Frilling Recipes: Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper and Kalamata Olive Mac n Cheese


I HAD to post this recipe. I just HAD to share the love with you. Do you ever find a new recipe, get all excited, try it, and it turns out totally lame and disappointing? I’m pretty sure it happens to me, like, 95% of the time. 

Not so with this recipe. Besides the fact that macaroni and cheese just HAPPENS to be my guilty pleasure, this dish is full of flavor and excitement! Roasted red peppers, kalamata olives (I added green olives, too), artichoke hearts, and garlic. Mix it all together with a creamy goat cheese sauce and some feta and top with Mozzarella. Whoa..  I’m drooling again. Why didn’t think I think of this?

Jump on over to Closet Cooking to get the recipe, and check out my version below: 

- Aurelia

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