Pink Things are Pretty.


For a long time I held a special animosity toward the color pink. I wouldn’t choose it for things I owned, and I definitely would not wear it. But over the last year I have found myself fighting a losing battle. I mean, really. What’s not to like? Pink things are pretty. And while I still tend to prefer things in shades of greens and yellows, I have begun to embrace the color pink with fervency. 

I started out small. The saleswoman at Dillard’s convinced me that a pink bandeau bra would be the perfect accent to the stunning black, blue, and purple sheer Kensie top I was purchasing. Cha-ching. I love it. 

(Image available at Amazon)

I even went as far as selecting a pink dress complete with RUFFLES. And I got a lot of Ooh-Cute-Dress’s and That-Color-is-SO-pretty-on-you’s as a result. 

(Image via Blue Fly)

After that there was no stopping me. I mean, having a pink dress with RUFFLES should count as some sort of rite of passage into the world of pretty pink things. I’m so positively FRILLED by pink that I’ve found myself getting pink accessories almost accidentally. 

(From left to right: Chi available at Amazon. Coach Swing Pack available at Amazon. Tote available at Vera Bradley. Nook sleeve available at Barnes and Noble.)

Isn’t pink just SO classic and girly? Sometimes its nice to be classic and girly. Sometimes, I kinda like it.

- Aurelia

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