Sometimes it’s the Little Frills…


…like having a place to hang your hat…and plenty of hooks in the back entryway at adult and kid heights…


…like a tidy place to keep a family calendar and stick things you don’t want to lose…


…like a neat dry goods pantry you don’t have to dig through to find that bag of pinto beans…

Simple, everyday, uncluttered organizational Frills.

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FRILL up your wardrobe with alterations


Hi everyone! I have some pretty exciting news to share today! Next week we will be holding our very first giveaway on the blog, and boy are we excited about it! You’ll have to check back between now and next week to find out exactly what it is, but I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with fashion!

So, in honor of this first giveaway, I thought I’d attempt to throw up some fun fashion posts between now and then. This post is inspired by a favorite fashion blog of ours, Wendy’s Lookbook. Probably the biggest thing I have taken away from Wendy is the magic of tailoring.

You can really maximize your current wardrobe by having alterations done to pieces you already own. Or if you see something you love, but is still lacking, snatch it up and have a tailor recreate it for you!

I realized this summer that there were a couple of dresses in particular I had stopped wearing over the years. Still, they were quality pieces that I really didn’t want to get rid of quite yet. They just needed a little updating, so off I went to have them altered. Check it out:

DRESS 1: The Before: 

I think this dress was just fine before. The problem was, I wasn’t getting any use out of it. I was simply never wearing it anymore.

The After: 

I asked the tailor to shorten the dress and to make the traditionally styled sleeves capped. You can’t really tell that they are capped here because as I move around, it creates more of a sleeveless look. I love the update because it’s fun, fresh, and cool, which is perfect for those super-hot Texas summers. FRILLING!


DRESS 2: The Before: 

I love this dress and have had it for years. I wore it to our dress rehearsal when we got married five years ago, and I’m pictured here (from a few years ago) at a Christmas banquet. However, it has gone years without wear because as my style has evolved I began to realize that it’s simply just not me. It just felt too long for a girl of my height. (5’1).

The After: 

I decided to create a LBD (little black dress) since I currently have nothing in my closet that fits this description. For me a good LBD is just that.. little. The former, more classic length didn’t fit my needs, but I’m really excited and happy with the changes. Now my legs are elongated, and I feel taller and overall, more frilling, in this dress.

Still, I don’t think it’s always worth it to have existed clothes altered. My advice is to only have a piece tailored if it’s a nicer, quality article of clothing that will continue to be functional in your closet for years to come. Let’s face it, tailoring ain’t cheap, y’all!

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Artwork by Tonya Engel


When I went to Renegade Craft Fair Austin a couple months back, I fell in love with the artwork of New York artist Tonya Engel, and came home with a print.  I couldn’t get over her lovely images of women doing things, both ordinary and imaginative, and was impressed by Tonya’s celebration of femininity and culture and imagination.  I especially loved this lovely lady applying lipstick (I’m still deciding where to hang her).  It struck me as so feminine and delightfully mundane.  I tend to enjoy artwork that elevates everyday, ordinary, seemingly mundane tasks or objects or situations.  And I think that Tonya’s work resonates with what YouFrillMe is about — finding beauty in everyday things.

Check out Tonya’s other artwork at her website.

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Toddler Girls’ Fall Roundup


It’s Back-to-School time!  At this point Little B has outgrown ALL of her shoes and most of her summer clothes (think: baby belly button hanging out of the bottom of her t-shirts – adorable but frowned-upon.), so I’m looking around at toddler clothes. I’m picky about kids clothes; I don’t do logos, cartoon-characters, cheesy-sayings, bows, or smocking, among other things which for me all fall under the heading of “Foof”. No offense if you love Foof; lots of folks do.  Foof is just not my style.  The occasional ruffle is about as far as I can personally go.  Pretty much my soft rule is: if I wouldn’t wear a grownup version of it, I’m not buying it for my girls (with the exception of onesies, of course).

My go-to place for Foof-free kids clothes is Baby Gap.  Except I go to Baby Gap outlet, where prices are half of what’s in the regular stores.  The collections are last-season, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Plus, they always have rockin’ sales at the outlets. (Speaking of which, yesterday I snagged a few things for B from the 50% off table at the outlet.  I’ll have to photograph them, because they aren’t sold online.) But I still like to look at the latest things coming out this season, if for nothing else but inspiration.

Like this little 60′s inspired ponte knit dress with buttons. Oh, I die.

So glad brightly-colored jeans are finally coming into the toddler collections.  I looked for them last year.  Can’t wait to grab a pair (on sale) for B.  A gal’s gotta have some skinnies!

And oh-my-goodness, a chambray shirt for tots (see, I can stand the occasional well-placed ruffle)!  Bet I won’t find one of these at an outlet store…

This boot is from last season, so of course I found it in the Stride Rite outlet store, and of course I availed myself of the buy-one-get-one-half-off sale going on right now.  I grabbed them in a half-size up, thinking it will be a month or two before it cools down enough here in Texas for B to wear boots.  But, geez, won’t they be cute with bright skinnies?

These printed tights may have to come live with us for the winter…

…because wouldn’t they be cute under a corduroy skirt, or better yet a leopard-print corduroy skirt?


Mamas of adorable little boys: I would say that I will do a boy’s roundup.  But I just discovered that today’s post over at Ain’t No Mom Jeans is none other than a boys’ roundup!

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Savoring Summer


B and I decided to put off all our chores this morning and instead head over to the splash pad to savor the tail end of the summer.  We even brought a picnic.  What did you do?

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FRILLING guest post: A jewelry box transformed


Today’s guest post is by Bethany, who you might remember from our Frilling Fashionista series. Aside from her day job as a social worker at Mission Waco, Bethany makes jewelry for the Harts and Crafts boutique. She also knits beautiful hair pieces and jewelry, among other things. Bethany, YOU FRILL US! 


Like Aurelia, this was my first summer after graduate school. I have enjoyed the time that has freed up from all the hours of reading and writing that had filled up my days as a graduate student. After feeling inspired and energized by all this newfound free time, I decided to give my jewelry box a makeover! This beautiful jewelry box was given to me by my sweet mom-in-law. It has served me well, as its basic structure is pretty solid and it has a lot compartments for jewelry storage.

Over time the mirrors were no longer secure and kept falling out each time I opened the top of the box, and I never added personal photos to the built in photo-frames, so they still contained the pictures the jewelry box came with.

Despite the little drawbacks, I still loved this box.  I loved its charming structural design of all the little shelves, drawers and compartments, as well as the fact that it was given to my by someone I love! This wasn’t a bad jewelry box, I had simply allowed it go a little wayward. It wasn’t the box’s fault that its owner can be a little bit of a mess! This box clearly was in need of a little lovin’. So, I decided to spiffy it up!

Using some sandpaper I purchased at a local craft store, I sanded down the glossy finish of the box. Then, using some acrylic mint green paint, I painted the box with about three coats of paint. I mixed some light grey acrylic paint with a dab or two of a dark brown paint to make a lovely taupe grey. I used this color to paint the inside and outside panels of the front doors as well as the doors that held the mirrors. It was really starting to come together, but I felt like it was still missing a little something.

With the assistance of a rubber stamp, I used some ink to lightly imprint dandelions onto the front and back panels of the box’s front door.  Then, I carefully dabbed the ink with my fingers until it left only a faint dry imprint. I painted the imprints with some of the mint green paint. I added some additional taupe grey dandelions on the inside of the bottom doors, as well as some hand drawn embellishments.

Next, using a long thin knife, I carefully removed the white cloth/cardboard divider/jewelry holders from the top of the box. I cut out some fabric and glued it onto the top of the dividers with all-purpose glue. I make cloth button earrings and sell them at a local boutique, so I had plenty of pretty bits of cloth to line the jewelry box with! In the process of reupholstering the fabric in the top box, I removed about half of the ring holders and created an additional compartment with the space.

I also added a simple cloth panel in the back and added needlepoint canvas (stiffened with the assistance of some spray starch and an iron) to each door where the mirrors were. Though the mirrors were nice, this was a more practical option for me as I love earrings and the cloth panels gave me a great way to neatly store and display my earrings.

In addition to making over the jewelry box, I also (finally) cleaned out my jewelry box—- recycling most pieces I don’t use for future projects.

And now I have newly refurbished jewelry box. This was a fairly simple project for someone who is a novice painter/sander/refurbisher, and I recommend it if you are looking for a great way to look at something you love in a new and fresh light.  I’m pretty pleased with the results!

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Monochromatic FRILLS me


Happy August EBEW every one! This month’s theme is monochromatic which is a total breeze for me because I’ve been layering color on color nonstop as of late (like here, here, and here). This particular outfit had actually been hanging in the front of my closet for a week (I had planned on wearing it to a conference, but got sick instead). I love the drapey look, and yes – it is as comfortable as it appears to be!

Check out the deets: Italian glass necklace that my in-laws brought home to me after a trip they took overseas a few years ago, my go-to gold bangles+a blue J CREW addition, and blue nails (just for extra FRILLS).

dress: gap / cardigan: Zara (last season) / shoes: Urban Outfitters (old) 

What about you? Will you EBEW?

Flourless Quinoa Pancakes


For a while I’ve been on the hunt for a great low-glycemic, flour-free pancake recipe.  I couldn’t find one.   I was inspired by this recipe, which I tried out and didn’t like.  The texture just wasn’t pancake-y enough and the flavor too eggy.  So I did the only sensible thing, and invented my own Flourless Quinoa Pancake recipe.

The Stuff:
2 c cooked quinoa
1/2 c almond or coconut milk
4 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 packets stevia powder
dash cinnamon
1 tsp (or more) vanilla extract

The Do:
Process the quinoa in a food processor for 1 – 2 minutes, until the shape of the kernels is no longer visible (sorry, I should have photographed this).  Add the eggs and milk, and process another few seconds.  Add remaining ingredients and process until the batter is well mixed.  Batter should look like this:

Scoop batter, 1/4 cup at a time, onto a hot skillet coated with coconut oil or butter.  We like to sprinkle pecans or walnuts on ours at this point.

Makes about a dozen small, yummy, protein-and-fiber-rich pancakes.  Use whatever toppings you love.  We like pure maple syrup if we’re splurging on sugar. I’ve also made my own sugar-free blueberry syrup using xylitol, with good results.

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Frilling Friday: It’s Too Hot to Go Outside…


…(105 degrees) At least for Mama…

So we explore some indoor artistic activities…

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FRILLING must have: Sseko sandals


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I’m just home from a trip to Portland where I was visiting family. While there, my aunt introduced me to Sseko shoes, and I was convinced to invest in a pair on my very first day visiting. By the end of the trip I had worn them every day, gotten tons of compliments from random people, and my cousins and sister also gave in and indulged in a pair!

I really shouldn’t call it indulging, though. These shoes are perfect in every way, especially for a southern gal like me, who spends more months of the year in sandals than not. They are cute, comfy, versatile, and functional. Plus, they are eco-friendly (hand-and-lovingly-made) and supportive of a very important cause – the education and empowerment of women. I highly recommend you check out their website and learn more about their story.

One of my favorite thing about these shoes is their versatility. You can buy multiple different straps, interchange them out of the base sandal, and then tie them in a zillion different ways, each way creating the impression of a different sandal. To top it all off, after wearing them every day for a week in a city where we seemed to walk everywhere, I can honestly say they are super comfortable!

Check out the straps I chose and the different ways I have been tying them. Then, go to their website, and find out how you can purchase your pair!

dress: Urban Outfitters

tee and skirt: Madewell / cardigan: J Crew

top: Urban Outfitters / pants: J Crew

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