Cupcakes and Cocktails


Thursday happened to be national cupcake day. I had no idea initially, but how fitting that I ended up making 6 dozen different types of cupcakes for a small and intimate get-together. 

A while back I had a dream that I opened a chic little shoppe that sold cupcakes and cocktails. It was totally girly, fabulous, and – you guessed it – FRILLING. While, I have no plans of actually doing anything like this in real life, I recently had fun with the concept!

Here’s what happened: I made an assortment cupcakes, had a few friends over, and they were able to taste test the six different kinds. Meanwhile, there were also a variety of fun cocktails to choose from. At the end of the night, each girl took home a personalized box full of her favorite cupcakes from the bunch. 

White cupcakes with chocolate-cream cheese icing.

Spice cupcakes with spice molasses icing.

Chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate chip icing. 

White cupcakes with key lime-cream cheese icing.

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing.

Spice cupcakes with chai latte icing.

Here are the girls at the end of the night with their favors. 

- Aurelia

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