Frilling Fall Trends


Prepare yourself for a long post! Now that Fall has arrived in Texas in weather and not just in name, I am excited about seeing some of Fall’s most frilling trends on people and in stores as the holiday season approaches. As always, I’ve been drooling over some beautiful pieces (and photos) from some of my favorite fashion blogs. Please join me!


Bold, bright colors are still going strong this fall, so don’t be afraid to rock your neon! BUT navy and especially burgundy are the big colors for this fall. For two shades I have never favored, I’m surprised at how quickly and willing I am to jump on this bandwagon.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook: 

From My Style Pill:

From Eat Sleep Wear:


Brocade, Tweed, and Velvet

Heavy, substantial, traditional, even ornate – these classic materials are totally IN, and while I’m not convinced quite yet that I’ll partake (not sure how timeless these trendy pieces would be in my wardrobe), they are proving to be very enjoyable as eye candy for me. So maybe don’t be too surprised if you catch me in velvet pants sooner than later…

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Notice the burgundy?

From This Time Tomorrow:

Leather Detailing

Whether it’s an extra leather ruffle to a black skirt, the sleeves of your jacket or your blazer’s lapels, take a trip to your tailor, and add some leather detailing to FRILL things up. Or buy something new if you dare!

From Eat Sleep Wear:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

From Brooklyn Blonde (and check out the burgundy!!)

Prints: Plaid, Gingham, and Animal Print

Animal prints are still going strong (Fran says animal print is timeless). Meanwhile, gingham and plaids with an emphasis on flannel are making major headway this fall.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From This Time Tomorrow:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Also, don’t forget to check out Fran’s post from Monday if you haven’t already. Statement necklaces (specifically bib necklaces) are IN and in a big way! What do you think of the major trends this Fall? Anything you can’t stand or are dying to have?

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I Recently Discovered Bauble Bar…


… and gals, am I smitten. Every so often, a gal just needs a few updated accessories, preferably at a reasonably inexpensive price point, and Bauble Bar has them. I could go crazy in here. I’ve been doing a much-needed clear-out of my jewelry collection, donating what no longer Frills me, is of questionable quality (broken beyond repair) or no longer works for my wardrobe, and making room for a few new replacement Frills.  Statement necklaces are in*, in a big way (just look at J Crew’s newest looks; they’re bold, colorful and delightfully gaudy), and big bangles and cuffs are always my go-to accessory; pretty much not a day goes by that I’m not wearing a few chunky bracelets – I love them!

Here are six FRILLING and affordable pieces from Bauble Bar:

1) Flame Duo Necklace
2) Cobra Tribal Cuff
3) Maize Naples Bangle
4) Bubblegum Bauble Bib
5) Infinity Cuff
5) Royal Floral Bib

They have earrings too.  I don’t personally go in for big fancy earrings; they don’t really work with my hair very well, and I generally have the same pair of small earrings on most of the time.  But I know lots of gals who are FRILLED by nothing more than big, swoopy, fun earrings.

Last week I had the fun privilege of playing personal shopper for a friend who needed a few additions to her accessory collection.  My mission was to “buy anything cool,” within a budget of course.  It was so fun to shop for interesting, versatile baubles for someone other than myself, with someone else’s dinero. I spent a happy hour or so looking and debating pieces, trying to choose ones that she’d get lots of use out of and have fun wearing.  And what fun for her to open the package of goodies!

Would you do this?  Would you let someone else choose accessories/clothes/shoes for you with your own money?  I would probably only trust someone who knows my taste really well and has enough fashion daring to push my limits a little, i.e. Aurelia :)


*Not sure how to wear a statement necklace?  Here’s an everyday example.

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Frilling Friday: Some Links


I’m hunting for some fun lamps for my new living room, which is slowly acquiring furnishings. This yellow one looks zippy.

This blog makes me chuckle.

I’ve been looking for some fresh-to-me blogs to read, and recently added this one to my feed.

Indiana gave birth to her 10-pound baby girl in 20 minutes flat.  And guess where she landed, bless her heart.

This seems like great advice for helping avoid impulse buying.  via.  On a similar note, I did the exercise she recommends.  My words are:  playful, uncluttered, unexpected, comfortable, creative.

I like this advice on getting dressed.


Happy Weekend!  Hopefully I won’t be pregnant anymore by Monday, but you never can tell.  Just don’t bug me about it, ok?




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A frilling tea party: make your own bath tea!


Fran opted to keep things simple for the tea party. No games where anyone is forced to smear chocolate in a diaper or pin baby doll clothes on a clothes line. Just simple, thoughtful community to share in celebration of Baby T.

Here’s what we did:

Make your own bath tea: 

Fran had the lovely idea of having a semi-activity in which everyone ended up going home with something useful, but frilling. I ordered muslin bags, and we stamped them with the same stamp used on the invitations.

We had bowls full of different herbs: mint, eucalyptus, roses, lavender, rosemary, as well as epsom salt.

Our guests had the opportunity (as they were chatting) to fill as many muslin bags as they liked with mixes of different herbs of their choosing. They can let the bags steep in their bath tub for a lovely-smelling, therapeutic, all natural tub-time!

We are planning to make some soaps with the leftover herbs. I’m sure we will have a post on that eventually!

Prayer/encouragement box

Next was a section where people could write prayers and notes of encouragement for Fran as she experiences a new season in life as a mom of two.

Friends came over to this part of the room to quietly fill out notes, roll them into scrolls, and drop them in the box. Now Fran will have a box full of encouragement for those extra hard or stressful days.

I’ve had multiple friends do this at their showers, and it seems to be a very encouraging activity. We are all about finding extra frills within useful and practical situations, so it was lovely to have this incorporated into the tea.

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Frilling Tea Party Invitations


Aurelia and I were so happy with our tea party invitations.  It was fun putting our heads together to come up with something Frilling, themed, and fun.  It was actually a three-heads-are-better-than-one deal, because Jordan helped us out in a major way.  Handy having your own personal Graphic Designer to whip you up a personalized party invitation (Thanks, Love!).

Aurelia found the doily idea on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted aqua and red, since those are loosely part of the color scheme of T’s room; and we both wanted the invite to be frilly and girly and tea-themed.  So together we threw ideas around and looked around the internets and Hobby Lobby for inspiration, and this is the adorableness we landed on.

We stamped the envelopes with the teapot stamp, and were actually able to use the stamp again later on party favors.  We even tucked a tea bag into each invitation.

I hope the guests were as excited to receive these invitations as we were to send them.  Darling, no?


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A frilling tea party: the spread


A few weeks ago, Fran’s mom and I hosted a lovely tea party to celebrate the future arrival of my newest niece (come on Baby T.; we’re ready for ya!).

We served a variety of different teas, such as English breakfast tea, which was served in this beautiful silver tea service Fran and Lyle’s mom inherited from her mom years ago. We all sipped on tea, enjoyed cool weather and the company of fabulous women, and for a morning, allowed ourselves to feel a little more fancy than we usually are.

We decorated the table with fall decor: autumn-colored flowers and miniature pumpkins, and we served all kinds of little treats one might find at a tea.  It was the ONLY weekend so far this fall where it was cold enough to wear a jacket. It was the perfect day for a tea party.

We had cucumber cream cheese as well as olive and nut tea sandwiches. Yum, YUM:

We had blueberry and lemon poppy seed scones with strawberry jam, and we even scoured the city to find traditional clotted cream:

We served grapes and a variety of sliced apples and cheeses:

We had lemon bars, too (recipe here):

I baked tea cakes from scratch using Paula Deen’s highly rated recipe. I even tasted a bite of one even though they weren’t gluten free. They were very tasty indeed:

A lady from Fran’s church brought  this baby-carriage themed cake she whipped up! How sweet and thoughtful!

We had such a fun time planning a creative and beautiful celebration. Baby T. isn’t even here yet, but she sure is loved. Sometimes the small, but FRILLING extras in life can be the most gentlest reminders of love. I think we may start having tea parties more often. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks of the party planning!

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Frilling Maternity: Party Outfit


We had a tea party!

To celebrate Baby T.  It was really special.  When Little B was born, Jordan and I had just moved to San Francisco and didn’t really know anyone; so there was no baby party or shower, which made me a little sad.  But Aurelia stepped in and planned a gorgeous tea party for me and Baby T this time around, and I loved it. We promise to show you more of it, but for today, this is what I wore.

(shown here with MVP cardigan, which has since met its untimely demise due to a well-meaning husband’s laundry efforts.  Want to make a very-pregnant, very emotional Mama cry?  Shrink her favorite cardigan.)

(dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target / booties: Aldo / necklace: Mother necklace / scarf: can’t remember / bangles: gifted / ring: EcoBohemia)

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, at 37 weeks.  Now at 39 weeks, I’m desperate to get Baby T out into the world.  This will be my last maternity post.  Wow, I want my body back.

More party posts to come!

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Frilling must-haves: Clarks Indigo Town Club mary-janes


And the Clarks Indigo line strikes again! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you just how versatile  the Heath Wren booties are, and the same is true for these Town Club mary janes. Skirts, dresses, pants, you name it; these shoes work with practically everything! They are very comfortable, very cute, and very functional. What more can a gal ask for?

Check out just a few of the looks I have styled with them. And seriously, y’all. I can’t tell you how many other ways I wore these and regretted not taking photographs later. They are seriously so versatile!

With a mini skirt and tights (except I wish I had mustard or burgundy tights on instead of black):

scarf: H&M / top: Gap / skirt: Urban Outfitters

With skinny corduroys and a blazer:

scarf: gifted / top and blazer: Urban Outfitters / pants: J Crew 

With a belted, peter pan collared dress and red lips (We were spinning…):

dress: Madewell  / Belts: Fran’s

I’m obsessed with the peter pan collar lately. It’s everywhere. I’m dreaming of this sweater.

Do you have any go-to super-cute, super-comfy, super-versatile shoes? We NEED to know! Sound off in the comments!

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Autumn Salt Dough Ornaments


Little B loves to help bake and cook, and she loves to play with play dough, so last week she and I made autumnal salt dough ornaments to hang on a “tree.” Plus, I like to keep my seasonal decor very simple, natural, and preferably biodegradable, which means I’m not storing a bunch of plastic pumpkins or fake wreaths the rest of the year.  Less clutter = better, as far as I’m concerned.

The project didn’t turn out as pretty as I’d hoped, but B had lots of fun “‘Cooping it up,” by which she means “stirring it up.”  She also liked using the cookie cutter.  So the project was more about the process than the result.   We based ours on this tutorial, except I added food coloring to the dough.  I wish I hadn’t, because they ended up looking too floury after we rolled them out.  Then we just gathered some sticks and rocks (also toddler fun) to display our ornaments.

*note: our ornaments too waaaay longer to bake/dry out than the tutorial said they would. Maybe I didn’t roll the dough thin enough, not sure.

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A chocolate cake kind of day


This week has been an extra long one, so I’m absolutely FRILLED that it is finally Friday. I really haven’t had much time to stop and rest in the last 7 days, but I did take some time mid-week to do something sweet for myself.

Recently, I left work (did you know I work at J Crew now??) absolutely craving cake. Not just something sweet either – it had to be chocolate cake. I walked over to the Steeping Room (y’all know how much I love that place) because they often have freshly baked gluten free treats. However, the closest thing they had to what I wanted was carrot-cake cupcakes. Even though I generally love carrot cake, I went home empty handed because it was one of those its-chocolate-or-nothing kinda days.

I decided that if I wanted something done right, I was just going to have to do it myself. In fact, I realized that I had yet to make a full-fledged delicious gluten free cake since I went gluten free over a year ago. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I have a reputation to protect (my niece does call me Cupcake, after all).

YUM. I can still taste it’s perfection. It was everything a proper cake should be: moist, fluffy, chocolate (obviously), mouthwatering, DELICIOUS. Later in the week, I shared some with friends. It’s gone now. I miss it.

Chocolate cake. The perfect example of how the little things in life are often the sweetest. They add up. They are the best. Happy Friday,  y’all! Hope you have a FRILLING weekend!

For those interested, I used boxed mixes for the entire cake (what can I say? I’m a busy gal these days). The cake itself is Betty Crocker gluten free chocolate cake mix, and the frosting is a Naturally Nora Cheerful Chocolate mix. I cooked the cake in two 6 in. pans (as opposed to the sad 8 or 9 in. one layer suggestion on the box) and just kept an eye on the cake until I was certain it was done. After I iced and decorated it, I sprinkled powdered sugar on top, just for more FRILLS.

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