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I love to cook.  And I’m a Nutritionist, so I really love to cook healthy meals.  I’m also a vegetarian, so I really really love to cook healthy, vegetarian meals.  I don’t call myself a gadget person, but over the years I’ve found that there are several gadgets that help me out in the kitchen.  Here are a few of my favorite, most indispensable kitchen accoutrements:

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Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

My MIL gave me this guy some years ago, and I love it.  It’s sturdy and convenient, easy to clean (top rack of the dishwasher) and plenty big for my purposes.  I use it all kinds of ways, including to make pie crusts, hearty dips like Hummus, Spinach Walnut dip, and White Bean dip; and Cashew Cheese Cake (yummo!).

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

If you have this guy, you don’t need a real blender.  Really, I haven’t used my blender ever since I got it for Christmas (from Aurelia) several years back.  It’s powerful.  I make smoothies with greens and frozen fruit with it.  I puree soups with it.  I have been known to puree baby food with it.  It’s smaller to store than a stand blender, and it’s easier to clean.  Win.

Microplane Zester

This is a recent acquisition, but I don’t know what I did before I had it.  When you cook with fresh vegetarian ingredients, often that zest of lemon or grated ginger is the key to great flavor.  I don’t use this every day, but it’s a frequent helper, especially for fresh salads and pasta dishes.

Pressure Cooker

We eat a lot of beans at our house.  And the healthiest, cheapest way to eat beans is to cook them from dry.  There are less cans to recycle, less cost per volume, and less chance of BPA-tainted beans.  But unless you have a pressure cooker, beans take forever to cook from dry.  The hours of soaking, the hours of boiling…  no more.  A pressure cooker gives you beans from dry to tender in 30 minutes flat (depending on the type of beans; larger beans take longer to cook).  You can cook pretty much anything quickly in a pressure cooker, including rice, stews, and grains.    Especially if you cook beans frequently, the pressure cooker is a time-saving winner.  Read the manual on your pressure cooker and use it properly.


Do you have favorite kitchen gadgets that help you out?  Share!




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More than lovely kitchen gadgets


Recently I purchased this juicer and this salt and pepper shaker set from Anthropologie for my sister’s birthday presents. 

They made me think “Ooh Pretty. This looks EXACTLY like something she would have in her kitchen.” And I decided she really OUGHT to have them. 

And the juicer and the salt and pepper shakers are why Fran and I started youfrillme – not because we want to have too much stuff – but because we want to LOVE and feel inspired by the stuff we do have. And sometimes pretty juicers make you want to make more juice, and pretty salt and pepper shakers make seasoning your dinner a little more happy and meaningful. And it’s that simple joy that makes all the difference.

There can definitely be a fine line in finding the balance between what FRILLS you and what’s just taking up space. Here’s to hoping our lil’ blog can inspire in all the right ways. 

- Aurelia

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