Toddler Girls’ Fall Roundup


It’s Back-to-School time!  At this point Little B has outgrown ALL of her shoes and most of her summer clothes (think: baby belly button hanging out of the bottom of her t-shirts – adorable but frowned-upon.), so I’m looking around at toddler clothes. I’m picky about kids clothes; I don’t do logos, cartoon-characters, cheesy-sayings, bows, or smocking, among other things which for me all fall under the heading of “Foof”. No offense if you love Foof; lots of folks do.  Foof is just not my style.  The occasional ruffle is about as far as I can personally go.  Pretty much my soft rule is: if I wouldn’t wear a grownup version of it, I’m not buying it for my girls (with the exception of onesies, of course).

My go-to place for Foof-free kids clothes is Baby Gap.  Except I go to Baby Gap outlet, where prices are half of what’s in the regular stores.  The collections are last-season, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Plus, they always have rockin’ sales at the outlets. (Speaking of which, yesterday I snagged a few things for B from the 50% off table at the outlet.  I’ll have to photograph them, because they aren’t sold online.) But I still like to look at the latest things coming out this season, if for nothing else but inspiration.

Like this little 60′s inspired ponte knit dress with buttons. Oh, I die.

So glad brightly-colored jeans are finally coming into the toddler collections.  I looked for them last year.  Can’t wait to grab a pair (on sale) for B.  A gal’s gotta have some skinnies!

And oh-my-goodness, a chambray shirt for tots (see, I can stand the occasional well-placed ruffle)!  Bet I won’t find one of these at an outlet store…

This boot is from last season, so of course I found it in the Stride Rite outlet store, and of course I availed myself of the buy-one-get-one-half-off sale going on right now.  I grabbed them in a half-size up, thinking it will be a month or two before it cools down enough here in Texas for B to wear boots.  But, geez, won’t they be cute with bright skinnies?

These printed tights may have to come live with us for the winter…

…because wouldn’t they be cute under a corduroy skirt, or better yet a leopard-print corduroy skirt?


Mamas of adorable little boys: I would say that I will do a boy’s roundup.  But I just discovered that today’s post over at Ain’t No Mom Jeans is none other than a boys’ roundup!

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