Frilling Fashionistas: Katelyn’s Eclectic Style Choices


Hi all. Happy Friday! Today we are excited to introduce our first FRILLING fashionista of 2013! I have been pestering my old friend from seminary, Katelyn, to send me photographs of her awesome style choices for a while now, and she finally did! Thanks Katelyn!

Katelyn lives with her husband and adorable English Bulldog in East Texas. She has a Masters of Divinity AND a Masters in Spanish. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog for some thoughtful writing and insights into her family’s daily life.

I have always admired Katelyn and her eclectic style choices. You really never know what she’ll be wearing next, but it’s always super frilling and thoughtful. She always stays true to herself and wears whatever she likes rather than staying within the confines of certain looks. Katelyn says that on any given day, you’ll find her outfit choice inspired by classic, bohemian, hipster, modern vintage, or even grungy cues. Because of this, I find her style to be pretty eclectic.

Check out the stunning pics below, and catch tidbits of Katelyn’s style inspiration along the way!

“This is an example of when I want to add ‘frills’ to a simple outfit. I’ll take a simple sweater and skinnies and add glasses and a fun hairdo as accessories.”

“I like to wear accessories or clothes that mean something to me. Everyday I wear a ring from my time working at a church in Chile, a bracelet my mom brought me from Brazil, my everyday purse is from Chile, etc. In the winter my favorite beanie is a gift my dad brought me from Peru. I love collecting pieces from around the world. My favorite pieces have meaning behind them, and I think that’s why recently I’ve been drawn to vintage, bc even though I don’t know the story behind them, I know there is one.”

sweater: Modcloth / pants: Old Navy / shoes: Steve Madden / earrings & purse: Paizlee /  watch: Michael Kors / bracelet & ring: travel souvenirs 

“I dress for myself. I am just as confident going to dinner in sweats & no makeup as I am if I get all dolled up. I might not feel as cute, but I don’t let the way I look determine my self value. If others wonder why I’m not wearing makeup, it doesn’t bother me. So if I feel like dressing cute, I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t. “

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Anything expensive is either a gift, bought with a gift card, or on sale. I enjoy seeing expensive outfits and recreating them in my own budget. I’ll only splurge on things I know will get a lot of wear such as shoes.”

hat and chambray: Gap / pants: Old Navy / boots: Jessica Simpson 

“I’m just loving hats lately. And colored pants of course. Because of where I live I often feel stylistically out of place. So, if I’m going to wear something a little bolder like a hat, I tend to tone down my outfit. I still put together something cute, but it’s a little more plain than it would be if I didn’t wear a hat. But then again, sometimes I just go for it!”

“I love tights and pattern mixing, so I loved this outfit enough to wear it in our Christmas cards.” 

dress: Ruche / tights: Madewell / shoes: Clarks

Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Katelyn! And if you haven’t realized it by now, you totally FRILL us!!

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