More than lovely kitchen gadgets


Recently I purchased this juicer and this salt and pepper shaker set from Anthropologie for my sister’s birthday presents. 

They made me think “Ooh Pretty. This looks EXACTLY like something she would have in her kitchen.” And I decided she really OUGHT to have them. 

And the juicer and the salt and pepper shakers are why Fran and I started youfrillme – not because we want to have too much stuff – but because we want to LOVE and feel inspired by the stuff we do have. And sometimes pretty juicers make you want to make more juice, and pretty salt and pepper shakers make seasoning your dinner a little more happy and meaningful. And it’s that simple joy that makes all the difference.

There can definitely be a fine line in finding the balance between what FRILLS you and what’s just taking up space. Here’s to hoping our lil’ blog can inspire in all the right ways. 

- Aurelia

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Frilling Finds: Deb Brooks Jewelry


Let’s do some simple math.

Passing the licensing exam yesterday + graduating tomorrow = Aurelia is officially a Licensed Master of Social Work.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you, everybody, thank you. 

The festivities that come along with graduating are simply frilling. There’s cake (even if I am making it myself), family, friends, and enough congratulations to make me feel all gooey inside and pretty proud of myself, too.

And occasionally, there are PRESENTS. You don’t even know how much I love presents, especially presents that come in the mail by surprise. ESPECIALLY frilling, pretty presents.

Below are some goodies I received from Deb Brooks Jewelry or as Fran and I know her, Aunt Debbie. Check out her facebook page here if you are interested in looking as fab and frilling as I get to in her jewelry. She works in precious gems, semi-precious gems, Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski pearls, freshwater pearls and natural stones.

Seriously, check her out! Her jewelry is lovely, classic, and timeless. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this stuff for years to come!

- A



With graduation approaching, even Tuesdays are lookin’ sweet to me! But let’s talk Easter. Check out this delicious coconut cake I made: 

Mmm, Mmm good! Delish! Want the recipe? Email us at, and I’ll send it to you! 

Anything making your Tuesday especially sweet?

Sweet Saturday: Birthday Cake Extravaganza


Sunny Saturdays are always sweet, especially when they involve frilling birthday cakes. A friend of mine needed a bold and bright cake for the monster-themed 2nd birthday of one adorably cute tot. Bold you want? Bold I can deliver! It was tons of fun being playful and creative with this colorful cake. 

Check it out:

This is a French Vanilla cake with Almond Butter Cream Icing. Sorry for the poor lighting. Unfortunately, the sun and I were unable to coordinate our schedules properly.

What’s making your Saturday sweet?

- Aurelia

Stuff We Love: Cosmetics: Aurelia’s Picks


Every girl has those few items that she simply CAN’T live without. Okay, maybe she can, but she sure doesn’t want to. So, with the “she” being me, here are my must-have cosmetic picks:

Now Nature’s Deodorant Stick. After years of being allergic to pretty much all types of deodorants (I would get rashes and CONSTANTLY itch under my arms), Fran introduced me to this natural salt-rock deodorant stick. This might not cut it for everyone, but it totally works for me. And even though I have to wet it, apply it, and then let it dry, I never have deodorant stains on my clothing. LOVE. Don’t wanna live without it. 

Framesi By Glacier Wax. I friggin’ love this stuff. Apply just a tiny bit of it to your hair after blow drying/straightening and then say: goodbye frizz, goodbye static. This product makes my hair EVEN more sleek and shiny than it already is, and it defines my layers. I’m in love; love I tell you.

Yes to Carrots Body Butter. They sell a 1 oz version of this baby in Target’s dollar section. YES! Yes to Carrots! It smells SO good, and the 1 oz version is the perfect travel companion. Not only is it the perfect size, but it’s so versatile. When I’m traveling and don’t have a lot of room for packing, I use this product for moisturizer on my face as well as for hand and body lotion. Run to target now! Or just be jealous, whatevs.

MAC Paint Pot. This is, like, my most treasured make-up item of them all. It’s like foundation for your eyelids. Apply the paint pot before you put on your eye make-up and it will stay. All day. It will stay, people! It’s seriously amazing. Also, it adds a lil’ something to your complexion even if you don’t feel like wearing eye make-up. I have lots of no-make-up-days, but the paint pot always makes the cut. The paint pot is sold in many different shades depending on the look you want. Fave!

What are your cosmetic picks? Tell me, tell me!

- Aurelia

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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Wishlist


Bold colors, ruffles, floral prints, and BIG wedges. Spring is here, and I’m dreaming of pretty things. 

A lovely dress for graduation, perhaps?

Dresses from Kensie and Modcloth

Bags in bold colors for every occasion? Yes, please!

Bags from Banana Republic

Big wedges and frilling bows: I WANT.

Wedges and Heels from LuLu.

What’s on your Spring Wishlist? 

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Pious Purple


The beautiful season of Lent is upon us, and the rich, solemn, royal hues of purple have my full attention. I’m really loving the idea of incorporating purple into your home or office. Oh Pious Purple, thank you for your bold reminders. 

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

- Aurelia

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Home Happies


Count yourself a lucky girl (or guy) if you have plenty of Home Happies. A Home Happy is something that brings you joy just cause it lives in your home. They normally present themselves in the form of pretty things. Sometimes they are lovely; sometimes they are fabulous. Sometimes they are absolutely delicious. I personally love Home Happies cause I don’t have to BUY them. And I don’t have to WISH they were already mine. All I have to do is ENJOY them. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of your Home Happies, just in case you forgot.

I LOVE that there is Cocoa Hazel sitting in my pantry.

I ADORE my pretty measuring cups my sweet mom-in-law gave me.

My cabinets set aside JUST for cake-baking make me SO HAPPY.

Love love LOVE my yellow candelabra accenting my grey kitchen.

White rustic Picture holding devices don’t necessarily HAVE to hold pictures. They could always just make your dainty room daintier. Dainty things make me HAPPY.

I simply ADORE remembering. And I adore white picture frames that don’t match. 

What are your Home Happies?

- Aurelia

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Pink Things are Pretty.


For a long time I held a special animosity toward the color pink. I wouldn’t choose it for things I owned, and I definitely would not wear it. But over the last year I have found myself fighting a losing battle. I mean, really. What’s not to like? Pink things are pretty. And while I still tend to prefer things in shades of greens and yellows, I have begun to embrace the color pink with fervency. 

I started out small. The saleswoman at Dillard’s convinced me that a pink bandeau bra would be the perfect accent to the stunning black, blue, and purple sheer Kensie top I was purchasing. Cha-ching. I love it. 

(Image available at Amazon)

I even went as far as selecting a pink dress complete with RUFFLES. And I got a lot of Ooh-Cute-Dress’s and That-Color-is-SO-pretty-on-you’s as a result. 

(Image via Blue Fly)

After that there was no stopping me. I mean, having a pink dress with RUFFLES should count as some sort of rite of passage into the world of pretty pink things. I’m so positively FRILLED by pink that I’ve found myself getting pink accessories almost accidentally. 

(From left to right: Chi available at Amazon. Coach Swing Pack available at Amazon. Tote available at Vera Bradley. Nook sleeve available at Barnes and Noble.)

Isn’t pink just SO classic and girly? Sometimes its nice to be classic and girly. Sometimes, I kinda like it.

- Aurelia

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