Frilling Friday: Today I’m…


….listening to The Wailin’ Jennys “Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House”

….wearing booties with socks!

….drinking Mighty Leaf Organic Spring Jasmine, and thinking of spring…

….marinating tempeh to put on the grill this evening,

….and enjoying the look of this coral pink lipstick from Josie Maran.

What are you doing today?


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Frilling Friday: News, Links


Hello and Happy Friday!
Aurelia and I are so excited about this new year on You Frill Me!  We have lots of ideas and fun things planned, as well as a FRILLING blog remodel currently in the works.  A couple of FRILLING things of note:

We’re on Facebook!  Please, give us some love and like our page.

We’re on Pinterest!  You can follow our boards here.

This Mama is FRILLED to announce that Baby B has her first pair of skinny jeans!

Everybody’s talking about the color of the year, Tangerine Tango.  Aurelia is already wearing it on her lips!

Suzy found a bunch of home accessories in this year’s color on Etsy.

My gal Lane has an awesome idea for keeping track of your exercise.

Mia-Louise’s home is gorgeous.  I’m kindof obsessed with it.  Her best style advice: “Save your money and wait to buy the things you really love and want.”  That’s advice I can get behind.

Oh, I am just not so sure about this.  Reserving judgement, though… (Aurelia will probably come out wearing it fabulously and then I’ll eat my words)

Finally!  Someone is wearing an awesome poncho!

Did you find anything FRILLING this week?  Share in the comments!

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Frilling Friday: Five Frilling Things


Happy Friday, Y’all! 
Five things that make me happy…

a. sharpened pencils (via)
b. brussels sprouts on the stalk
c. organized drawers (via pinterest)
d. TJ’s pumpkin spice coffee
e. all-time favorite chocolate bar.

Have a FRILLING weekend.


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Frilling Friday


Happy Friday!

I’m really enjoying the Native American motif trend that’s happening these days.  I used to dismiss anything with Southwest styling without a second glance, but I’m really coming around to the natural materials and bold graphic motifs.

I especially love this rugged entryway (via)

On other notes:

The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival starts today in Golden Gate Park.  I’m hoping to catch a concert (maybe)

I stumbled across this Dutch line of maternity wear on Zulily this morning.  I’m particularly in love with this dress:

The most lovely tape.  I think I really must get some. (via)

Dottie Angel’s new book is out! If you want some vintage-crafty inspiration, she’s where to get it.

Food Day is October 24. Join the push for “healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way”. I’m thinking of planning a party.

Did you find anything fun this week? Leave in the comments…


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Frilling Friday: Autumn


This weekend I’m having fun looking at….

Images of lovely woolens in Vogue for British Wool Week, and my fingers are itching to knit some up. I especially love this slouchy knitted hat.

This event is happening here in SF tonight.

I’m jealous of her safari vest.

Aunt Peaches made (er, well, embellished) this DIY Rainbow Sherbet Denim Skirt, which I think is kindof rad in a Saved-By-The-Bell kind of way (tutorial here):

And, despite the fact that, in terms of weather, September is summer in San Francisco, it still makes me want to turn off all the lights and burn beeswax candles. 

And, for the cherry on top, my buddy Lane has a nice post over on ANMJ about why your Mom-style (if you’re a mom) matters just enough, but not too much.  Frilling.

Have a Happy Weekend! Got any plans? 


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Frilling Friday


Happy Friday!  And happy Labor Day weekend!  Do you have fun plans?  We are off to Great Sequoia National Park to take in the big trees.

I am sooo FRILLED by these colorful housewares from Rice of Denmark (via Decor8).  I am always drawn, to crisp white + color, and everything in the catalog is making me beside myself with glee. I think I pinned like a hundred things.

I’m in love with this circus seal pillow from AnnaJoyce.  It would be so cute in our nursery.

Also, I cannot stop thinking about (and being jealous of) Isabel Marant’s little country shack (yep, I pinned it.).

Nursing bras are going haute.

And doesn’t Reese look cute in pink floral?

Happy Weekend!


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Frilling Friday: Summer’s Bounty


This weekend I’m FRILLED by the abundance of locally-grown, organic produce that I’m getting here in California.  I like to arrange it on the kitchen counter so that I can see it every time I walk by.  I love the fruits of summer!  And for tonight: Organic, Locally-grown Roasted Vegetable Medley :)  

Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your summer,


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Frilling Friday: Gr-Attitude


Whew, it’s been a trying week.  Huzz sprained his ankle in a bad way this week.  Like, crutches, splint, trip to the ER, hellacious amount of Advil, near-constant icing and arnica-ing, swell-up-like-a-weird-squash kind of sprain.  Papa is out of commission.  As a result, we are all just a little bit grumps; he because his foot hurts and he can’t walk, me because it makes a lot of extra work to take care of both him and Baby B,  especially during a week when it seems like everything is going awry (for instance,the ticket I got on the way to the ER; the cup of coffee the baby spilled onto the bed).

I’m not a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of person.  Nor am I one to fake a happy face.  But the fact remains: I need an attitude adjustment, a shift in perspective.  So, toward that end, here are a few things I’m grateful for, that genuinely make me happy.

1) Huzz’s ankle isn’t broken.  It will heal.  This is only temporary.

2) I have a loving co-parent to share in the work of parenting.  I don’t know how single moms do it.  Hats off to them.

3) I’m listening to Beirut’s new album ‘The Rip Tide’ today, streaming from NPR. love.(via)

4) It’s Science Friday.

5) This song by The Peekers:

6) New friends are bringing dinner over tonight.  And I’m baking an apple pie for dessert.

7) This Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which I will have to try, on principle (the principle that an awesome cookie cures a multitude of icky things).

8) A fun, new-to-me street style blog to look at.

9) My inadvertent, subconscious tendency to color-coordinate Baby’s and my outfits. (Notice B striking a pose.)

Have a happy, grateful weekend.

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Frilling Friday: July 22, 2011


Happy Friday!

I love baskets.  These are lovely:

This girl knits!  for money!  adorable bow things…

Style blogs are so inspiring.  This girl’s style is fun.

These pouches for kids are adorable (via)

I want to knit this guy.   I’m prolly not good enough yet. (via)

Jewelry pick of the week:


Nutella-banana “ice cream”.

Have a happy weekend!

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Frilling Friday: July 15



Happy Friday!
Figs are in season!  Hurray!  I LOVE figs.  Yesterday I made a gorgeously yummy salad kindof like this, plus goat cheese, raspberries, and toasted almonds.  What else should I do with figs?

Some of the loveliest family portraits I’ve ever come across.

Let your kids get dirty!

We don’t have cable, and don’t watch much TV at our house, for some of these reasons.  Do you limit TV?

I am loving these needlepoint illustrations by Jazmin Berakha (via Modcloth) – a beautiful example of the new generation of needlework.

Have a happy weekend.


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