Midterm Procrastination


Because I’m in the middle of midterm craziness (my last ever!), new posts have been near the bottom of my priorities this week. So, I thought I’d share some of the videos that have made it on my procrastination list over the last few years. If you are currently in the procrastination process, these videos won’t let you down!

I just saw this one last night when I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. studying for an exam I had today. It gets really impressive around the 40 second mark. No pun intended, haha! Get it..Mark? Mark Ballas? Okay, maybe that wasn’t funny… (I’m really tired!)

Okay, I admit it. I love these two girls, I think they are so entertaining, and I have watched all of their videos and appearances on Ellen. There, I said it! Phew. That felt good.

Another thing I LOVE is Harry Potter. Another: when people that aren’t from the U.S. try to mimic our accents. That combo makes this video one of my faves. So funny!

I saw this video years ago, but ever since I watched Star Wars for the first time over the Christmas break, it finally makes (some) sense to me! She is so cute!

You guys are probably going to think I’m crazy, but Lyle only just introduced me to this old commercial last week. I can’t believe I somehow missed it. It is so funny to me!

Have you seen any of these or are you seeing them now for the first time? Do you have any that are must-sees? These videos are just a few of some of my favorites floating around on the internet. But, let’s face it, I’m procrastinating and really need to get back to a paper! Have a good Thursday!

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Harry Potter Premiere Dresses


In honor of the fact that I’m going to see Harry Potter tonight at midnight (or tomorrow, whatevs), I thought I’d compile all of the photos I’ve been seeing of the dresses hitting the red carpet premieres all over the world. 

I won’t say whether I like some of these or not. After all, this is a day of rejoicing! 

Bonnie Wright: London

Clemence Poesy: London

Emma Watson: London

London After Party

New York

Cast Photo Call

Evanna Lynch: London


Helena Bonham Carter: London

J K Rowling: London

Some interesting choices, eh? Which ones are your favorites? And which ones make you say “Lord have mercy!” or “Bless her heart!”? 

- Aurelia

Frilling Summer Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2


So I’ve been really distracted lately. HP2 comes out on July 15, and I’ve been re-reading all of the books in anticipation for the big occasion. I’m currently on book six. These are my favorite books of all time. OF ALL TIME. 

I know it’s been out for a while now, but have you seen the trailer? It’s so good!

Also, I love Emma Watson, naturally. She’s got great style and is this month’s Vogue Cover girl. I think she’s gorgeous. You can see more pics from her shoot and read her cover story here.

I also LOVE Bonnie Wright. Every time I see her red carpet photos, I go on and on about how stunning she is. She’s the July cover girl for Haute Muse, and while I’m sure there was some photo-shop going on, I am still amazed at how grown up she is! 

All that to say, until my summer session ends and I finish these books and any other form of procrastination HP might cause me, Tuesdays post won’t hold a lot of water. 

- Aurelia

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