Taking Cues from Euro Babies


I was glad to see that BabyGap is taking some cues from hip Euro brands in this fall’s lineup.  Y’all know I can’t stand foofy baby clothes, and as far as I’m concerned, European brands have a far better take on what is cute and comfy for babes. Plus I can’t resist babies in stripes. 

Basics from Polarn O Pyret:

Basics from Gap Baby:

Where do you go for comfy baby basics?


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Baby Legwarmer DIY


I was inspired by this post (sent to me by my uber-crafty mother) to make these:

They are so easy!  I made ten pairs – some to keep, some to give away.  All you do is cut up some knee-high socks, then use one of the pieces to make a cuff.  I bought all the fun, bright knee-socks at Target for $2.50 a pair.

The middle foot piece is the one you fold in half, then sew all the edges together (right sides together.  I didn’t follow the directions exactly.  Instead, I used a Serger to serge all the edges together.  It worked just as well, I think, and made a nice neat seam inside.`

cute, huh?

Happy Monday!


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Ruffle Butt Onesies


I’m slowly but surely working through my summer to-do list. This week, I took two onesies that I had previously appliqued and blanket-stitched, and I added some frills by sewing ruffles on the butts! 

They are for my friend’s sweet little twin girls. Check it out: 

You can go here for a tutorial on how to do the ruffles. 

- Aurelia

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Seeking Hip, Affordable Baby Clothes


We just celebrated Baby B’s 6-month birthday!  She got to go swimming for the first time! She is celebrating by outgrowing all her 3-6 month clothes.  Hurray for her, but it means Mama has a new dilemma: I have such a hard time finding baby clothes I like.  I am open to the possibility that I am super-picky (ok, I admit it), but most of the baby clothes I see are either a) sickeningly cutesie (there’s a difference between “cutesie” and “cute”.  Cute = good. Cutesie = bad.), b) emblazoned with cheesy logos/cartoons/characters/sayings, or c) awesome, but more dinero than I’m willing to fork over for approximately 4 months of wear.

You may say: who cares what the kid wears; it’s just clothes?!. To which I reply: I’m the one who hangs out with the baby all day and has to look at her clothes, and I want to like what I see! — this is what youFRILLme philosophy is all about!  The kid has to wear clothes, so how come I can’t like them? Why can’t the necessaries be FRILLING?  …  As it turns out, FRILLING may be harder to come by than I’d hoped.

So, to that end, I have been scouring the internets, and I am loving the look of Zara kids.  Their stuff is hip-yet-classic, not so trendy that it won’t be in style for use as hand-me-downs, free from cheesy-cutesie stuff, and a fairly good price point as far as comparisons go. Just look at a few of the things that caught my eye for my little gal.

Striped Dress with Pockets

Long Embroidered Blouse

Denim Leggings

knot T-shirt

Buttoned Jacket

Nice, huh?  My dilemma would be solved….except…Zara doesn’t sell online.  GRRRRR. Going shopping is not exactly easy or appealing when you have an infant. 

I’m going to keep searching, and hopefully get a chance to check my local consignment shops, but here’s my question, oh internet webs: where can I find stuff that looks this cool, is priced similarly, and sells online? 

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DIY Applique Dishtowels + BONUS Scrap project


Here’s a FRILLING project for you.  Check out these lovely dishtowels Aurelia and I made (Unfortunately I went off and forgot to photograph the ones A made, so here’s only mine – sorry, Rae).

Want the full How-To?  Really the sky’s the limit with embellished dishtowels – you could use fabric paint, rick-rack or other trimmings, buttons, all sorts of things.  But here’s what we did:

Start with whatever dishtowel you want to use-we got these at Hobby Lobby- and an applique fabric.  We used this Alexander Henry bird fabric, and cut out the bird and flower shapes to applique onto our dishtowels.  For a different look you could use any patterned fabric and cut out whatever shapes you’d like. 

Apply iron-on adhesive paper to your fabric…

…then cut out the shape you want to use as your applique decoration. Follow the instructions on the adhesive paper package.  Be careful not to adhere the paper to your ironing board (ahem, Aurelia).

Next, remove the backing paper from your newly-cut applique.  Iron it onto your dishtowel. (oops, forgot to photograph this step.)

Then use your sewing machine to satin stitch around the edges of the applique.  We recommend working on a scrap piece for a bit before trying it on your dishtowel because it takes a few minutes to get the hang of satin-stitching around an image. 

Next, you can embellish more.  Yes, I know, MORE FRILLS.  I chose to embroider, as it is my current go-to embellishment:

I free-handed the script, then used a simple back-stitch to stitch it up.  Then I added some quick little flowers using the detached chain stitch.  I think these would be cute with a bit of rick-rack added to the edge as well. 

When A and I weren’t looking my mom used some of the scraps to embellish a onesie for Baby, who was happily playing on the floor while we crafted.  She pieced together various petals, stems and leaves from the original fabric to make this design, then stitched around it in bright pink thread:

You could do something similar with virtually any fabric scraps you have lying around. Cute, huh?  Here’s Baby rocking her FRILLINGly embellished onesie.

A Coming-Home Outfit for Baby C.


My friend Jenn C. is looking for a cute coming-home outfit for her soon-to-arrive baby girl.  In her words, “…it needs to be cuddly cute, nothing fru-fru, and not a hand-me-down.” Boy, do I have ideas for you!  These are all made of natural fibers, either cotton, bamboo, or wool.

The first being, ZUTANO! Baby B had a little Zutano footie outfit in newborn size, which she was able to wear once until she outgrew it and I sent it along for her cousin to wear.  But I was sad because I loved it so much.  It was this:

We even had the little hat to match.  Next time I won’t buy the newborn size, as I think my babies tend to arrive big and grow very quickly.  But the newborn size would be perfect if your babies tend to come out around 6-7 pounds.  All the Zutano stuff is cute and hip.

This “kittensuit” by Kumquat is also adorable.  This is the “Dotty Owl” pattern, but they have lots of prints to choose from.

For an all-white option (I love to see newborns in white), this bamboo layette gown by Kicky Pants is supersoft, and the drawstring bottom makes diapering easy. 

While I love them for ease of nighttime (anytime) diapering, gowns aren’t the best for riding in the carseat, as they leave little legs exposed once baby is all buckled in.  So if it were me, I might opt for a footie as a coming-home outfit instead, like this bamboo Ruffle Footie Pajama, also from Kicky Pants (I CANNOT resist a ruffle on a baby girl.):

I’m also loving this organic cotton elephant print bodysuit from Kate Quinn Organics:

And some handknit wool loveliness, like these wool pants from Llamajamas:

And, since I am a firm believer that babies should always be kept warm, don’t forget the undershirt and a selection of hats (handknit wool is classic, warm and always unique).

Also, I sometimes like to add another layer to the legs with a pair of baby leg warmers

What are your favorite items for baby layette?

PS: we just discovered these booties.  They never fall off.  Forget socks, get booties.

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Frilling Friday: 3/25/11


Happy Friday!

It has been sooooo rainy here in SF.  It has rained nearly every day for 2 weeks.  And I have a sniffle.  Boo.  But this week’s fresh flower has been cheering me up: the lovely ranunculus.

(image via google images)

Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

Remember last week when I told you about We Love Colors?  Well, you Must. Have. Colored tights for Fall 2011:

(image from The Sartorialist)

I’m discovering all the fun things you can do with wool felt.
These felted lamps are weird.
Speaking of baby dresses, look at these from Pink Chicken. So cute.
Look at this awesome quilt exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.
I had a fun time yesterday looking at the Corita Kent exhibit at the Craft museum here in SF.  What an inspiring artist.
Remembering Elizabeth Taylor.
I’m loving maxi dresses for spring.  I just with they were nursing-friendly.  alas…
Bamboo spectacles! (via Design for Mankind)
This week we popped into the Jonathan Adler store on Fillmore Street, and I fell in love with this pillow.  I’m going to figure out how to recreate it.

Have a happy weekend!

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Easter Dresses for Baby


Aurelia helped me search for my nursing-friendly Easter dress, which I have ordered.  I ordered it once, but it was too big and I had to return it, so now I’m waiting for the new size.  I’ll be sure and post pics when it arrives. 

So now the hunt is on for Baby’s First Easter Dress!  I LOVE having a little girl! There are loads of cute options, it’s just a matter of deciding which to choose. Since she was born I have loved seeing her dressed in white, so white seems an obvious choice for me.  Eyelet lace is a classic option, like this one from BabyGap;

As Aurelia says, ruffles are in, even for the little ones.  So this tiered ruffle floral frock is on-trend and oh-so-springy (not to mention, on sale!):

In keeping with my current obsession with maritime and sea motifs, here’s a little number festooned in seashells. 

And for a classy-yet-hip option, this little blue pleated frock in organic cotton looks comfy and cute, (assuming I could get it at the SF H&M store):

For a hand-made option, I’m loving this “Lillith” dress by BellaJake:

And I’m also loving the Citrus Songbird Tiered Dress by Lil Miss Muffin:

And finally, for an even better take on the nautical theme, this adorable Black Seahorse Dress by Mrs. Laura:

Oh, I can’t decide!  What do ya’ll think?

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