10 Healthy Snack Options


I’ve always been a snacker; I just can’t go without eating between meals. If I don’t snack, I become major grumps and feel physically bad as well. Not too long ago, the doc justified my needing-to-eat-as-soon-as-I’m-hungry when he expressed his concern over my low blood sugar. When I gave examples of my go-to snacks, he kindly pointed out that I was partaking in too much carbs and not enough fats or protein. Not only is this not good for anyone, but for someone with low-blood sugar, it’s a recipe for major crash and burn energy levels. 

So recently I went to Fran, who is a pro at healthy living and is also the ultimate vegeater, and she provided me with a list of ten healthy snacks, all with a good balance of carbs, protein, and fats. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and stocked up on all of the ingredients I would need. I ALWAYS have a snack between every meal, so I was absolutely frilled to have so many options. 

Fran suggested that I prepare my snacks in small containers in advance. I’m often in a hurry and running out the door to class when I grab my snacks. Prepping snacks in advance help ensure that I’m not tempted to give in to more convenient, but less healthy snacking. 

There was no way I couldn’t share with the rest of our youfrillme friends, so here you go! Also, just fyi, I will use the gluten-free version of multiple food items on this list. 

  1. Hummus and raw veggies
  2. Bean dip and raw veggies
  3. Boiled egg and GF toast
  4. Yogurt, frozen blueberries, and GF granola
  5. Mini 5 layer dip: fat-free re-fried beans and guacamole, a small dollop of salsa and sour cream, and a pinch of cheese. Eaten with corn chips or raw veggies. 
  6. Green smoothie: flax seed oil or coconut oil, 2 handfuls of greens (any kind), half a banana, frozen blueberries or mango, and a few tablespoons of Hemp protein powder. 
  7. Whole grain rice cake and almond butter
  8. Peanut butter, all-fruit jelly, and rice crackers
  9. Banana and walnuts
  10. KIND Bar (my favorite)

Each of these snacks have a good balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. I can just feel my body thanking me for being so good to it!

- Aurelia

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