Frilling Friday: Winner of the Teal Annie Giveaway


Happy Friday everyone! Using a true random number generator AND including the extra entries of those who followed Teal Annie on instagram, I’m excited to announce that the winner of this week’s giveaway – a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy Shop – is…

Heather Hall Hanzelka! Congrats Heather! Email us at youfrillme (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize! As for the rest of us, Stephanie’s baubles are totally affordable, so I hope you’ll treat yourself to something very soon!

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Win a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy shop!


Happy Friday everyone! Today we are FRILLED to introduce you all to Stephanie Dugard, creator of Teal Annie, a vintage clothing and accessories brand. Teal Annie originated from Stephanie’s desire to create and produce things with a unique story.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Teal Annie over the next two months through a series of regular guest posts by Stephanie. We cannot wait for her to share her creativity with us! Stephanie, you FRILL us!!

To celebrate, we are kicking things off with a super fab giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy shop! For the giveaway, all you have to do is:

1: Visit the Teal Annie Etsy shop and take a look around.

2: Leave a comment below telling us your favorite piece from the shop.

3: “Like” the Youfrillme Facebook page.

And for an extra entry: 

4: Follow @Tealannie on Instagram!

That’s it! The giveaway will be open until next Thursday, November 8th at 10 pm CST. Check back next Friday to see if you are the winner! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Stephanie’s first guest post! Also, follow her on twitter (@StephanieDugard)!

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I Won Something!


On a blog giveaway!  It’s never happened before, in all the years I’ve been reading blogs.  It’s this Leju Aniko Ring from EcoBohemia, and I won it over on EcoMilf:

It’s carved from vegetable ivory, which is to say, the seed of a particular type of Palm tree in the Amazon rainforest.  Cool, huh?  I can’t wait to see it.  Oh, I hope it fits…


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Teething Jewelry Roundup


At 6-months, Baby B is curiously grabbing at EVERYTHING her arms can reach.  This is adorable and normal, but alas, my necklace collection is gathering dust.  And outfits just don’t seem complete without them.  But the good news is there are goodies out there that are stylish for moms, and fun and safe for babies to chew on.  The choice of materials are pretty much limited to silicone, wood, or fabric, but there’s definitely more out there than I anticipated.  I’m also putting on my thinking cap about designing a piece of my own.  Not to mention, I have a couple of normal, sturdy pieces that I’m ok with letting B chow down on; like my signature chunky gold cuff.

I really like this teething pendant from Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry.  It comes in all sorts of colors. 

They have a silicone bangle also.  I would wear three or four at a time, cause that’s how I roll.

Here’s the Jane necklace by Chewbeads.  They have an assortment of colors also, and once again, I’d wear several at once. 

And the Cornelia bracelet (also Chewbeads).  Ya’ll know I like chunky.

The OhPlah teething cuff.  I’m not wild about the imprints on them, which seem a little cheesy to me (they remind me of soap), but I really like the shape of the cuff.

And I love this Chomping Necklace from Tweet Baby; it’s probably my favorite:

I’m also thinking I could get creative and make my own teething necklace out of a wooden teething ring like this below, by adding a leather or nylon string.

And this bead and crochet nursing necklace from Kangaroo Care is fun and bright and comes in a variety of colorways if you’re not into bright primary colors.

This one from Little Green Earthling is especially cute.  I like the mix of cloth, beads, and wood elements.

Mamas, have you worn any sort of baby-friendly jewelry?  What are your faves?  Or, if you were a Mama, could you rock a teething ring?

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Renegade Craft Fair 2011: Austin


Last weekend, the Renegade Craft Fair came to Austin, and it was tons o’ fun! I felt like I was walking around Etsy. Frills. Frilling. LOVE. There was so much eye candy, I just had to buy a few prizes for myself – more on that in a later post. I left with some ideas of my own, too.

For now, check out some of my favorite designers I discovered at the Fair:

Check out these frilling Ipad carriers I found by Craft Chi. You can find her blog here

Hair pieces were all the fad at the Fair this year, but these flower crowns stood out above the rest. They are just the fringes of Molly Gee’s collection. Seriously, I think I stayed in her booth the longest. She had ALL KINDS of frilling goodies. Check out her website to see what I mean. 

I could not get enough of this fabric wall art by Tefi Designs. My favorite is the Embroidery Ring Decor. I am also in LOVE with her fabric necklaces and rings. So frilling! Check out her site for everything from wreathes to jewelry to stationery!

These button bouquets by the Button Florist were amazing to behold! She even had bouquets made from felt and ceramic. It would be really neat to see her creations as a wedding decor. Her site is currently under construction, but you really ought to bookmark it for later!

Sublime Stitching had a super fun booth. There were all kinds of embroidering patterns available that iron on up to eight times! They also had napkins and dish towels for sale, as well as lots of metallic threads. I bought a Christmas pattern and some dishtowels. Someone will be getting a lovely present very soon. =)

I fell in LOVE with these Baby Pill Box Hats. Seriously. LOVE. They are so cute; I just HAD to have one. You can find these at Black Gardenia Design along with many other super frilling hair pieces. 

Well, there you have it. My faves from the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin. Ours was the first city they hit this summer, so check out their site for a city near you! 

- Aurelia

Frilling Finds: Deb Brooks Jewelry


Let’s do some simple math.

Passing the licensing exam yesterday + graduating tomorrow = Aurelia is officially a Licensed Master of Social Work.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you, everybody, thank you. 

The festivities that come along with graduating are simply frilling. There’s cake (even if I am making it myself), family, friends, and enough congratulations to make me feel all gooey inside and pretty proud of myself, too.

And occasionally, there are PRESENTS. You don’t even know how much I love presents, especially presents that come in the mail by surprise. ESPECIALLY frilling, pretty presents.

Below are some goodies I received from Deb Brooks Jewelry or as Fran and I know her, Aunt Debbie. Check out her facebook page here if you are interested in looking as fab and frilling as I get to in her jewelry. She works in precious gems, semi-precious gems, Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski pearls, freshwater pearls and natural stones.

Seriously, check her out! Her jewelry is lovely, classic, and timeless. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this stuff for years to come!

- A

Oooh, Pretty: Wooden Bead Necklaces


Sooo sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had a Frilling Friday post written up for last week, but tumblr was having some serious server issues and lost my post, then I didn’t have any time to write a new one.   Anyhow, onward.

The other day in Austin I saw a girl wearing a set of long wooden bead necklaces and I thought they looked frilllingly stylish.  Ever since, I have had wooden beads on the brain.  These DIY ones from Martha Stewart are magnificent:

This one from Peacocks is nice.  I like the natural wood tones, although I prefer to mix a few together…

Here’s a pretty handmade one with flower-shaped beads. 

And this simple, minimal, dark wood one:

I think wood bead are a simple way to add a touch of nature to an outfit.  They seem so easy to wear.  They’re like the jeans of jewelry — throw them on with anything. 

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Needlepoint Revolution!


Needlepoint isn’t just for grandma’s anymore.  Check out some cool needlepoint styles I’ve been seeing lately. (click on the photos to follow the links).

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Ooooh, Pretty: Maritime and Sea Motifs


Bay living must be getting to me because I’m finding myself being drawn to these maritime/sea life motifs.  I came across this Thomas Paul melamine platter in a store called The Nest on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, and had to come straight home to look at more of the collection. I am in love with the maritime-inspired Scrimshaw design.  Love this lovable Moby Dick.

The Thomas Paul Sea Life Dessert Plates, which come in a set of four — darling.  

Our house rule is: No Plaid Boxer Shorts.  Boring. I’m the only one who sees his boxer shorts, and I wanna love ‘em.  These will be FRILLING.

Anchor Necklace from Land’s End Canvas

 Deep Sea Curtains from Anthropologie

And, most wished-for of all, the Octopus Shawl by Thomas Paul. Mr. Octopus, I think I have a crush on you.

My head is swimming with sea motifs! Hmmm, now I’m thinking of embroidering some pillowcases with sea motifs…

Do you have any favorite maritime motif pieces in your home or wardrobe?  What motifs are you into now?


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