July EBEW: Frilling Yellow


This month’s pick over at Everybody, Everywear is yellow, which I am really excited about and even voted for myself. Only problem is, I don’t own a lot of yellow. 

Recently, though, I found these pants at J Crew, and I love, love, love them. First of all, they fit, which is a triumph in and of itself when it comes to me finding pants. Also, they make me look like my butt isn’t completely flat, which is practically a miracle and something I almost NEVER get to experience. Check out the last picture for proof – and don’t hate – it’s as close as I can get to the real thing! But the bonus of all of this is that they were on the clearance rack for $30 bucks, all alone, not another color, not another size, waiting for me to purchase them. ME. YES. If you couldn’t tell, I’m all around happy about the whole thing. 

There are lots of ways that I plan to style these babies. Today, I walked out the door in the first outfit I tried. I felt nautical and summery and was a little woeful there wasn’t a lovely sailboat ride awaiting me.

But enough about me. Will you EBEW? And what’s your favorite yellow piece?

Pants: J Crew, Top and hat: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Old Navy

- Aurelia

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3 Ways to Wear a Lace Overlay


This month’s pick over at Everybody Everywear is lace, which is PERFECT because I’ve been planning on making this post anyway. I love lace. Remember? I already told you about how much I love lace and how exciting it is that it’s been EVERYWHERE lately. 

A while back, my dearest mom-in-law purchased an absolutely beautiful lace overlay as part of my graduation gift, and I am IN LOVE. But how are you supposed to wear it? It’s one of THOSE. You love it in the store, but when you get home, you’re not sure exactly what to do with it. 

I decided to just GO for it, and I put together three random outfits from my closet:

1. Wear it with wide leg jeans, BIG wedges and a printed, sleeveless top.

2. Wear it with leggings, boots, and a cute hat. 

3. Wear it with a strappy dress and your favorite summer shoes:

I’m interested to know how you would wear this lace overlay? Do you have a favorite style from the ones that I posted? Will you EBEW today?

- Aurelia

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Stuff we Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills: Floral EBEW


First off, do you EBEW? This month’s pick over at Everybody Everywear is floral, which goes perfectly with some of my frilling spring faves. Floral has been quite the fad for a while now, so much so, that my collection has really grown! 

Here are a few of my favorite floral frills from my own wardrobe:

I like to compliment this Gap floral maxi dress with a hot pink bandeau bra and lots of long necklaces. It kind of freaks me out that you can’t see my eye balls in these pics. I promise, I do have a soul.

Can someone say “floral on floral on floral”? Floral is girly. So is lavendar. So is bright pink lip gloss. And just for good measure, I threw in a bow (a floral bow). In this outfit, my girliness shall not be challenged!! This entire set is from Urban Outfitters (minus the scarf..which was purchased at Goodie Two Shoes in Austin). 

Another Urban Outfitters gem. The back is so frilling that I felt no need to dress the outfit up with jewelry. Or show you the whole rest of the outfit, for that matter. 

Do you have any frilling floral faves this spring? Will you EBEW today?

- Aurelia

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