Frilling Friday 5/13/11


Happy Friday! 

It’s Bay to Breakers weekend here in SF.  I have never experienced it, but apparently it’s like San Francisco’s own Mardi Gras. We’re headed out Sunday morning to watch the fun and have brunch.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have brunch here?:

aaaahh, spring.  Too bad you turn into San Francisco summer, which has a reputation for being chilly and gray.

Here are some FRILLING things I found this week:

Check out these other gorgeous outdoor dining spaces.

I mostly line dry our clothes to save money and energy.  This little guy is a good friend.

Knockoff nursery chandelier.  She prolly saved herself a bundle by making her own.

I want to make some spring onion relish and refrigerator pickles!  mmmm, makes me think of the ploughman’s lunch I once had at a lovely little tearoom.

I think these are beautiful and fun.

A Style-180. And more style with less stuff.

These handmade earrings are lovely.  (via Creature Comforts)

Curator, a clothing line made in SF.  lovely, drapey silhouettes.  (via bleubird)

Got any FRILLING plans for the weekend? Find anything fun to share?


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Frilling Friday 4/15/11


Happy Friday!  Sorry for the late posting— this lovely spring day has gotten away from me.  Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

If I had a garden, I’d make these adorable garden flags:

Are you ready for TAX DAY Monday?

Is it just me or does Chico’s kindof have an awesome scarf collection? Not to mention this Stunning Striped Poncho — how cool is that?

Hehe. (via Urban Outfitters blog)

Plate walls are dear to my heart.  I used to have an awesome wall of cool thrifted plates in my last house.

My new favorite tea (tisane, actually).  Hot or iced.

I need me some pretty tape.

Loving these wooden toys by Just Hatched (via SouleMama)

Sporty or Vintage?  But definitely polka-dot.

These are awesome.  My hubby gets the credit for spotting them on one of the many design blogs he reads.  Good eye, babe.

Sadly, none of the adorable Easter dresses that Aurelia scouted out for me ended up working (I’m a strange size right now), but I think I finally found one that might work.  What do you think?

I’m headed to Texas next week, AND next week is my birthday week!  Gonna have some fun and enjoy the hot Texas weather.  Aurelia and I are hoping to do some FRILLING projects together while I’m there.  Wish me luck – it’s Baby’s first plane trip. 

Happy Weekend!  Got any fun links to share?


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Frilling Friday 4/8/11


Happy Friday!  Time for some fun links:

I want to go see this exhibit (they’re made of paper!):

My friend here in SF, poet Sunnylyn Thibodeaux, has a new book of poems out entitled Palm to Pine; go buy!

Wanna know how to make ice cream with only one ingredient and no ice cream maker?

More tips on managing your wardrobe.

Mine too
.  But, I will scoff at you if I find out you haven’t read the book.  A lady sitting next to me in the movie said, “Oh no is he going to be dead?”.  ohmylord.  scoffityscoffscoff. You honestly didn’t read the book before you came here today? come on.

I’m loving these colorful dining chairs with the white table – inspired! (via here).

What do you think?  Can you rock these hot pants?

How intimate, How resourceful, How Tiny!

So I was getting sortof sick of seeing this poster in interior photos all over the place (for instance). Until I read the history of it, which does make it more interesting.  But I still think it’s getting a bit overdone, no?  Maybe it’s sortof like my Christo and Jean-Claude poster that I had before it was cool to have a Christo and Jean-Claude poster. But now it is, so it isn’t anymore. Or maybe it still is.

I really love Liz’s roundup of crafty/DIY projects for spring; I want to make them all.

I always like to have a fun desktop wallpaper that I change frequently.  Check these out.  I currently have Gnome.

I wish I wish I wish I would have known about these baby journals when I was shopping for a baby book.  Until now, I thought all baby books were lame, including the one I have (ugh so cheesy).  In the end I most just write things down in a little moleskine notebook anyway (such as: guess who rolled over yesterday while I was making tea in the kitchen.  I missed it. Boo.).

West Elm’s new kitchen line has been getting rave reviews in the blogosphere; I’m doing some raving myself.  Just look at these porcelain salt and pepper shakers:

Have a happy weekend! Got any FRILLING Friday plans?


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Frilling Friday


Happy Friday! It’s been a rainy, chilly week here in SF, and they’re forecasting a chance of snow for tomorrow morning! I’ll be hitting the SF Quilter’s Guild quilt and fabric arts show tomorrow, rain or shine. Hopefully I’ll have some fabulous images to share with you next week. Meanwhile, aren’t these wool beads lovely?

via flickr

Here are some FRILLING things I found this week:

Can you do it – wear your long cardigan as a dress?
I cast-on these babies this week in a soft, variegated merino wool.
I want to host one of these.
Up-cycled clothing – sooo stylish, wish I had the sewing skills and patience for it.
I registered for a digital photo class at the JCC in San Francisco! Hopefully that will mean better blog photos…
This week I read Amanda Blake Soule’s (aka SouleMama) book The Creative Family – so inspiring!
Have you used Pinterest? I’m going to use it to collect inspiring images for the design of my next home.
These look yum.

Have a FRILLING weekend!


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