Five-Minute Project: Lavender Eye Pillow


Every time I go to yoga and I use an eye pillow during relaxation, I think: “I need one of these!”  So I decided to take about five minutes and make one.  Except mine is especially awesome because it contains relaxing lavender, my favorite fragrance, which also happens to be a drug-free aromatherapy headache remedy and stress reliever.  The project is so easy.

The Stuff:

  • a small amount of cotton or linen fabric, cut into a roughly 9 x 9 square
  • sewing machine, or needle and thread
  • rice
  • dried lavender flowers

The Do:

1)Fold your fabric square in half, right sides together

2) Sew two of the open sides shut, to make a ‘bag’ or ‘pillowcase’

3) Turn the bag right side out

4) Fill with rice and lavender mixture, not too full; you want the pillow to be soft and pliable, not overstuffed. (I used a small funnel.)

5) Sew remaining side closed

6) Relax! Next time you have a headache, feel stressed out, or just need a nap, you have the perfect eye pillow.

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