Frilling {Maternity} Fashionista: Amber’s Classic Bump Style


Today I’m FRILLED to share a peek at Amber’s fun maternity style.  You may remember her from her Frilling crochet creations.  Well, now she’s sporting a cute bob and a baby bump. Amber has a classic style and always looks polished, even at 36 weeks preggo!.  This is baby #3 for Amber, so she’s got some experience in the maternity wear department.

These green maternity cords are comfy and cute paired with stripes, a chartreuse cardi, and a chunky seafoam-green beaded bangle.  I think that mix of greens is so unexpected and interesting; and stripes are always the right pattern.  I never see a stripe I don’t like.  Leopard flats add more pattern interest.

pants: Motherhood / top: Ross / cardi: Banana Republic / flats: Gap / bracelet: Francesca’s

This maternity shirtdress is a hardworking piece; neutral in color, very versatile for many occasions and very multi-seasonal.  She’s wearing it for winter here (even though it was like 80 degrees here when we took these photos) with black tights, boots, and a warm cardi; but it would be just as nice with gladiator sandals and loads of shimmery gold jewelry. (For spring I’d add a bright patterned cardigan to liven up the neutral olive, and exchange the sash for a fun skinny belt; but that’s just me.)  In fact, this is the second pregnancy this dress has taken Amber through, so it has proved its worth.

dress: Motherhood / cardi: Gap / leggings: Ross / boots: JC Peney

For a more dressy occasion, Amber picked up this sparkly non-maternity dress at Ross.  I love finding non-maternity pieces that work for maternity.  The gathered v-neck will even be nursing friendly.  A dress like this is a find, my friends.  Until you start looking, you don’t know how hard it is to find dresses that work for nursing, much less nursing + maternity + beyond.

dress: Ross / pumps:Belk

In her own words:

How would you describe your personal style? “Elegant and classic but fun.”

What’s your shopping M.O.? : “Price and versatility, practicality, trendiness, all have a place, but in that order. At the same time, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t buy something just because it is priced right and practical, I have to LOVE it too.”

What are your favorite accessories? “Earrings and bracelets. necklaces are too tempting for the littles to grab and…I love scarves!”

Where do you go for fashion inspiration? “I like to read blogs (like yours!) and window shop. That’s where I see what’s “in” and typically decide whether or not I like it. But I don’t consider myself uber-trendy regardless because that would be less practical. I usually stick to a few trendy pieces in the wardrobe for fun and stick with classics (or what I won’t tire of, at least) for the rest.”

Quality or Quantity? “Quality. It’s more practical. And more classy.”

Anything else you’d like to say, just for frills? “Many women in the last month of pregnancy feel like a whale, walk like a penguin, and don’t feel attractive at all, but I say we should flaunt those beautiful bellies in tasteful style!”

Practical and classy; two great words to describe Amber’s maternity style.  Plus, Amber always has a cute and fancy earring for extra Frills, see?

(earrings: Beehive)

Amber, You FRILL us!

Gals: if you’d like to nominate someone as a Frilling Fashionista, send us an email with photos at youfrillme at gmail dot com.  We love featuring real-life women who have a unique sense of style and are Frilling it up in their everyday lives

Frilling Maternity: Breezy Linen Pants


It’s been crazy around here!  We’ve been in our new house a week now, and are unpacked and settling in and dealing with all the issues that arise when you (well, we, at least) buy a house.  Aurelia and I got a chance today to snap some outfit photos for a long overdue maternity fashion post.  I have a hate-hate relationship with maternity jeans because I can never find a pair that doesn’t fall down and sag in the but, and was in need of some kind of comfortable, versatile summer pant.  Aurelia talked me into checking out these non-maternity wide-leg linen pants she had seen.  I don’t usually go for wide-leg pants, but these have been very handy, cool, and comfy to have around this summer and I have been wearing the heck out of them, just as she predicted. (Word to the wise: if Aurelia gives you fashion advice you should most likely take it.)

I’ve been pairing them with everything from tshirts, to drapey dolman-sleeve tops, to this maternity tunic from Asos which I’m in love with; but today I kept it simple with a black tank, drapey vest, and flat thong sandals, plus lots of chunky jewelry.  At 7 months pregnant (and feeling huge) in 100+ degree heat, comfort is my main goal in fashion; everything else is details.

(pants: Banana Republic outlet / tank: Old Navy Maternity / vest: Old Navy from a few seasons ago / faux leather thong sandals: had em for a million years / wood bracelets & bead necklace: Beehive Outlet / ring: won in a giveaway / gold mother necklace / sunnies: Ray Ban / watch: my trusty Swiss Army )

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Frilling Maternity: A Flowy Dress


So, yeah, I’m working on a lil bit of a belly, even as early as 16 weeks.  It’s amazing how much faster the belly appears the second time around.   I snagged this (non-maternity) drapey dress at Zara a few weeks back, thinking it would accommodate all the changes that will be happening through the summer, and be cool and stylish as well.  It’s soft and comfortable, and I’m looking forward to wearing it all sorts of ways this summer, dressed up and down.  Today I paired it with bright accessories, but I’m thinking some neutrals would be nice too.

If I could just say a word about these Dansko’s:  the gals over at ANMJ convinced me to give them a try, so my mom gave me a pair for my birthday.  I couldn’t be happier with them.  The color goes with practically everything, they are amazingly comfortable, and I adore the vintage vibe of the styling.  I used to be a Dansko hater, but I’m sold now.

Add a bright cardi for chilly air-conditioned spaces, and you’re done.

(Dress: Zara / Shoes: Dansko / Cardigan: JCrew Outlet / turquoise bracelets: vintage / red striped beads: vintage / Sunnies: Ray Ban / Earrings: gifted / Lipstick: BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Ambition (my fave hot pink))

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Frilling Friday 6/3/11


This week I started reading a book set in Sevilla, in Spain; and it reminded me of the beautiful Flamenco dancing we saw in Granada, in the caves of Sacromonte.  Live Flamenco is gorgeously emotional, passionate, graceful, fierce, and FRILLING. Here’s a vid of Flamenco in La Cueva Venta El Gallo in Granada:

And here are some things I came across this week:

Swiss Chard: The beauty and the benefits.  mmm.  eat it up.

Some folks are calling for a boycott of Urban Outfitters, who seem to be ripping off designs from small indie designers.  Have you heard about this? It seems to have started quite a maelstrom. (I learned about it via poppytalk.)

Check out her astonishingly FRILLING collection of maternity-(and-beyond)-friendly maxi dresses.  Totally hot.

Bright is big.

I want to try this stuff.  Doesn’t it sound delicious and so very Americana? (via Poppytalk)

The ultimate fashion multitasker.

These are so delicious.  I cannot stop eating them.  Habanero Ranch flavor.  Too bad their site sucks.  I guess I’m going to have to learn how to make them now (like I did my kombucha.  which I’m on the third batch of. and which is awesome.).

Liz loves her red lipstick.  And her scarf-as-turban.

I like seeing stylish mamas also. 

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Frilling Friday 5/20/11


Happy Friday!
I’m going here, today:

Pretty Frilling, huh?  I’m excited to get out of the city, and see the mountains of California. But before I go, here are some links

If I were preggo, you can bet I’d be checking out ASOS maternity line for my wardrobe needs.  Word to the style-wise: Motherhood Maternity is (mostly) Frump (can you tell I am not a fan?).  Don’t let them suck you into thinking that’s all there is out there just because it’s the only brick-and-mortar maternity store you can find.  ASOS has free shipping and returns so there’s no harm buying-and-trying. (I have a host of other Maternity style tips, but I can save them for some future post – are you interested in that? let me know in the comments.)

Saw these on Design Mom, and think they are adorable.

This is happening in my neck of the woods!  Alas, I’m spending the weekend in Tahoe.

The best parenting advice I have received thus far.

Am I the only one to notice that they misspelled “despair”? (fun fact: Fran = champion speller)

If I ever take my kid on an overseas trip (and I hope to), I will remember this advice.

It’s a cowl! It’s a hat!  It’s…..awesome.

I haven’t actually acted on it, but I have a weird fascination with matching mom/baby outfits.  Is that too cheesy?  Would I lose all my cool points if I got B and I matching outfits?

Such a cute necklace.

Whimsical embellished lanterns.

Did you find anything FRILLING this week?  Share!


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