A frilling embroidered gift


Happy Thursday everyone!  This past weekend I had the honor of being my friend’s matron of…well, honor in her wedding. It was so romantic. She married a frenchman, and they are jetting off to France tomorrow to start their lives together! I love it.

Like I told y’all last week, I’ve developed the habit of making a gift for my friends when they get married or have a baby. This wedding was no exception, and so I wanted to make something extra special.

My idea was to embroider something that they could hang in their home as a wedding memento. I wanted it to be old school with a bit of a modern twist. I decided on a simple image of a bride and groom with their name and wedding date.   Originally, I was going to do it by hand, but my amazing mother-in-law ended up showing me how to use her frilling new embroidery machine. It is so cool. You can essentially put any image into the computer, and it will embroider it for you! Plus, I think the straight, simple lines add to the modern vibe I was going for.

I loved getting to see how her new machine works, and I loved getting to give one of my closest friends something meaningful. I think it turned out simply lovely.. and FRILLING!

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