On the not-so-pretty days..


Ya know, not every day feels pretty. Some days, it takes a conscious decision to find the pretty. Some days, it’s just HARD. On not-so-pretty days it’s very important to work extra hard at cheering yourself up. After all, there’s bound to be SOMETHING pretty about not-so-pretty days. Even if it’s a tiny thing. Even if it’s hard to find.

I had one of those days today so on I went to the supermarket. I needed to console myself, and I decided a specialty cheese would do the trick. What an occasion! I picked a Havarti with Jalapeños. What a treat!

Look at all the fun ways to use cheese in ONE meal:

Cubes of cheese and olives provided a very hungry Husband with a before dinner treat.

Havarti Cheese melts so perfectly and tastes delicious on Ciabatta bread.

Crumble your cheese on top of a lovely salad. Use Zea’s Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette dressing. It’s the best. EVER.

Top your tomato soup with a thin slice, too. Laugh when your husband begins dropping cubes from the olive assortment into his. 

I found the pretty in my not-so-pretty day. Now I just hope I can poop tomorrow! (I figure since it’s my blog, I can say “poop” if I want.)

- Aurelia

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