A baby shower


This weekend I helped host a baby shower for one of my dear friends. It was the first shower I hosted since Fran’s Tea Party last October. Here are a few pictures I thought I’d share:

A fun bow-making craft:

Raffle prizes:

Hostess gifts:

All of the hostesses with the momma!

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Rainy day crafting


Yesterday when I arrived home from school, the thunder storm was oh-so-tempting so, instead of doing homework, I got to work on a gift I’ve been needing to work on in honor of my friend’s new babe. This is my second time to do the ruffle-butt onesies. I think they are so adorable, and they definitely worked out even better this time around. I also added some frills to my blanket-stitched applique by adding some cute little buttons to the mix. Finally, I whipped up some baby legwarmers, which Fran did a DIY on over the summer. If you haven’t tried these, you must. You will be amazed at how easy they are!

It’s storming again today, but unfortunately, I’m behind on homework!

- Aurelia

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Handmade Floral Baby Dress


I have been meaning to photograph this little dress all summer.  My mom made it for B, and it has been a favorite summer outfit of ours.  We are just now getting our summer weather here in SF. Of course, in normal San Francisco weather, I always add leggings and a cardigan or long-sleeve solid-colored onesie underneath (note: best place to get solid colored baby basics = H&M) for warmth. The leggings she’s wearing here are some I made.

This is the best photo of the full dress I could get, what with all B’s wiggling around.  I love all these chins!

A current favorite toy:

Mischief, anyone?

Happy Wednesday, y’all.


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Knitted Raspberry Hat


A sweet friend of Huzz’s knitted us this Raspberry Hat.  We have been waiting to grow into it.  Finally, it mostly fits.  Baby B is very difficult to photograph these days, since she mostly just tries to grab the camera.  But I managed to catch her unawares.

She wasn’t really in the mood for hats after that.

…But Mama, I don’t…

…really want to…

wear this anymore.  So, there.


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Baby Legwarmer DIY


I was inspired by this post (sent to me by my uber-crafty mother) to make these:

They are so easy!  I made ten pairs – some to keep, some to give away.  All you do is cut up some knee-high socks, then use one of the pieces to make a cuff.  I bought all the fun, bright knee-socks at Target for $2.50 a pair.

The middle foot piece is the one you fold in half, then sew all the edges together (right sides together.  I didn’t follow the directions exactly.  Instead, I used a Serger to serge all the edges together.  It worked just as well, I think, and made a nice neat seam inside.`

cute, huh?

Happy Monday!


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On her half-year birthday she got to see Lake Tahoe AND go swimming for the first time (not in Lake Tahoe).  We think this will be hard to beat when her whole-year birthday comes around.

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Easter Dresses for Baby


Aurelia helped me search for my nursing-friendly Easter dress, which I have ordered.  I ordered it once, but it was too big and I had to return it, so now I’m waiting for the new size.  I’ll be sure and post pics when it arrives. 

So now the hunt is on for Baby’s First Easter Dress!  I LOVE having a little girl! There are loads of cute options, it’s just a matter of deciding which to choose. Since she was born I have loved seeing her dressed in white, so white seems an obvious choice for me.  Eyelet lace is a classic option, like this one from BabyGap;

As Aurelia says, ruffles are in, even for the little ones.  So this tiered ruffle floral frock is on-trend and oh-so-springy (not to mention, on sale!):

In keeping with my current obsession with maritime and sea motifs, here’s a little number festooned in seashells. 

And for a classy-yet-hip option, this little blue pleated frock in organic cotton looks comfy and cute, (assuming I could get it at the SF H&M store):

For a hand-made option, I’m loving this “Lillith” dress by BellaJake:

And I’m also loving the Citrus Songbird Tiered Dress by Lil Miss Muffin:

And finally, for an even better take on the nautical theme, this adorable Black Seahorse Dress by Mrs. Laura:

Oh, I can’t decide!  What do ya’ll think?

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Ooooh, Pretty: Kid’s Clothes


This morning I woke up to an email from my MIL asking if I wanted a couple of dresses from the spring 2011 clothing collection from Tea for Baby. Um, yes please and thank you!

I am loving everything Tea.  Check out this Etched Print Ruffle Dress.

Baby looks so sweet in gray.  Or this Rosa Tile Banded Dress

Oh, the Frills!  (They have adorable boy’s clothes too.)

And THEN, I opened up today’s GOOP newsletter, which is featuring, you guessed it, kid’s clothes.  Which set me to drooling over this smocked dress from Chakra Design Studio.

Ordinarily I am no lover of smocking — it usually strikes me as old-fashioned and too-preppy for my taste — but this dress has more of a playful fairytale feel that I think is super adorable.  Wouldn’t it be cute on a toddler?


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