Frilling Friday 4/15/11


Happy Friday!  Sorry for the late posting— this lovely spring day has gotten away from me.  Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

If I had a garden, I’d make these adorable garden flags:

Are you ready for TAX DAY Monday?

Is it just me or does Chico’s kindof have an awesome scarf collection? Not to mention this Stunning Striped Poncho — how cool is that?

Hehe. (via Urban Outfitters blog)

Plate walls are dear to my heart.  I used to have an awesome wall of cool thrifted plates in my last house.

My new favorite tea (tisane, actually).  Hot or iced.

I need me some pretty tape.

Loving these wooden toys by Just Hatched (via SouleMama)

Sporty or Vintage?  But definitely polka-dot.

These are awesome.  My hubby gets the credit for spotting them on one of the many design blogs he reads.  Good eye, babe.

Sadly, none of the adorable Easter dresses that Aurelia scouted out for me ended up working (I’m a strange size right now), but I think I finally found one that might work.  What do you think?

I’m headed to Texas next week, AND next week is my birthday week!  Gonna have some fun and enjoy the hot Texas weather.  Aurelia and I are hoping to do some FRILLING projects together while I’m there.  Wish me luck – it’s Baby’s first plane trip. 

Happy Weekend!  Got any fun links to share?


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Easter Dresses for Baby


Aurelia helped me search for my nursing-friendly Easter dress, which I have ordered.  I ordered it once, but it was too big and I had to return it, so now I’m waiting for the new size.  I’ll be sure and post pics when it arrives. 

So now the hunt is on for Baby’s First Easter Dress!  I LOVE having a little girl! There are loads of cute options, it’s just a matter of deciding which to choose. Since she was born I have loved seeing her dressed in white, so white seems an obvious choice for me.  Eyelet lace is a classic option, like this one from BabyGap;

As Aurelia says, ruffles are in, even for the little ones.  So this tiered ruffle floral frock is on-trend and oh-so-springy (not to mention, on sale!):

In keeping with my current obsession with maritime and sea motifs, here’s a little number festooned in seashells. 

And for a classy-yet-hip option, this little blue pleated frock in organic cotton looks comfy and cute, (assuming I could get it at the SF H&M store):

For a hand-made option, I’m loving this “Lillith” dress by BellaJake:

And I’m also loving the Citrus Songbird Tiered Dress by Lil Miss Muffin:

And finally, for an even better take on the nautical theme, this adorable Black Seahorse Dress by Mrs. Laura:

Oh, I can’t decide!  What do ya’ll think?

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Frilling Finds: Nursing-Friendly Dresses


Did you know that nursing requires a special wardrobe?  Well it does, unless you don’t mind showing off your post-baby pooch every time you have to feed your kid.  Personally, I mind that part more than the occasional nip-slip.  (hunh. I don’t wanna know what that says about me.) So, in order to keep things-you-wish-weren’t-there under close surveillance, you have to get creative.  Button-up tops become your golden go-to’s.  Scarves become strategic hooter-hiders. Nursing camis become workhorse peices: they can make any top more nursing-friendly, and take the place of a nursing bra, and can also be worn solo under a cardigan.  If you’re lucky enough to find a truly cute nursing top, as in, a top made especially for nursing moms, that doesn’t LOOK like a nursing top, then you’ve really scored. 

Over the three months since my little one was born I have assembled a serviceable nursing wardrobe: a few nice nursing tops, a couple of neutral button-downs, and an arsenal of nursing camis and bras.  But I love wearing dresses, and have missed them. Do you know how hard it is to find a nursing-friendly dress that doesn’t look like a frump-fest?  Difficult, my friends. 

However, in the last couple of weeks I managed to find TWO.  And, drum roll please, here they are:

The Nectar dress from Athleta

I’ve been loving Athleta for swimsuits and workout clothes for years, and was excited to find that they’ve opened their San Francisco store just a few blocks from my house.  When I poked my head in, my eye immediately landed on this dress, due to its wrap styling and stretchy fabric which make for excellent nursing access.  A bit of rouching on the side helps camouflage the post-baby poochiness.  So far I’ve styled it with richly-colored cardigans and tall boots, but once the weather is warmer it will be cute with sandals as well.  It comes in a variety of colors, although I came home with this neutral print.  Super comfy, easy-to-wear, put it on and you’re done.

The Anna Dressy Denim Dress from J Crew

This one I scored on sale! It unsnaps halfway down the front for just the right amount of boob-access.  What I especially like about it is its versatility: it is, at least for San Francisco climate, multi-seasonal, so I can wear it now with tights and a cardigan or jacket, and later in the year with bare legs; and it can be dressed up or down.  A perfect transition piece.  Incidentally, it’s also good at hiding my friend The Pooch because of the slight gather in the front.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for this one online, so I guess I’ll be the only one who gets to have it…

I’m so Frilled about these finds.  I feel like a real girl again.


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