Keepin’ It Frill


Why, Fran, where have you been? Well, exhaustedly pregnant to tell you the truth.  At this point, getting anything done beyond basic necessary tasks and childcare is just… hard.  My plan each day is to get through each day, and hopefully that involves taking a nap.  Ugh, I don’t want to be the lazy, exhausted pregnant lady, but there I am.

That isn’t to say I haven’t done anything at all FRILLING or creative or fun lately.  I have, just more slowly.  Like…

…sewing up some FRILLING curtains for the girls’ bathroom

…creating healthy appealing toddler meals in our PlanetBox lunchbox, complete with Raw Cookie Dough Bites

…slowly getting Baby T’s room ready with help from my own childhood Raggedy Ann and Andy…

…knitting up another little hat…

…and teaching Little B how to peel clementimes (“Kem-times”) (blurry photo, sorry)…

Keepin’ it Frill, people.  That’s what it’s all about.

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Baby Bunny Hat


Happy Labor Day!  We spent the entire weekend at our house doing the 3-day Potty Training program, with great success; Little B is totally enthused about using the potty.  But I did manage to work in some knitting in between Potty Dances, and I took the opportunity to finish up this adorable bunny hat for a sweet little boy who is yet to arrive.  I hope he and his Mama love it.  I know I do, and plan to knit up the pattern a few more times for the small crowd of new arrivals we have amongst our friends these days.

The pattern is from my much-loved (ok, well, I stole it from my mom) copy of Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Hats, and I knitted it in Sugar ‘n Cream self-striping cotton yarn.  I have a great love for self-striping yarn.

Can’t wait to see this hat on the little guy.  (I’m totally spoiling the surprise, but if your initials are P.D. this hat is coming your way!)

More hats to come….

And check back tomorrow for our first-ever completely Frilling blog giveaway!

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A Coming-Home Outfit for Baby C.


My friend Jenn C. is looking for a cute coming-home outfit for her soon-to-arrive baby girl.  In her words, “…it needs to be cuddly cute, nothing fru-fru, and not a hand-me-down.” Boy, do I have ideas for you!  These are all made of natural fibers, either cotton, bamboo, or wool.

The first being, ZUTANO! Baby B had a little Zutano footie outfit in newborn size, which she was able to wear once until she outgrew it and I sent it along for her cousin to wear.  But I was sad because I loved it so much.  It was this:

We even had the little hat to match.  Next time I won’t buy the newborn size, as I think my babies tend to arrive big and grow very quickly.  But the newborn size would be perfect if your babies tend to come out around 6-7 pounds.  All the Zutano stuff is cute and hip.

This “kittensuit” by Kumquat is also adorable.  This is the “Dotty Owl” pattern, but they have lots of prints to choose from.

For an all-white option (I love to see newborns in white), this bamboo layette gown by Kicky Pants is supersoft, and the drawstring bottom makes diapering easy. 

While I love them for ease of nighttime (anytime) diapering, gowns aren’t the best for riding in the carseat, as they leave little legs exposed once baby is all buckled in.  So if it were me, I might opt for a footie as a coming-home outfit instead, like this bamboo Ruffle Footie Pajama, also from Kicky Pants (I CANNOT resist a ruffle on a baby girl.):

I’m also loving this organic cotton elephant print bodysuit from Kate Quinn Organics:

And some handknit wool loveliness, like these wool pants from Llamajamas:

And, since I am a firm believer that babies should always be kept warm, don’t forget the undershirt and a selection of hats (handknit wool is classic, warm and always unique).

Also, I sometimes like to add another layer to the legs with a pair of baby leg warmers

What are your favorite items for baby layette?

PS: we just discovered these booties.  They never fall off.  Forget socks, get booties.

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