Searching for the Perfect Diaper Bag


Finding the perfect diaper bag has been so frustrating.  First, I got this one from Skip Hop, the Dash Deluxe in charcoal:

I got it because it seemed like BabyDaddy and I could both use it without him complaining about it looking too frilly.  In the end, I feel like I’m carrying a man-bag when I use it.  Also, messenger bag styling doesn’t work so well with babywearing, which I mostly do when we go out – the strap has nowhere to go. meh…

Then I picked up this 3-in-1 bag at the Gap, thinking I could use it in backpack mode while baby-wearing, and in messenger- or handbag mode when not, and that it’s a bit more stylish (I have it in metallic grey. The black is admittedly pretty boring looking.) than the Skip Hop.

Boo.  Hiss. Boo.  A one-strap backpack? dumb.  It falls off the shoulder.  Plus, the drawstring is hard to get into.  Fail.

And I keep looking around at others, but they’re all disappointing in some way — too-obviously babyish (please, people.  I’m the one carrying the bag, not the baby.  It should not have tacky cartoons on it), too expensive (although I’m beginning to think having THE RIGHT bag might be worth it), to frou-frou-posh-looking for my taste, too big (why do most mothers I see carry around so much STUFF?  What do they have in there?), too floral (even for me, a lover of florals). 

In the end, I went for tried-and-true.

This is my trusty backpack that I bought a million years ago in Costa Rica.  She has been everywhere with me, held everything, and never complained. She has been book-bag, laptop-bag, airplane carry-on, overnight bag, over-sized purse, even yoga bag. She’s sturdy, comfy-to-carry, and has all the right pockets. And, while she may not be the pretties of gals, she has lots of character and she’s enjoying her newest role as diaper bag.

She does an excellent job carrying a few diapers, a light blanket, a baby sling, some wipes and a changing pad, a change of clothes (for Baby, not me.  hehe.), hand sanitizer, a pacifier, a chico bag, a burp cloth; my phone, wallet, and keys; and a tube of lip gloss.  What more could I ask of her?

Have you had a hard time finding a diaper bag you love?  What did you settle on?


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