Found Objects: “Call Me Ishmael” Bookends


I found these vintage children’s bookends in a box of paraphernalia that came from my grandmother’s house.  I fell in love with their little mischievous faces.  I also find it hilarious that their boat is named “Pequod,” which is the name of Ishmael’s boat in _Moby Dick_ that tragically sinks and leaves Ishmael the only survivor.  So I guess these guys must be Ishmaels.  True to their name, they have survived culling; I have saved them and given them a home on the bookshelf in Baby T’s room.  Which, incidentally, is starting to come together.  I love it when I find little gems like my Ishmaels.



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Polkas + Plaid


Pattern Mixing, how we love you here at You Frill Me!  We get no end of excitement from seeing how many ways we can wear a polka dot. Or a plaid.  Or how about both, together? Yes, please and thank you.  “Too Frilling” is not a thing.

Anchored by a neutral color scheme and a couple of dark solid pieces, we are willing to let color and pattern have their say.   We wear what we love, and we love patterns. (Just look at Aurelia mixing em up like the style pro she is.)

I’m challenging myself to find as many ways as possible to wear my newest favorite spring skirt; in this case, in a transitional-season-ish sort of way, paired with my versatile plaid shirt.  You’ll be seeing more of this skirt, which is, incidentally, in one of my perennial favorite lengths/silhouettes, and which I think is so wearable.  (You’ve seen me in a similar skirt silhouette here, and again here in maternity.) These photos were taken a few weeks back and I’ve thought of more ways to wear since.  We should be getting the most fashion bang for our buck, right?

(shirt: Stylemint / skirt: JCrew Factory / tights: JCrew / boots: Tom’s / merino cardigan: Madewell)

Does this scare you?  Are you afraid of pattern mixing? Do you stick to solids? Could you would you in a box? Could you would you with stripey socks?

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