention, it’s a tea room, so there are about a gazillion different types of hot and cold teas to choose from. I’m telling y’all, this place makes my heart sing!

It’s the little things right? Lunch with a friend, a good conversation, a gluten free cookie that you couldn’t have had otherwise, a refreshing cup o’ tea. Yeah, things aren’t always super fabulous, but I’m thinking I’m okay with that. I’m thinking there can still be something frilling about those uncertain seasons, too. So that’s where I’m at today. What about you?

Do you have a special spot that cheers you up or that you love to share with others? Let me know! I’d love to hear!

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Frilling Friday: Four Frilling Things


Today I’m FRILLED by these things:

1) A little gal who has serious love for sunflower seed butter.  Takes after her mama.

2) The chance to practice writing my signature about a hundred times earlier today at our house closing.  Wahoo!  Let the renovations begin!

3) The first of many Dresden Flower Garden quilt blocks sewn by my mom for Baby T’s quilt.  We had such fun picking out the colorful fabrics, many of which are vintage reproduction.

4) These delicious, healthy, vegan, gluten-free berry crumble bars. (hint: these make great breakfast):


Anything FRILLING you today?





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A frilling embroidered gift


Happy Thursday everyone!  This past weekend I had the honor of being my friend’s matron of…well, honor in her wedding. It was so romantic. She married a frenchman, and they are jetting off to France tomorrow to start their lives together! I love it.

Like I told y’all last week, I’ve developed the habit of making a gift for my friends when they get married or have a baby. This wedding was no exception, and so I wanted to make something extra special.

My idea was to embroider something that they could hang in their home as a wedding memento. I wanted it to be old school with a bit of a modern twist. I decided on a simple image of a bride and groom with their name and wedding date.   Originally, I was going to do it by hand, but my amazing mother-in-law ended up showing me how to use her frilling new embroidery machine. It is so cool. You can essentially put any image into the computer, and it will embroider it for you! Plus, I think the straight, simple lines add to the modern vibe I was going for.

I loved getting to see how her new machine works, and I loved getting to give one of my closest friends something meaningful. I think it turned out simply lovely.. and FRILLING!

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Kate’s DIY Stamped Wall Art


My FRILLINGLY creative friend Kate created this awesome DIY wall artwork.  Here’s what Kate said about this simple creative project:

1.  Buy ugly clearance print in a large square.
2.  Paint it white with primer.
3.  Stamp the lyrics to a favorite song.
4. Wait for husband to come home to help hang it.

Loves: I love how the letters don’t have to be perfectly spaced or lined up.  I love how it’s your own personal favorite song lyric.  I love how the letters fall off the canvas.  I love how it adds a typographic element to the room. I love how it makes me think of newsprint.  I love that it could be in any font you can find stamps or sponges in. And I love that it’s a low-budget project.

Here’s an image of the piece in the space.  FRILLING.

(and Kate, is that a navy wall I see? swoon.)

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Neon Ebew: Pink and Orange


It was as if Beth had read my mind when she gave me this neon orange and gold necklace as a graduation gift.

I love the geometric color-blocking, and I LOVE that it’s tangerine tango. I especially love pairing it with pink. Neon pink. Neons, specifically pink and orange have been really trendy this spring, and I have no shame in jumping on the band wagon because I absolutely love this color scheme!

My advice when it comes to purchasing super trendy pieces, such as neon: don’t spend the big bucks. If you absolutely must indulge, drop into H&M or F21 and save places like J Crew or Anthropologie for more timeless or classic pieces. I got this frilling, trendy dress from H&M for $25. While I plan to get a lot of wear out of it this summer, I don’t know how long of a life it will have in my closet. I admit, it was an i-just-can’t-help-myself kind of purchase, but at least I didn’t break the bank!

As you can see, I’m still faithfully rockin’ the hat (the hat apparently loves to make appearances with neon).

hat: gap / sweater: (fran’s) jcrew outlet / dress: H&M / shoes: urban outfitters (old) / bracelets: J Crew, H&M, Madewell

This is my interpretation of the June EBEW for neon. Will you EBEW?

Neon | Everybody, Everywear

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Frilling Maternity: Beth’s Drapey Tunic


Remember our Frilling Fashionista Beth? She popped by for a visit the other day and let me photograph her FRILLING maternity  outfit.  Like me, she’s expecting her second baby this autumn.  The outfit is simple: a drapey cotton tunic and leggings; but it shows just how well a simple, comfortable outfit with clean lines, a flattering cut, and a saturated color can work, especially for expectant Mamas.

Beth also frills the simple outfit up with awesome accessories, like her chunky ring and long beaded necklace.

And, she’s sporting our favorite spring/summer shoe: the nude-neutral wedge sandal. Beth scored hers at TJ Maxx.  Have Aurelia and I convinced you about these yet?  They truly go with everything, and if they aren’t too high they can be comfy enough for mommy-ing around.

Beth, you FRILL us!


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