Summer To-Do List: DIY Oreos


On Tuesday, I wrote about some of my DIY goals for the summer. Today I checked the first project off my list when I made homemade Oreos from Annie’s Eats

Unfortunately, my first go at this was a miss, mostly because I interpreted her “scant tablespoonful of batter” as “not quite a tablespoon” instead of (and probably more appropriately) a “heaping teaspoon”. The result was my cookies growing so large that all the batter ran together causing me to end up with giant square-like Oreos! Needless to say, they aren’t very pretty, but they did taste pretty good. 

My other problem was that the cream turned out WAY to sweet for my liking and that’s saying something. When I make these again, I will only add a teaspoon of vanilla to the cream filling instead of two. And I think I’ll definitely have a go at these again because they were really easy and fun to make! 

- Aurelia

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