San Francisco Quilter’s Guild Show 2011


Well, I’m a bit late in posting about my visit to the SF Quilter’s Guild show.  That’s because it was a bit, ahem, underwhelming.  There were some lovely and intricate quilts, but I was hoping it would be a bit more cutting-edge.  This is San Francisco, after all – a mecca of creativity and edgy artwork.  I guess I was expecting to see a bunch of up-and-coming quilters pushing the boundaries of the artform, inventing, reinventing.  Don’t misunderstand, the quilters there, mostly ladies (although I did spy a few men wielding a needle and thread, Bravo!), were skilled in their craft; but the show looked like any other quilt show I’ve ever been to. Meh.

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from the show.

Sue Mary Fox’s rendition of a Van Gogh painting

I was intrigued by these felt flower garlands in one of the booths:

I liked this piece by Marcia Stein, which made me think of me and my girlfriends someday when we’re old and gray (hopefully we will wear cuter shoes).

I was also disappointed with items for sale; most of it was quilting fabric, and of the finished items, most were old-fashioned, not memorable, nothing I wanted to bring into my home as a cherished souvenir.  I was hoping for some cool quilted placemats, or a table runner, or some such.  But what I came away with was this:

…a lovely basket handmade in Ghana by a Ghanaian family.  The lady at the booth informed me that her aunt crafted this particular one.  Her baskets are beautiful, durable, washable, and collapsible; I had a very hard time choosing which one to come home with me.  We used this one as our picnic basket this weekend at Point Reyes, but I think it will eventually hold my knitting. I also purchased a small one for Baby, which I’m using as my embroidery basket until she grows up enough to use it — a girl’s gotta have a Tisket-Tasket-basket.

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