Frilling {Maternity} Fashionista: Amber’s Classic Bump Style


Today I’m FRILLED to share a peek at Amber’s fun maternity style.  You may remember her from her Frilling crochet creations.  Well, now she’s sporting a cute bob and a baby bump. Amber has a classic style and always looks polished, even at 36 weeks preggo!.  This is baby #3 for Amber, so she’s got some experience in the maternity wear department.

These green maternity cords are comfy and cute paired with stripes, a chartreuse cardi, and a chunky seafoam-green beaded bangle.  I think that mix of greens is so unexpected and interesting; and stripes are always the right pattern.  I never see a stripe I don’t like.  Leopard flats add more pattern interest.

pants: Motherhood / top: Ross / cardi: Banana Republic / flats: Gap / bracelet: Francesca’s

This maternity shirtdress is a hardworking piece; neutral in color, very versatile for many occasions and very multi-seasonal.  She’s wearing it for winter here (even though it was like 80 degrees here when we took these photos) with black tights, boots, and a warm cardi; but it would be just as nice with gladiator sandals and loads of shimmery gold jewelry. (For spring I’d add a bright patterned cardigan to liven up the neutral olive, and exchange the sash for a fun skinny belt; but that’s just me.)  In fact, this is the second pregnancy this dress has taken Amber through, so it has proved its worth.

dress: Motherhood / cardi: Gap / leggings: Ross / boots: JC Peney

For a more dressy occasion, Amber picked up this sparkly non-maternity dress at Ross.  I love finding non-maternity pieces that work for maternity.  The gathered v-neck will even be nursing friendly.  A dress like this is a find, my friends.  Until you start looking, you don’t know how hard it is to find dresses that work for nursing, much less nursing + maternity + beyond.

dress: Ross / pumps:Belk

In her own words:

How would you describe your personal style? “Elegant and classic but fun.”

What’s your shopping M.O.? : “Price and versatility, practicality, trendiness, all have a place, but in that order. At the same time, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t buy something just because it is priced right and practical, I have to LOVE it too.”

What are your favorite accessories? “Earrings and bracelets. necklaces are too tempting for the littles to grab and…I love scarves!”

Where do you go for fashion inspiration? “I like to read blogs (like yours!) and window shop. That’s where I see what’s “in” and typically decide whether or not I like it. But I don’t consider myself uber-trendy regardless because that would be less practical. I usually stick to a few trendy pieces in the wardrobe for fun and stick with classics (or what I won’t tire of, at least) for the rest.”

Quality or Quantity? “Quality. It’s more practical. And more classy.”

Anything else you’d like to say, just for frills? “Many women in the last month of pregnancy feel like a whale, walk like a penguin, and don’t feel attractive at all, but I say we should flaunt those beautiful bellies in tasteful style!”

Practical and classy; two great words to describe Amber’s maternity style.  Plus, Amber always has a cute and fancy earring for extra Frills, see?

(earrings: Beehive)

Amber, You FRILL us!

Gals: if you’d like to nominate someone as a Frilling Fashionista, send us an email with photos at youfrillme at gmail dot com.  We love featuring real-life women who have a unique sense of style and are Frilling it up in their everyday lives

Frilling Maternity: Party Outfit


We had a tea party!

To celebrate Baby T.  It was really special.  When Little B was born, Jordan and I had just moved to San Francisco and didn’t really know anyone; so there was no baby party or shower, which made me a little sad.  But Aurelia stepped in and planned a gorgeous tea party for me and Baby T this time around, and I loved it. We promise to show you more of it, but for today, this is what I wore.

(shown here with MVP cardigan, which has since met its untimely demise due to a well-meaning husband’s laundry efforts.  Want to make a very-pregnant, very emotional Mama cry?  Shrink her favorite cardigan.)

(dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target / booties: Aldo / necklace: Mother necklace / scarf: can’t remember / bangles: gifted / ring: EcoBohemia)

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, at 37 weeks.  Now at 39 weeks, I’m desperate to get Baby T out into the world.  This will be my last maternity post.  Wow, I want my body back.

More party posts to come!

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Frilling Maternity Style + Cardigans 101


Whew! 37 weeks tomorrow!  Come on baby!

Frilling fashion is no easy task these days.  Mostly I want to wear yoga pants.  But I resist the urge unless I’m planning on staying home all day (or actually going to yoga).  This is an outfit I put together last week, which Aurelia insisted we should photograph.  The most frilling part is that none of the pieces are actually maternity; they’re just regular pieces that happen to work despite the fact that I am huge.

(Blue dress: from a boutique in Ruston, LA I can’t remember the name of/ tube top: same boutique / cardigan: Zara, last year / flats: Born)

Recently my friend Katie and I were having a discussion about cardigans.  She was telling me that she has no cardigans, and I was telling her that I was horrified and mystified as to how one can get dressed without them.  Because in my opinion, cardigans are wardrobe workhorses: the ultimate layering piece.  Well, Katie, I give you the Best Cardigan Ever.  MVP of cardigans, this is it.  The long, neutral-colored, light-weight one that goes with everything, and in cooler months gets worn at least twice a week.  This one is from Zara last year; Aurelia first had it in navy, and I liked it so much I went and got the taupey-gray-brown one.

If, like my friend Katie, you have no cardigans, I recommend starting with the Frilling Four: two long (past butt-crease length) and two short (waist length).  I think that three of the four should be versatile, neutral colors, like my taupey-gray or navy blue or black or heather gray or wheat-colored; and one of the waist-length ones should be a bright color that works well with your wardrobe, maybe cobalt, red, or plum.  I recommend your Frilling Four be lighter in weight, so you can get more year-round wear with them (in chilly months you can layer them with tees, blouses, and jackets). As your collection grows, you can add more brights as needed.   For summer-weight cardigans, Aurelia and I are both huge fans of the Jackie cardigan from JCrew, which we generally pick up at factory outlet sales.

So, what are your thoughts on cardigans?  Are you like me and can’t get dressed without them?  Do you agree with my Frilling Four starter recommendation? Or do you have another MVP layering piece you rely on?

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Frilling Maternity: Maxi + Crop Top


Yep, I said crop top.  It is.  But it isn’t.

See?  I told you it was a big belly, didn’t I?  I wouldn’t lie to you.  But enough about that.  Let’s talk about the outfit, which I LOVE.  And it is hard to love any outfit when you are this pregnant.  Half of my love for this outfit lies in the fact that only one piece of the whole ensemble is actually a maternity piece.  Plus I got tons of compliments when I was wearing it yesterday.  I might just wear it everyday for the next six weeks (Oh Jesus, please let it be 3!).

This top is my favorite.  It is the perfect lightweight “sweatshirt” and it has awesome drape and great layering potential.  It will also be the perfect top for nursing in – just sub out the tank with a nursing tank.  I’ll show you.  I’ll wear it later with leggings and killer boots and be a stylish lactation machine.  But for now, it’s a drapey maternity crop-top.  You didn’t know a pregnant girl could rock a  crop-top, didja?

Awesome drape, interesting snaps in the back, soft cotton fabric… Add that to my trusty maxi skirt (in this case, pulled up over the belly), and a supportive stretchy tank, and you have a favorite outfit.

(top: Zara / tank: Old Navy Maternity / skirt: Madewell (last year) / shoes: old Birkenstocks / bag: gifted / necklace: Deb Brooks Jewelry)


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Frilling Maternity: Beth’s Drapey Tunic


Remember our Frilling Fashionista Beth? She popped by for a visit the other day and let me photograph her FRILLING maternity  outfit.  Like me, she’s expecting her second baby this autumn.  The outfit is simple: a drapey cotton tunic and leggings; but it shows just how well a simple, comfortable outfit with clean lines, a flattering cut, and a saturated color can work, especially for expectant Mamas.

Beth also frills the simple outfit up with awesome accessories, like her chunky ring and long beaded necklace.

And, she’s sporting our favorite spring/summer shoe: the nude-neutral wedge sandal. Beth scored hers at TJ Maxx.  Have Aurelia and I convinced you about these yet?  They truly go with everything, and if they aren’t too high they can be comfy enough for mommy-ing around.

Beth, you FRILL us!


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Frilling Maternity: Shift Dress and Nude Shoes


Dressing an early pregnancy (1st to early 2nd trimesters) is tricky and challenging.  So when I find a few pieces that work, I wear the heck out of them.  Here’s a much-loved printed short-sleeve shift dress I’ve had for several seasons (four actually), which is serendipitously perfect for early pregnancy.

It’s not a maternity dress, and I had it long before babies were on my radar.  I wore it when I was preggo with B, and still consider it one of my favorite dresses; so, the printed shift dress is a winner.   A shift is a very forgiving shape, although you have to be careful of your color/pattern choice so as to avoid looking like you’re wearing a nightgown (a danger of many maternity dresses I see). I typically don’t belt it, but today I decided to add the red belt above the pooch, just for FRILLs.

And now, I’d like to take a moment to extol to you the virtues of the nude shoe.  Exhibit A:

The nude shoe is the workhorse Mother of all neutral shoes.  If you can have one and only one spring shoe, choose nude-ish neutral (aka “flesh-tone”, depending on the fairness or richness of your complexion).  Nude-neutral comes in a range of shades, from the lighter beige I have on here, to a richer caramel as seen on Aurelia here.  They all count, and they all go with everything.  You cannot go wrong with the nude-neutral shoe.

Note: Nude-neutral also takes the place of a white sandal.  Friends, I hate to be a hater, but I HATE white sandals.  My strongly-held opinion is that white sandals are for little girls (case in point).  If your instinct is to wear a white sandal in any outfit circumstance, don’t do it.  Wear nude-neutral instead.  Nude is perenially chic.

Have I offended you? Do you have a long-standing love of white sandals? (You’re wrong, I tell you! wrong! What are you, stuck in 1997?)  (just kidding, sortof) … :)


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