Frilling Maternity: Beth’s Drapey Tunic


Remember our Frilling Fashionista Beth? She popped by for a visit the other day and let me photograph her FRILLING maternity  outfit.  Like me, she’s expecting her second baby this autumn.  The outfit is simple: a drapey cotton tunic and leggings; but it shows just how well a simple, comfortable outfit with clean lines, a flattering cut, and a saturated color can work, especially for expectant Mamas.

Beth also frills the simple outfit up with awesome accessories, like her chunky ring and long beaded necklace.

And, she’s sporting our favorite spring/summer shoe: the nude-neutral wedge sandal. Beth scored hers at TJ Maxx.  Have Aurelia and I convinced you about these yet?  They truly go with everything, and if they aren’t too high they can be comfy enough for mommy-ing around.

Beth, you FRILL us!


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Ooooh, Pretty: Maritime and Sea Motifs


Bay living must be getting to me because I’m finding myself being drawn to these maritime/sea life motifs.  I came across this Thomas Paul melamine platter in a store called The Nest on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, and had to come straight home to look at more of the collection. I am in love with the maritime-inspired Scrimshaw design.  Love this lovable Moby Dick.

The Thomas Paul Sea Life Dessert Plates, which come in a set of four — darling.  

Our house rule is: No Plaid Boxer Shorts.  Boring. I’m the only one who sees his boxer shorts, and I wanna love ‘em.  These will be FRILLING.

Anchor Necklace from Land’s End Canvas

 Deep Sea Curtains from Anthropologie

And, most wished-for of all, the Octopus Shawl by Thomas Paul. Mr. Octopus, I think I have a crush on you.

My head is swimming with sea motifs! Hmmm, now I’m thinking of embroidering some pillowcases with sea motifs…

Do you have any favorite maritime motif pieces in your home or wardrobe?  What motifs are you into now?


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