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Hello all! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. It’s been really busy for us lately because we’ve been doing this:





I have some fun before and afters coming up, but right now, we are on our way to France for a couple of weeks! Until then, follow me on instagram (@aureliajoy) for regular updates!

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Frilling Fashionista: Naomi’s Knack for Solids


I am FRILLED to introduce you all to my lovely, always-fashionable friend Naomi.  A couple weeks ago she let me photograph some of her FRILLING outfits.  This lady is a bona-fide fashionista (who used to work at Neiman Marcus!) not to mention an all-round beautiful person, and her sense of style is awesomely inimitable.

I love many things about her style, but one thing I really appreciate (prolly since I’m not so good at it myself) is how she can rock bold, solid colored pieces, and nail it every time.  This is a skill.  Mixing solids ain’t for sissies. I think it’s more advanced than pattern-mixing, myself.  And Naomi does it with confidence and flair and gets it RIGHT, and then accessorizes it brilliantly.

Exhibit A.

She has three strong colors on (three!) and still manages to look cohesive, smart, and grown-up. See how she keeps the accessories neutral in color? And then adds a quirky boot that somehow works brilliantly to flabbergast us further with her skillz?  How does she do that?

Exhibit B:

Fairly basic in theory, right?  Jeans, tee, jacket, loafers.  Three solid pieces, thoughtfully put together, and frilled up with just the right amount of sparkle and pattern.  And another slightly quirky, but imminently versatile shoe.

(Yes, you can wear big sparkly gaudy FRILLING earrings just any old day!  Naomi said so!)

Yes, the shoes are awesome and probably a closet workhorse.  But I’d like to take a moment to point out this jacket.  I think everyone needs a stylish, lightweight, structured jacket.  They just come in handy in all sorts of ways.  Of course, for some of us (aherm….me), this could be a standard-but-trusty jean jacket.  Not for Naomi – hers is white with cool zippers and a moto vibe.  Let that be a lesson to us all.


Exhibit C:

This may be my favorite of the three looks, but I am a sucker for a good maxi skirt.  Here she’s got a strong pattern in the skirt, balanced by a strong solid on top.  (Oh, cobalt + tangerine, I heart you!)  Then added a neutral cardigan, and a fabulous-but-neutral shoe.

Oh, and a little sparkle here and there, just for FRILLS.

I asked Naomi a few questions so we could get a peek into her style psyche, and this is what she said:

Define your personal style in just a few words:
“Always changing, love solids, dark colors, and an amalgamation of high end and low end”

Quality or Quantity?
“I’m definitely a quality gal! Its hard to always afford quality, but the satisfaction I get from buying a good quality piece that lasts me years is awesome! The amount of clothes I have doesn’t matter, when I know I will usually go to my designer brands before the Target, Forever 21 stuff anyway. “

Where do you like to shop?
“I love TJ Maxx! I can get unique items there and good brands for affordable prices. I also like Neiman Marcus Last Call Clearance Center and Buffalo Exchange. Those are my top places. I do sometimes mix in some Target, H&M, and Forever 21. I also have a lot of stuff from Banana Republic and Loft in my closet as well. They just fit me perfectly. “

What drives your purchases (trendiness, usefulness, impulses, etc)?
“…Need. I know what I have in my closet like the back of my hand. If I really want a specific type of top to go with a specific skirt (I usually have an idea of what that is ahead of time) then I’ll go get one. I know what kinds of pieces are the most figure flattering and I tend to stick to a certain silhouette. When I try venturing out and buying a huge tunic or something in fashion that doesn’t flatter my figure, it usually just sits in my closet doing nothing. So I try to maximize my wardrobe by selecting pieces that are versatile and I know I’ll love and get a lot of wear out of… I also sell clothes EVERY season to Buffalo Exchange. So my wardrobe is constantly turning around and changing.

What inspires your fashion choices?
“…Fit and color. I’m a huge believer that fit is more important than fashion. Also, I know what colors I can wear that will do something for me and the colors that will do nothing for me. Beiges, tans, pale colors, don’t do anything for me, so I can try to add those colors to bottoms or accessories, instead of tops or dresses.

Do you have a “uniform”?
“If I had to pick a uniform, it would be a cotton mini skirt and a cotton tank top. I can pair it with tights, boots, and a cute jacket for Winter or a scarf and sandals for Summer. I could wear that combination everyday! “

Name three major must-have, can’t-live-without-em, workhorse items in your wardrobe?
“A scarf! Can’t live without one! A cashmere or wool blend cardigan (I’m very cold natured), and cotton/spandex leggings for their versatility. “

If you could have only one pair of shoes in your closet, what would they be?
“It would have to my leopard print Liz Claiborne flats as shown in the pictures. They are so comfortable and can make any boring outfit feel fun!”

Any advice for the more color-challenged among us?
“It’s always a good idea to match hues. If you are a wearing a bright hue you want to pair with another bright hue. For example, the salmon/creme chevron skirt might not have looked as good with a pale color on top. If you’re color blocking, you always want to throw in some neutrals. That’s one reason I love that neutral OPI “Did you ear about Van Gogh” Nail color I’m wearing in the photos. It goes with all the color I like to wear. I try to stick to neutral jewelry when wearing color as well. If you don’t know what to wear with a certain color— Black or White is always a great go to!”

But wait.  What is that we see there?  Is that a hint of a pooch we see?  Why, yes, it is!  Naomi is going to be joining the ranks of us Mamas pretty soon.  She’s now 19 weeks and counting!  A gorgeous mama-to-be if I do say so myself.

Naomi, you FRILL us! And congratulations to you and your hubby on your bump!


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Thinking Spring: Sandals


So, I’m planning to buy one pair of sandals this spring.  And it’s my birthday soon (hello, 31, and may you bestow upon me a mantle of wisdom) and new sandals have been my request, along with a box of non-GMO Cinnamon Toast Crunch analog all to myself no stealers. Oh, and a mani-pedi.  Fellas, a mani-pedi never comes amiss.  Anyway, here in Texas we get a lot of wear out of our sandals. Like 3/4′s of the year it’s sandals weather.  So sandals are waaaay more important of an investment than boots. (This is the reason I did not purchase a killer pair of tall boots this past season that tempted me in a major way, and which I went so far as to buy then return in favor of my Tom’s wedge booties that I didn’t figure would make me sweat so much, and which, to my credit, I’m still wearing in April.  Plus, I’m over the tall-boots-with-skinnies thing, even though it may be just me. So there.)

Last year these Blue Dansko’s came to live with me.  And I looooooove them.  With serious, pregnant-mama-comfort (then, not now.  oh no don’t even mention the p-word to me.), wear-with-everything kind of crazy love.  I tell you I wore these babies with everything: dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, yoga pants.  Yes I did.  And they will not be resting this year either.  But.  Occasionally the blue clashes with something or other and I find myself needing another pair of super-comfies in a more neutral color, even though the blue is pretty damn versatile.  So, I’m on the hunt. I’m mainly looking in the brown family, but haven’t ruled out black, gray, navy, or nude.  My comfort standards are fairly stinking high: must be suitable for baby-wearing, dance parties, park outings, and church;  a tall order, I grant you.

First off on my try-on list (mainly because I have a $40 credit at the Clark’s store):
Clark’s Caslynn Paula:


Dansko’s Tasha.  If these are as comfy as my darling Blues, I will be a happy camper.

I also like Dansko’s Sandi:

Sanita Dawn:

These Swedish Hasbeens are too cute and classic to ignore:

What am I missing?  What else should I try?  Sandals are a big deal, and I don’t drop bucks on crap to clutter up my closet with, as much as Target tempts me. I have learned that $20 does not buy me love. So weigh in, if you will.  Size 38cm if you wish to gift. Just throwin’ that out there happy birthday to me.

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Spring Doings








1. B potting some seeds with her grandpa “Pop A”
2. Baby Taco, ready for takeoff.  5 months old.
3. We dyed some eggs.
4. Huntin’ em up.
5. Everyday: “B, what would you like to do today?” “Um, some painting.”
6. A new gnome hat, which unfortunately resembles a dunce cap currently.  I’ll have to embellish it, I suppose…

At 5 months, Baby Taco is…

  • the drooliest baby around
  • finally sleeping, after much gentle persistence on our part, fairly regular hours (7 to 7 with one dream feed and one early-morning-waking)
  • quite particular about my always being in her line of sight
  • seriously interested in her sister
  • in love (what 5 month old isn’t?) with Sophie the Giraffe
  • already outgrown all the 6 month clothes
  • happiest outdoors


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Frilling Ways to Chambray: Super Casual


Hi all! It’s moving week for us, so things are really crazy right now! There isn’t a lot of time for posting, but there is plenty of time for some super casual looks with my chambray top.

I love mixing different textures and patterns.

I’ve been on a Clark’s kick since the summer when I got these and these.

How do you casually wear your chambray? If you don’t have one are you convinced yet?

chambray top: J. Crew / linen tee: Madewell (similar) / lace shorts: Langford Market / wedges: Clark’s / ring: Circle & Square (similar)


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