DIY: Mod Podge Journal


Get ready for the easiest DIY ever. Think, 2nd grade, summer camp, arts and crafts hour. In fact, I almost didn’t post this because it seems so obvious, but ya gotta love an easy DIY post, eh?

I’ve ALWAYS been a journaler. I still have my first journal from when I was 9 years old. The cover has a picture of a cat with a guitar in the front and a necklace around it’s neck reading “Cat’s Rule”. I faithfully wrote in this journal daily and stayed dedicated to the theme, too, by religiously writing “Cats rule, Dogs drool” on the top of every entry. Moreover, whereas most kids dreamed of walking down the toy aisle when at the store with their parents, I couldn’t wait to get to the notebook section.  

Three years ago, I was strolling around in a cutesy craft store, when I found what appeared to be a collaged composition notebook on sale for 15 dollars. It was cute, but really? 15 dollars? Because I love paper and notebooks and journals so much, I decided this would be a frilling project to do myself. And for the last three years, all of my journals have been mod podged composition notebooks made by me. And I love them cause they are just so personal! 

Here’s what I do: 

1. Get out some glue, mod podge, magazines, scissors, and a composition notebook. 

2. Cut out images and texts that are pretty and inspiring. 

3. Glue them onto the notebook. 

4. After you’ve glued down all of your pieces, use a sponge brush to apply Mod Podge all over the face of the notebook. Then, let it dry. 

5. Admire your new journal cause it’s frilling and lovely, and it’s YOUR creation. 


Here is my new journal, plus a couple more I’ve made over the years. 

- Aurelia

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DIY: Fun with the blanket stitch + video tutorial


Recently I learned a new stitch, the blanket stitch, and since then, I’ve been going blanket-stitch-crazy! My favorite thing about it is that it’s EASY and frills up whatever project you might be working on. I’ve been adding it to all of my applique projects.

Remember the DIY post Fran wrote on embellishing with applique? You really ought to go back to it before you watch this video tutorial I made on the blanket stitch. Once you’ve learned about both, you will be able to do lots of fun and easy sewing without needing a sewing machine! 

Check out all of the fun things I’ve been working on using applique and the blanket stitch, and then watch my video tutorial so you can join in on the fun!

I made these dish towels as a wedding gift using applique and the blanket stitch. I also added some extra frills on the bottom with leftover fabric. It’s been my experience that a girl can never have enough pretty dishtowels.  

I made this dishtowel for part of my sister’s housewarming gift. She just moved back to our home state of Louisiana which explains the embroidering in French meaning, “Let the Good Times Roll”. 

The next two items are a baby gift for one of my dearest friends and her newly born daughter. The gown has fun designs, and I used the same fabric to cut out a monogram for the jumper. 

Finally, I made these onesies for another sweet friend and her newly born twins. These aren’t completed yet. I’m adding ruffles to the butts as soon as I get time! 

Sold yet? Check out this video tutorial to learn more!

- Aurelia

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Summer To-Do List: DIY Oreos


On Tuesday, I wrote about some of my DIY goals for the summer. Today I checked the first project off my list when I made homemade Oreos from Annie’s Eats

Unfortunately, my first go at this was a miss, mostly because I interpreted her “scant tablespoonful of batter” as “not quite a tablespoon” instead of (and probably more appropriately) a “heaping teaspoon”. The result was my cookies growing so large that all the batter ran together causing me to end up with giant square-like Oreos! Needless to say, they aren’t very pretty, but they did taste pretty good. 

My other problem was that the cream turned out WAY to sweet for my liking and that’s saying something. When I make these again, I will only add a teaspoon of vanilla to the cream filling instead of two. And I think I’ll definitely have a go at these again because they were really easy and fun to make! 

- Aurelia

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DIY Summer To-Do List


I’ve been having so much fun on Pinterest, but I think it’s causing me to become overly ambitious! After sifting through my boards, I have come up with three DIY projects and three recipes that I REALLY want to try out this summer. After that, just call me an over achiever. 

Check out my list below. My hope is to re-post each link along with my version once I’ve finished each project/recipe. 


1. DIY Mirror from The Lettered Cottage

My friend pinned this on her Pinterest board. I want to paint mine turquoise, of course. 

2. Ruffled Streamers from Made:

Fran posted this link once on a Frilling Friday post, and I never forgot about it. These are just so fun and fabulous. I love how they add extra flare and frills to your ordinary streamer. 

3. Ruffle Butt Onesie from Ucreate:

I’ve been working on lots of baby gifts lately (4 of my closest friends have had/will be having babies between May and July). I actually had the idea to do the ruffle butt, but didn’t know how to go about it. I rightly assumed that someone else had the idea before me and blogged about it. This is my next project I’ll be working on. 


1. DIY Oreos from Annie’s Eats:

These look so fun, and I doubt I’ll make time for them during the school year. Who doesn’t love Oreos?

2. Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade also from Annie’s Eats:

What a perfect summer-time recipe! I can’t wait to try this one.

3. Cupcake Fondue from the Modcloth blog:

I’ve been wanting to try this out ever since I relocated my fondue set. It was given to us as a wedding gift, but we never used it. Four years later, I’ve realized how much I love Fondue and am glad to have my set back! This will be a fun, easy recipe to start out with. 

I’m hoping that by posting these projects/recipes, I might actually do them! I have exactly two weeks until summer officially begins for me, so be on the look out for follow-up posts!

Do you have any fun DIYs or recipes we might like?

- Aurelia

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Sweet Saturday: DIY Recipe: Easy Mini-Cinnamon Rolls


My freshman year of college, my roommate and childhood friend, Amy, used to make these easy mini-cinnamon rolls for me. Every time she made them, I would be EVER so excited. First, cause I love any good sweet-treat, and second, cause I’m a sucker for miniature versions of things. Aren’t mini things just so cute and frilling? 

Luckily, Amy blessed me with the recipe when I moved out, and it hasn’t left my recipe book since. I’m telling you, it’s so simple. Check out the easy steps below: 

1. Pop open a can of biscuits, and spread them out on a flat surface. I suppose if your ambitious you could make them from scratch. Apparently I’m not ambitious. 

2. Using a glass, roll out and flatten each biscuit. 

3. Spread some butter on the biscuits. Then, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. 

4. Roll up each biscuit into a log shape. 

5. Slice each log into about 5 or 6 pieces. Place side by side on a baking sheet. 

6. Bake for about 15 minutes or so at 350 degrees. While baking, mix a cup of powdered sugar, 2 tbls of milk (It doesn’t matter what kind. I used coconut; it wasn’t my fave, but still good all the same.), and 1 tsp of almond or vanilla flavoring together for the glaze. 

7. Pour your glaze on top of the rolls and serve immediately. If you love nuts as much as we do, you’ll add chopped pecans for extra FRILLS. Either way, you’ll really enjoy this fun and easy treat. Thanks Amy!

- Aurelia

Stuff We Love: Kitchenware: The Heated


I am loving frilling dishtowels in my kitchen. Why have boring dishtowels when they can be so unique/chic/pretty/funny, or even awesome? I mean, you’re going to buy dishtowels anyway, right? Recently I have been doing the Great Dishtowel Clean-out, wherein I get rid of all the ratty, sad dishtowels and re-purpose them as cleaning rags, making way for pepped-up fresh ones. Last week, Aurelia and I showed your our embellished dishtowel project; and there is no end to the imaginative possibilities for making FRILLING kitchen towels. But if you’re not part of the DIY set, there’s always Etsy!

Check out this towel I picked up at Urban Bazaar here in SF, made by a local screen printer, The Heated.

If you don’t live in SF, you can find this awesome item at their Etsy shop.

I’m also digging The Heated’s Design Advice towel: “Get rid of crap. Buy things you’ll love forever. Make Stuff.”  It’s my perfect house mantra.

Do you need to do a Great Dishtowel Clean-out?  Do you DIY or do you BUY?  Where do you love to find FRILLING kitchen accessories?


DIY Applique Dishtowels + BONUS Scrap project


Here’s a FRILLING project for you.  Check out these lovely dishtowels Aurelia and I made (Unfortunately I went off and forgot to photograph the ones A made, so here’s only mine – sorry, Rae).

Want the full How-To?  Really the sky’s the limit with embellished dishtowels – you could use fabric paint, rick-rack or other trimmings, buttons, all sorts of things.  But here’s what we did:

Start with whatever dishtowel you want to use-we got these at Hobby Lobby- and an applique fabric.  We used this Alexander Henry bird fabric, and cut out the bird and flower shapes to applique onto our dishtowels.  For a different look you could use any patterned fabric and cut out whatever shapes you’d like. 

Apply iron-on adhesive paper to your fabric…

…then cut out the shape you want to use as your applique decoration. Follow the instructions on the adhesive paper package.  Be careful not to adhere the paper to your ironing board (ahem, Aurelia).

Next, remove the backing paper from your newly-cut applique.  Iron it onto your dishtowel. (oops, forgot to photograph this step.)

Then use your sewing machine to satin stitch around the edges of the applique.  We recommend working on a scrap piece for a bit before trying it on your dishtowel because it takes a few minutes to get the hang of satin-stitching around an image. 

Next, you can embellish more.  Yes, I know, MORE FRILLS.  I chose to embroider, as it is my current go-to embellishment:

I free-handed the script, then used a simple back-stitch to stitch it up.  Then I added some quick little flowers using the detached chain stitch.  I think these would be cute with a bit of rick-rack added to the edge as well. 

When A and I weren’t looking my mom used some of the scraps to embellish a onesie for Baby, who was happily playing on the floor while we crafted.  She pieced together various petals, stems and leaves from the original fabric to make this design, then stitched around it in bright pink thread:

You could do something similar with virtually any fabric scraps you have lying around. Cute, huh?  Here’s Baby rocking her FRILLINGly embellished onesie.

DIY: How to make a homemade cake topper


Ever wonder how to make a homemade cake topper? I’ll show you how with the topper I used on the cake from my niece’s 2nd birthday. 

Step 1: Pick the topper you would like to make. Print your image and cut it out. Recycle your excess paper. Tape your image onto a piece of cardboard. Then, tape wax paper over it.

Step 2: Make a Color Flow icing using 1/4 cup + 1 tsp water, 4 cups powdered sugar, and 2 tbls of Wilton’s Color Flow mix. Separate and dye the icing as needed using small cups. Trace the icing on the wax paper using the outline of your image. Use a number 5 tip or smaller. Always keep the icing you are not using covered because it dries quickly. 

Step 3: Add one tbls of water at a time into each of your colored icing mixtures. As you are mixing water into the icing, use a spoon to take up some of the icing and then drop it back into the cup. When the icing you dropped back into the mixture dissolves in ten seconds exactly, you are ready to move on. 

Pour ready mixtures into your disposable bag (no tip needed). Let mixture flow into the correct areas of your topper. Your topper will need a few days to dry and harden before carefully peeling it off of the wax paper and placing it on your cake. Be careful! They crack easily!

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday: 3/11/11


Happy Friday!
Guess who slept 8 hrs last night?!  MY BABY.  my very own baby.  Of course, I myself wasn’t actually allowed to sleep 8 hrs due to a barrage of early morning texts from family members who shall remain nameless, who got overexcited about the tsunami that hit the West Coast this morning, posing absolutely no danger to San Francisco (unless you happened to be surfing).  Grrrrrr from a Mama who hasn’t slept a full night in four months.  However, after looking at the news and seeing the terrible destruction that happened to the folks in Japan, I won’t be too upset over a little lost sleep in comparison.

I’ve been thinking about Lent, looking inward, reflecting, and doing some spring cleaning, mentally, emotionally, and in my home. That said, here are some FRILLING things I found this week:

Carrie’s ideas for celebrating Lent with kids, including this Lenten calendar project.
Project Simplify, from Simple Mom.
Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist; I mean, I prolly won’t do all that stuff, but…
These little boats by Ann Wood Handmade are so lovely and creative, I can’t stop staring at them.

Aurelia introduced me to Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos and they are yum, light, springy (hint: I would tweak this recipe by adding pickled jalepenos to the slaw).
I’m drooling over Anthropologie’s dinnerware collection—love the colorful pallete and vintage-inspired designs.
Affordable and stylish: poster art
Oh how I love pom-poms ! (via poppytalk)  These make me so happy:

Have a happy weekend!


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