Frilling Friday: The Head and The Heart, and Ladybird Johnson


First off, a new favorite band, The Head and The Heart.  Jordan, the best music-finder, found them. Listen and love:

Secondly, yesterday we went to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.  It was lovely.  If you ever find yourself around Austin with nothing to do, it’s a nice outing.

We then ate lunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant and coffeehouse.  It was yum.  I got the vegan Soul Food Platter.  But I forgot to take a pic before I ate it up.

Tomorrow we’re having a birthday party!  for me!  Huzzah! I love Birthday Week!

(PS: Ugh, I found another scorpion this morning!  This time in the bathtub!  *shiver*)



This makes me happy. I love Zooey D.


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