Gifts for the Post-Partum Mama


The other day I went to visit a friend who has a sweet, snuggly newborn.  I brought dinner, but the visit got me thinking about other fun things to pamper a post-partum mama that I wish I could have brought over.  New moms are often blissfully happy but tired, sore, and a bit overwhelmed, and they might need a little extra TLC.  What better than a frilling little giftie for the postpartum mum in your life?

1. Post-partum tummy-friendly yet stylish lounge pants
2. A cozy throw
3. A lovely bauble
4. Trendy polish
5. Texas lavender candle
6. Frilling fuzzy slippers
7. Obvs, only if she’s nursing

When I have a newborn, I like things quiet and calm around the house; not a lot of commotion or visitors or noise.  For me, it’s a pretty vulnerable and precious bonding time that I like to keep sacred. I’m an introvert, and I like to deal with major life changes like the birth of a new child in a quiet way.  But for other more extroverted mamas, it’s a time for visits and family gatherings and food and a birthday party.  Different strokes for different folks, but regardless of the mama’s style I think it’s important to be sensitive to what she may be going through physically, emotionally, hormonally, etc.

If you’re a mama, what’s your style: do you like a party around a new baby, or are you like me and want to hibernate for a bit?

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$30 FREE voucher towards an eco-consult with Lanni Lantto


Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Remember last month when we hosted a giveaway where the winner received a FREE eco-friendly closet consultation with ( re ) designer, Lanni Lantto?

Well, due to the popularity of that post, Lanni is offering all Youfrillme readers a $30 FREE voucher towards wardrobe redesign services. So, anyone who does an eco wardrobe consult will get a $30 credit towards any work Lanni does redesigning something in their wardrobe!

Seriously, if you guys missed the last post on her services, check it out here, and also check out Lanni’s website for more information on the amazing, eco-friendly way in which she embraces fashion!

If you are interested in having Lanni contact you with more information on this amazing voucher opportunity, email us at youfrillme (at) gmail (dot) com or fill out one of our contact forms. Anyone is eligible, so don’t miss out! 

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Frilling Maternity Style + Cardigans 101


Whew! 37 weeks tomorrow!  Come on baby!

Frilling fashion is no easy task these days.  Mostly I want to wear yoga pants.  But I resist the urge unless I’m planning on staying home all day (or actually going to yoga).  This is an outfit I put together last week, which Aurelia insisted we should photograph.  The most frilling part is that none of the pieces are actually maternity; they’re just regular pieces that happen to work despite the fact that I am huge.

(Blue dress: from a boutique in Ruston, LA I can’t remember the name of/ tube top: same boutique / cardigan: Zara, last year / flats: Born)

Recently my friend Katie and I were having a discussion about cardigans.  She was telling me that she has no cardigans, and I was telling her that I was horrified and mystified as to how one can get dressed without them.  Because in my opinion, cardigans are wardrobe workhorses: the ultimate layering piece.  Well, Katie, I give you the Best Cardigan Ever.  MVP of cardigans, this is it.  The long, neutral-colored, light-weight one that goes with everything, and in cooler months gets worn at least twice a week.  This one is from Zara last year; Aurelia first had it in navy, and I liked it so much I went and got the taupey-gray-brown one.

If, like my friend Katie, you have no cardigans, I recommend starting with the Frilling Four: two long (past butt-crease length) and two short (waist length).  I think that three of the four should be versatile, neutral colors, like my taupey-gray or navy blue or black or heather gray or wheat-colored; and one of the waist-length ones should be a bright color that works well with your wardrobe, maybe cobalt, red, or plum.  I recommend your Frilling Four be lighter in weight, so you can get more year-round wear with them (in chilly months you can layer them with tees, blouses, and jackets). As your collection grows, you can add more brights as needed.   For summer-weight cardigans, Aurelia and I are both huge fans of the Jackie cardigan from JCrew, which we generally pick up at factory outlet sales.

So, what are your thoughts on cardigans?  Are you like me and can’t get dressed without them?  Do you agree with my Frilling Four starter recommendation? Or do you have another MVP layering piece you rely on?

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Frilling must-haves: Clarks Indigo Heath Wren booties


Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while there, but I’m feeling refreshed and ready for fall! Lately I’ve been obsessing over the Clarks Indigo line. Here’s how it started:

A few months back, I had a job interview in which I wore a pair of very cute, but very uncomfortable Banana Republic wedges (I didn’t know wedges could be SO uncomfortable!). After said interview, I had a bit of a traumatic experience involving the very uncomfortable wedges and a long trek through the Austin airport. By the time I arrived home, I had enough. I took every pair of uncomfortable shoes in my closet (okay, fine.. I kept the gold-glittered pumps), and I dumped them in a bag to be given away.

Later that week, I walked right into the Clarks store (this is surprising because in the past they’ve been pretty high up on my list of fashion prejudices), and I haven’t looked back since. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to show you just how versatile my new (very comfortable) shoes are.

I’m really excited about these Heath Wren grey, distressed leather booties. Like I said, they are from a few months back, but I’m only just now getting to wear them as the weather becomes cooler. This weekend, I wore them with four different outfits (only one of which are actually pictured here). I’m very happy with their overall functionality! Check out my looks:

cardigan: J Crew Factory / top: Old Navy / Skirt: Zara

sweater: Zara / skinny jeans: Banana Republic Factory 

Tangent: I LOVE this sweater. Isn’t the back so much fun? I wish you could see it in person (it’s one of those). This outfit signifies the beginning of me trying to convince Fran that it was indeed a worthy purchase.

top and vest: H&M, socks: Gap, necklace: Dillard’s 

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