I Recently Discovered Bauble Bar…


… and gals, am I smitten. Every so often, a gal just needs a few updated accessories, preferably at a reasonably inexpensive price point, and Bauble Bar has them. I could go crazy in here. I’ve been doing a much-needed clear-out of my jewelry collection, donating what no longer Frills me, is of questionable quality (broken beyond repair) or no longer works for my wardrobe, and making room for a few new replacement Frills.  Statement necklaces are in*, in a big way (just look at J Crew’s newest looks; they’re bold, colorful and delightfully gaudy), and big bangles and cuffs are always my go-to accessory; pretty much not a day goes by that I’m not wearing a few chunky bracelets – I love them!

Here are six FRILLING and affordable pieces from Bauble Bar:

1) Flame Duo Necklace
2) Cobra Tribal Cuff
3) Maize Naples Bangle
4) Bubblegum Bauble Bib
5) Infinity Cuff
5) Royal Floral Bib

They have earrings too.  I don’t personally go in for big fancy earrings; they don’t really work with my hair very well, and I generally have the same pair of small earrings on most of the time.  But I know lots of gals who are FRILLED by nothing more than big, swoopy, fun earrings.

Last week I had the fun privilege of playing personal shopper for a friend who needed a few additions to her accessory collection.  My mission was to “buy anything cool,” within a budget of course.  It was so fun to shop for interesting, versatile baubles for someone other than myself, with someone else’s dinero. I spent a happy hour or so looking and debating pieces, trying to choose ones that she’d get lots of use out of and have fun wearing.  And what fun for her to open the package of goodies!

Would you do this?  Would you let someone else choose accessories/clothes/shoes for you with your own money?  I would probably only trust someone who knows my taste really well and has enough fashion daring to push my limits a little, i.e. Aurelia :)


*Not sure how to wear a statement necklace?  Here’s an everyday example.

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